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  1. Svartravn

    Writing music for a doom wad

    Okay, the way I do it goes like this: 1. Make the midi-files 2. Enter XWE and find the music-lumps, d_runnin... 3. Tell it to "replace entry" 4. Select the midi-file i want to use At first, you might not be able to see the files when browsing for them, but if you delete the entry-name and select "All files" in the show-type-field! This works for my wads, but I use zDoom as testing-program for DoomBuilder, but I don't know wether this works or not for Doom95! Anyone?
  2. Svartravn

    Writing music for a doom wad

    Yes, thank you! But, as I said, just try the program, and ask! If not in this Topic, just ask!
  3. Svartravn

    Writing music for a doom wad

    I use XWE, or WXE or somthing! It might take a little time to get "used" to it, but download it, try it, and ask in this topic when you need more info!
  4. Svartravn

    What exactly is F_sky?

    I found your information very useful guys... I just had the prob myself, and got very pissed when my first attempt to make a sky, simply acted like a ordinary floor-/ceiling texture.. :p
  5. Svartravn

    Black Metal Doom Demo

    Well, It isn't only the levels that are changed, I'm trying to do some spriting as well, but I gueys you are right, it is a Doom mod. And you are raight about waiting with the announcement... But, Not everyone is perfect. At least I learned that now. I have asked for tips about things when I was going to start on this project, probably where you have heard it, unless somebody else made their own black metal doom..
  6. Svartravn

    Black Metal Doom Demo

    Very, very soon. A couple of playable levels for my Black Metal Doom will be out. They are maybe not the best levels those of you who care to play it have played, but I'm in the "begining"-phase of Doom-building... :p \\nn// (or \m/ for those who can see what I mean..)
  7. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    I think you are right, but if I manage to make any good stuff, I'll replace them, later. I think that some maps, new sprites, and music will be the first replace in the beginning, and, with time, I'll do the flats, textures and sounds. But once again, can anybody help me with the sprites, I'll put in a thanks list in the end of the game or something...
  8. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    I think you are right about the copyright thing... To bad, cool pic though... Anyway, I,ll have somebody to make me some other cool Interpic, anybody feeling interested?? :p The files I've been "converting", or redrawing is another way to put it, is the files in the wad-file, if you uses the XWE, and opens the DOOM/DOOM2/plutonia/tnt.wad, or others for that sake, there will be many files, textures, mapinfo, sprites, sounds, music++++ And since I'm on my own on this Black Metal Doom-project, and I only get to work at school in the breaks, the progress is slow... :( Anyway, anybody interested helping or testing??? please PM me.. (maybe I'll teach you some Norwegian, HAHAHA, me = funny.. )
  9. Svartravn

    WAD author

    Ok, maybe a dumb question, but what is AFAIK? Are there anyway to make slopes, a diagonal line upwards, with any of the two builders? Example | / | / |__P1_/ I don't know if you understand what I mean, but anyway, is there a way to make the walls to "lean" forward or backward without making a billion sectors where the heigth-difference is 1px?
  10. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    I acctually found it on google, searching for "Anti-christ", but I can't find he who made it, so, I suppose, if I can use it? Why the fuck shouldn't you? :p I don't think it's copyrighted, since I found it on different pages, whith different subjects... So. Who cares. And, another BTW, I am making some of the GFX, I have done 1/3 of the letters and numbers, and have "converted" 76 of somewhere between 2'500-3'500 files from the plutonia.wad... It aint much, but also, I haven't finished my maps, only a couple is ready, nearly, so, if anybody would like a test, PM me. :p I think this could be cool.........
  11. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    Look, the hands are just to show how I want it to look, not how they are looking in my Wad. I draw them so you guys could take a look, and improve them for me. Don't tell me you thoght I was going to use them.. And about that interpic, I don't know if you can use it, cause I didn't make it, but I'll ask the guy who made it. But again, can anybody do an attempt to improve my version of the plasmagun-thing????
  12. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    http://www.piczo.com/Svartravn?g=3874796&cr=3 Here is a link to some of my shetches, the red thing will be the interpic, so all the letters and numbers are blue... I'll also send some screenshots. Remember, this project is just started, so it ain't much to show of yet, and I'm not a "quiter"..
  13. Svartravn

    Want to help? [newproject]

    Okay, I need somebody to draw me some sprites.... Interested? Okay, If anybody can make me a sprite for the plasma gun for a start.. Plasma gun, a pair of hands, pantagrams in the hands, glowing when the gun is fired, Pentagrams pointing downwards. Blue fire around the hands when fired, and if you(who will do this).. Fuck, I'll put a link to a sketch wwhen I'm done with it... :p
  14. Svartravn

    XWE, Black Metal Doom

    I am working on my own doom-mod, with maps, textures, sprites and everything.. For the moment, I'm making the maps in DB, and doing the sprites and textures in paint, just to test it out though. My problem is that everytime I open my wad-file, the ghaingun-sprites is set to type 37, image. I wrote the name of the sprites just the same as in the doom2.wad, but still this keeps going on... I haven't been able to test out the wad, since I haven't any textures ready yet, only one map, a test map, and no sounds and music. But will the sprite-to-image-problem effect the chaingun in the game? And one more thing, the music I found out that doom is using, is wave, but I have made a lot of midi-files, for the music. Does that mean that the music is not played properly in the game?? Help me out, guys...
  15. Svartravn

    Graphics editing

    If you download the eXtendable Wad Editor, you are able to drag out every sprite-, texture-, flat-, sound-, music-, map-, and other related files.. It takes a little time to get into the program, but its very handy when it comes to this kind of stuff, using it myself, only problem is that every monster have somewhere between 50-72 pictures you have to redraw.. That sucks, but, if you like paint or some other pic-editor, this is what you need... :p I think you can download it from the ID-archive @ Doomworld, under the editor section.