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  1. I was actually planning a gameplay mod based on AA...
  2. So i noticed people asking for a standard "doomguy" style skin, so I edited my Crash skin to the standard(ish) colours, she has a slightly different uniform but still closer than the crash skin. she comes fully compatable with Zdoom and Zandronum. Skin: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/msGR3-EYlI/femalemarine.zip Stock Enemy: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/_ZhJ0PwHhk/femalezombie.zip
  3. Ok so i've seen the distinct lack of female marine sprites around so I decided to have a go at recreating Crash, well, I looked at the actual 3d model of her from Quake 3 for inspiration, and the current unfinshed version andI think it's pretty accurate. I used a combination of Illucia and the standard Doomguy, plus the helmet of the unfinished crash sprite to create this: http://www.mediafire.com/?5u9jtj99vnb3j6z
  4. UPDATE: REV 03 of the mod is up, new stuff includes: New warrior and drone sprites, chestbursters!, aliens now spurt acid when they die and other additions! http://www.sendspace.com/file/czpxjp Level changes will come along gradually, as for speech, I've made the exectutive decision to leave it as a seperate pack, which will be done in due time EDIT: small glitch noticed so reuploaded with a different link
  5. New targeting reticule, for when zooming in with the plasmacaster I've also developed an "honor" system where each kill is worth a set amount of points depending on what weapon you use to kill it with! Ill need a custom SBAR INFO to display the points though...
  6. update: some shots of the Predator class, its not totally done yet and i'll need help with the status bar cos i want the predator writing instead of the normal status bar Predator Vision, only works with GZdoom More Pred vision, complete with shoulder cannon (that zooms in and out) Wristblades to the face xeno scum! The SmartDisc, and yes, it does bounce and home and rip and you only have one and have to find it and pick it up again Predator Combi Stick, sloooowww but powerful Invisibility, there is penalties for using it such as it slows you down and some weapons dont work with it and disable it when fired.
  7. LOL! this is no run n gun game! its a survival horror fps, you need to take things sloooowly :P you should probibly wait for the next version though! ^_^ EDIT: background pic now working
  8. take it you havnt finished the game yet? ;)
  9. new LV-426 background: I'm also going to add chestburster enemies, im trying to play around with the textures but so far its proving difficult to match up existing ones with equivilant AVT textures...other bugs are being fixed such as freindly droneguns, slightly lower health on the warrior alien, and a few other issues watch this space for a Predator class player as well ;) EDIT: image now working
  10. EDIT: Also uploaded a music wad, using the Aliens soundtack http://www.sendspace.com/file/96lulu about the guns, ill add a friendly tag to your own deployed ones, but not enemy ones :P
  11. ok, Im currently in the proccess of Rev 02 of this mod, gone is the aweful sky and clouds, ive added a proper LV426 BG, im fixing a few bugs as well, as for textures....should I replace them all with AvP ones? what are peoples feelings on this? is it right to change a fundemental design aspect like textures? Also, ive done a music wad that ill post shortly
  12. aye, but they demonstrated the weapon by throwing a peice of metal infront of the gun and it blasted it too peices :)
  13. Thanks for the comments guys! The weapon pickups I know where a bit of a risk, I took them from a website which obviously got them from a tv screengrab, I may go back to the originals... as for the HUD weapons....I found them in a zip zomewhere, they are from the Playstation version (i think), Im not sure if all frames are intact, but I think they are a hell of a lot better than the TC version sprites. Yes there is falling damage, jumping has been disabled but crouching hasnt. The sentry guns are supposed to attack you, they are a risky weapon to use. They target ANYTHING in their path (just like the movies)
  14. Im on it already :P
  15. Gah! ill fix that EDIT: fix'd