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  1. joe 17

    node builder did not build nodes

    thanks for your help
  2. in doom bilduer i was makeing map and the node builder did not build the nodes i checked for map eror and there was none and use zeth the lost version
  3. joe 17


    thanks for your help
  4. joe 17


    how do i use a camera in zdoom?
  5. joe 17

    fork for doom

    im not sure that im going to make a sound for that mod
  6. joe 17

    fork for doom

    this the final version fork for doom all bugs have been fixed http://doom2wads.mylivepage.com/file/62/105/fork-v1.1.zip
  7. joe 17

    fork for doom

    i updated the mod fork for doom i removed the blue arue and now the fork replaces the fist here's the url http://doom2wads.mylivepage.com/file/62/104/fork%20v1.0.zip
  8. joe 17

    fork for doom

    i'll remove blue arue
  9. joe 17

    I need help configuring Gzdoom

    it's your video card it's to low it cant draw all the texture
  10. joe 17

    fork for doom

    made a mod called fork for doom it reaplce's the chinsaw with a fork you can download it from here http://doom2wads.mylivepage.com/file/62/103/fork+for+doom+.zip
  11. joe 17

    Circle - a very small level

    your map was really good i like it
  12. joe 17

    What new monsters would you add?

    i would add a flying cyberdemon that could use avery attack and all of the players weapons and have 1,000,000 heath wean you kill him he well drop all the weapons and megachrge