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  1. Javoric

    Scare tactic

    I don't know what type of level editor you use but if you use doombuilder, go to the things list. Highlight the cyberdemons and set them so that they are deaf. Then, make a wall with a slot for them to see the player through. This way they will only be able to see the player when the player comes near them, not when the player is killing other monsters. The other thing you could do is customize lines between sectors that block sound from other sectors.
  2. Javoric

    post your new Doom monsters

    @shtbag 667: Yea, that answers my question. I was just curious as to whether there was a shortcut to chaning the color(s) of the creature rather than editing each individual pixel (if that's what you were doing). I see how the gibs would work, I take it that doombounce means that the projectile (i.e. the gib) would like bounce once or twice and then stop moving. Do you guys know what I'm talking about when I say an archvile code pointer? Like when his attack sends you way up in the air... I wanted to learn how to include that in a script for a sprite. Edit: Nevermind, I think I found what I was looking for... A_VileAttack. Edit: I was thinking of making the cyberdemon either a floating boss, or a boss with a different lower body. Either way, he's going to be much harder, he'll have different wepons and different appearance... I am open to any suggestions. I will be posting up frames soon.
  3. Javoric

    post your new Doom monsters

    @shtbag 667: impressive, 2 questions tho. 1) how did you recolor only the eye on the swamp elemental? Like how did you make only that part of the sprite red while keeping the rest of it its original color? 2) How do make gibs that explode from the creature when it dies? Edit: Anyone know how to correctly use a code pointer in decorate? Like how would you place an arch vile code pointer on a creaure that say has an uppercut punch?
  4. Javoric

    post your new Doom monsters

    @NMN: Yes, Ill do my best on the cyberdemon, although it will take awhile for me to finish it. Ill begin posting up my sprites on this thread soon... but i wont post anything until i am satisfied with how he will look. Question: If I were to make an animated avatar for this forum, how would I go about doing that? @Ellmo: Demon looks good... i take it its close range?
  5. Javoric

    post your new Doom monsters

    Hey guys... Im new to doomworld... However, I ain't new to editing doom! Sprites and level editing is my specialty... I would be more than happy to help out with this project. A year ago, I was registered on zdoom forums... so it's been awhile. I'll start working on a revved up cyberdemon... ill be making various sprites also. Only concern is where do i post my sprites?