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  1. inferno_45

    War For Millennium

    Who cares if those guys release their maps before Millenium is finished? We just won't play 'em!
  2. inferno_45

    New Vavoom On View

    I wanna see 3d textures. :)
  3. inferno_45

    Unquestionable Release

    When I get to why.exe in the zip, winzip freezes up, as well as my computer.
  4. inferno_45

    The Fall Of Silence

    You really ARE his biggest fan, aren't you? :)
  5. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #75

    My psp skillz are t3h un-1337...
  6. inferno_45

    Indifferent To Source Ports

    Ummm, Yahoo is still free. But if you have already got a new e-mail addy, what is it? I've been trying to get in contact with you for awhile.
  7. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #75

    I'd make more maps for Heretic, but I just can't seem to do anything with that ugly texture set...
  8. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #75

    Oh man, I feel special. :)
  9. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #75

    Whoops, didn't see those... My bad, my bad. :)
  10. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #75

    I doubt it will get many plays. GL ports are so goofy.
  11. inferno_45

    A Chapter In The Fridge

    "It was fun as hell in 1997." Heh, yeah, it was THEN.
  12. inferno_45

    A Chapter In The Fridge

    I hope episode 2 and 3 are better than episode 1. It wasn't too much fun...
  13. inferno_45


    Nice work Fred. Now can we move on with another pic?
  14. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #73

    Mind if I ask why you keep uploading Fragport and Operation Lighting? I doubt many folks are gonna want to re-download 3mb for just a few new textures and bug fixes.
  15. inferno_45

    The /newstuff Chronicles #73

    Why don't you like zdoom maps? They're so juci....