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  1. Pred@tor

    Construction Begins At Twin Towers' Site

    Bigger and better? Why couldnt they just erect the tower of tyranny and treason? Both WTC buildings were both designed to take multiple hits from airliners. Even the designer is on record of saying this.
  2. Pred@tor

    Construction Begins At Twin Towers' Site

    Oh I tohught freedom was about letting the government tellign you how to live and having no privacy my bad... Its all bout the fries yum and what George Bush says is freedom! Silly me and unpatritoic dissent... Guns are bad and the government know exactly how 9/11 happened as it is the TRUTH! Dont ask question or question authority or else you're a TERRORIST!
  3. Yeah I discovered that afrer looking further and played it today finally. hehe I love old games like Doom and I even play Flashpoint which has low quality graphics. Its a 2000 game its like six years old now. People dont like it because it dosent have those stupid new shiny grapics its all about gameplay to me. Regardless of the standard game you can get mods out there that add quality and improve the game and game play. flashpoint1985.com for those who have no idea what operation Flashpoint is...
  4. Pred@tor

    Construction Begins At Twin Towers' Site

    What freedoms and what freedoms do we have again?
  5. Is doom easy to edit? I tried making weapons and skins for Rainbow Six: Rouge Spear but had no sucess. I play the modern games too but doom will always have a place in my heart I mean theres nothing like it...
  6. Doom 64 looks decent actually I am suprised I never played it. I got rid of my N64 and I played Duke Nukem 64 but not DOOM. Oh well wouldnt a sprite conversion be nice from Doom 64 to the PC? They do it for Half-Life like the PS2 versions and Dreamcast models. http://www.doom2.net/~doomdepot/abs-screen.html I just saw those screen shots it looks pretty neat.
  7. When I was playing Zdoom a few years back all my freinds made fun of me becuase I wasnt playing those new HIP games. I really didnt care what they thought I liked revisiting classic doom. I may have to install them again soon! I mean its an awesome game and the grand dad of all FPS!
  8. Pred@tor

    Tomb Raider Legend is awesome.

    Yeah :D
  9. Hi I am new here and I didnt know if you guys knew about this or not. I searched the forums before I posted about it too. I recently discovered these Doom remixes. These songs are in mp3 format and the remixes of the orginal Doom music are of great quality check it out... Here is the site!