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    Post your Doom textures!

    It's been awhile since we had a dedicated "texture jam" thread. I wanna see what you creative folks can come up with. Please go ahead and post your texture edits or your entirely custom ones. Be polite and use spoilers if you have lots in one post as I do here. (I've categorised them as well - no need for this if you have random offerings!) DOWNLOAD OF MY RANDOM STUFF: (mostly seen throughout this thread; last update 22 Feb 2017) Jimmytex permalink Neutrontex (SUPER-WIP PLZ-DON'T-USE) permalink (from-scratch attempts!) Texture fixes
  2. Riding on the coat-tails of the last two MIDI Packs, this project, like them, seeks for the community's finest musos to compose a megawad's worth of original MIDI music for 2003 megawad The Rebirth by Björn Ostmann, aka Vader (or Bobjet as he was known back then). Refer to the project threads for Plutonia MIDI Pack and Revolution MIDI Pack, in case you're new to the scene. Plutonia MIDI Pack project thread / Get it from /idgames Revolution! MIDI Pack project thread / Get it from /idgames Join us on #doommusicians on the OFTC network if you want to contribute! OFTC webchat Downloads: Download Rebirth MIDI Pack alpha - 20 tracks total Download "The Rebirth" from /idgames Tracks included in alpha: How this works: Guidelines: The MIDI List: View all completed tracks All MIDIs will be reuploaded to a more permanent space here for ease of access. Completion Report: LEGEND: [ ] = empty, claimable slot [ ~ ] = slot claimed / track unfinished [ x ] = completed slot [ # ] = unavailable slot - original music already featured here See The MIDI List (link above) for all tracks marked complete - with an [ x ]. Overall progress: 32/35 [[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--- ]] --- Episode 1: (10/11 done) [ x ] MAP01: Operator -- "Ripsaw" [Jimmy] [ x ] MAP02: Outer Base -- "Viscera & Gravy" [BobFromReboot] [ # ] MAP03: Paranoya -- Untitled track [Vader] [ x ] MAP04: Sewage -- "Girders" [Jimmy] [ x ] MAP05: The Complex -- "A Snake In My Boot" [stewboy] [ x ] MAP06: Colossus -- "Rising Colossus" [Viscra Maelstrom] [ x ] MAP07: Cremation -- "Shoot to be Violent" [8Bit Shocker] [ x ] MAP08: Pump Station -- "On Lockdown" [Jimmy] [ x ] MAP09: The Depot -- "Prowler" [Jimmy] [ # ] MAP10: The Machine -- Untitled track [Vader] [ x ] MAP11: Teleport Center -- "Ghosts in the Walls" [stewboy] Episode 2: (7/9 done) [ # ] MAP12: Home!? -- Untitled track [Vader] [ ~ ] MAP13: Condemned Streets -- CLAIMED [NaZa] [ x ] MAP14: The Undertown -- "Cave Dwellers" [Eris Falling] [ # ] MAP15: Ugly Halls -- Untitled track [Vader] [ x ] MAP16: The Musty Ones -- "Sludge" [Dial-up for Murder] [ ] MAP17: Xenophob -- [ x ] MAP18: Death Pit -- "Sombre Visions" [Eris Falling] [ x ] MAP19: House of Pain -- "Shadows" [Eris Falling] [ x ] MAP20: The Gateway -- "Sunfall Valley (Open Fire)" [Viscra Maelstrom] Episode 3: (9/10 done) [ x ] MAP21: River of Flames -- "A Warrior Reborn" [Eris Falling] [ x ] MAP22: Withered Fields -- "Mars Monolith" [Dial-up for Murder] [ x ] MAP23: Dark Arena -- "Freedom is So Below" [Viscra Maelstrom] [ x ] MAP24: Hall of Despair -- "Mystified" [Eris Falling] [ x ] MAP25: The Tower* -- "Nether (With You)" [Viscra Maelstrom] [ ~ ] MAP26: Burning Canals -- CLAIMED [NaZa] [ x ] MAP27: Wired Hive -- "Devil's Hive" [Jimmy] [ x ] MAP28: Netherworld -- "Wretched Abyss" [Viscra Maelstrom] [ x ] MAP29: The Abyss -- "Thanatos" [Eris Falling] [ # ] MAP30: Hell's Innards -- Untitled track [Vader] * Original map uses a Vader track shared with MAP10, which will be replaced with a new track to avoid duplicates. Secret levels: (2/2 done) [ x ] MAP31: Snowed-In Mansion -- What Could Have Been [Viscra Maelstrom] [ # ] MAP32: Zoo -- Untitled track [Vader] Other tracks: (3/3 done) [ x ] TITLE: -- "Entombed" [Jimmy] [ x ] INTER: -- "Intermission" [Dial-up for Murder] [ x ] VICTORY: -- "Ludum Suite Part V" [Eris Falling] Unassigned tracks: "Night Music" [Viscra Maelstrom] "Flight of the Fox" [stewboy] "Dark Point" [Velvetic] "Underlord" [Jimmy] Abandoned/unfinished tracks: N/A Notes for each map: You may adhere to these, or disregard them to do something entirely new and different. Up to you! - MAP01: Operator - Dark, claustrophobic base. Ultra-short. - MAP02: Outer Base - A brown facility with an even browner sewage stream to get across. - MAP03: Paranoya - A sprawling garden techbase. - MAP04: Sewage - A brown base full of brown liquid and brown enemies. - MAP05: The Complex - A cagey, confined liquid gauntlet. - MAP06: Colossus - A decisive, exposure-heavy arena fight against a cyberdemon. - MAP07: Cremation - Brown base that progresses into hot, rocky dungeons. - MAP08: Pump Station - A small but labyrinthine liquid-filled facility. - MAP09: The Depot - A verticality-heavy maze of slime-filled corridors. - MAP10: The Machine - A set of technical corridors and rooms built around a circular reactor core. - MAP11: Teleport Center - A techbase built around a central transporter. - MAP12: Home!? - A metal base that progresses into a bricky, more urban setting. - MAP13: Condemned Streets - Confined urban buildings interjoined with blocked-off roads. - MAP14: The Undertown - A city built into some dank underground caverns. - MAP15: Ugly Halls - A water-filled facility built into rocky canyons. - MAP16: The Musty Ones - A dark stone castle in a muddy waste. - MAP17: Xenophob - Nukage-filled natural caverns. 'O' of Destruction-esque. - MAP18: Death Pit - An underground stone labyrinth with an exposed central hub. - MAP19: House of Pain - A lava-filled brick cavern. - MAP20: The Gateway - A large divided cityscape with a structure containing a gothic portal. - MAP21: River of Flames - Hellish, volcanic caverns and zimmer rooms. - MAP22: Withered Fields - A blood-filled mountainous wasteland with broad cliffsides and a marble fortress. - MAP23: Dark Arena - A colosseum, with a corridor of jail cells at the start. - MAP24: Hall of Despair - A spiralling brown chasm of slime and bricks. - MAP25: The Tower - An ascending marble tower built into a bloody canyon. - MAP26: Burning Canals - Quake-esque series of sculpted lava-filled rooms and tunnels. - MAP27: Wired Hive - A fleshy spider nest with imposing metal structures and arenas built into it. - MAP28: Netherworld - Hellish caverns with red-hot floors and chasms. - MAP29: The Abyss - Blood-filled canyons and chambers, Living End-esque. - MAP30: Hell's Innards - A simple skyborne marble tower in Hell. Icon of Sin fight. - MAP31: Snowed-In Mansion - A snow-drenched dwelling haunted by rampant snow creatures. - MAP32: Zoo - ZOO.MAP in Doom 2. Simples. (Basically a museum for every enemy type - each has a room accessible from a central hub.)
  3. Good to see you here again, Bucket! Currently just the one slot is open - MAP17, and the project is three tracks away from completion.
  4. Public beta 3 is ready! Lots of fixes in this one. Please continue to play using this beta, thanks! There will be a final /idgames release on January 26th, a week from now. Dropbox Mirror Requires GZDoom 3.6.0 or above.
  5. (Thanks again Kinsie for the art!) ===== This session is over and the maps are complete! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. We have 72 maps for you. Download Links: Current Release: Public Beta #3 (20.3MB) Dropbox Mirror Requires GZDoom 3.6.0. Map list: EPISODE 1: TECH GONE BAD E1M1: The Outer Station - Glikkzy E1M2: The Circle - Matthew E1M3: Nuclear Crater - Dalvi Dandy E1M4: Savage Sewage - Namsan E1M5: Space Urinal - Garbage E1M6: Sector 17 - Liberation E1M7: Acid Repository - pc234 E1M8: The Techbase Level Nobody Asked For - Orka E1M9: Water Treatment Plant - Southwardfaun E1M10: Satellite Relay - DukeWooze E1M11: Satellite Powerstation - Bloodhaeven E1M12: Alpha Teleportation Lab - Worm E1M13: The Panopticon: Where We Discovered It - Voltcom9 E1M14: Rotunda - CJacobsSA E1M15: Bloodstained Halls - Gardevoir E1FINAL: Our End - 94 maps never die E1SCRT1: Infiltration - Barrels O' Fun E1SCRT2: Maimframe - Fonze EPISODE 2: ANOMALY REBORN E2M1: Overrun Factory - Lil'devil E2M2: Escaping the Anomaly - Zodiac E2M3: Fractured Facsimile - Baratus E2M4: Man in the Middle - Major Arlene E2M5: Looking Glass - Trotim E2M6: Bloodworks - Jaxxoon R E2M7: Infestation - Remmirath E2M8: Power Plant - DrPyspy E2M9: Fracture - Big Ol' Billy E2M10: Eris Installations - Harbinger E2M11: Demonic Vats - DanielAlexander E2M12: Systems Crash - ella guro E2M13: Devil And Mouse - DMPhobos E2M14: Norepinephrine - Obsidian & Sparks E2M15: Address Unknown - A2Rob E2M16: Cyberdemon Dissection - Redead-ITA E2FINAL: Tower of Abolition - Dragonfly E2SCRT1: Fortress of Mysterious Intentions - DoomTheRobot EPISODE 3: DOOM IS ETERNAL E3M1: Chaotic Keep - Dobu Gabu Maru E3M2: Gluttony - obake-the-sincere E3M3: A Passage Beyond - Lord_Z E3M4: Apollyon Sunn - Minimum Payne E3M5: Deus in Absentia - DooM_RO E3M6: Sanctuary Of Nyx - PinchySkree E3M7: Ex Nihilo - Misty E3M8: Unholy Outpost - TheMightyHeracross E3M9: Inferno Incognito - Breezeep E3M10: Cinder Block - Alfonzo E3M11: Erebus Towers - Osiris Kalev E3M12: Hip Replacement - Zan-zan-zawa-veia E3M13: Gauntlet of Hell - Rachael E3M14: The Fury - Juza E3M15: Fang Ridge - Benjogami E3M16: Vitals Rising - TheMisterCat E3M17: The River to Acheron - Ravagefox E3FINAL: Mount Abaddon - Yonttebloke E3SCRT1: Distopia - Aquila Chrysaetos EPISODE 4: ALL THAT REMAINS E4M1: False Prophet - Scotty E4M2: Misguided Directives - Walter "daimon" Confalonieri E4M3: Fleshbrary - Mike J E4M4: Antediluvian - YungBantz E4M5: Smite The Unholy - Jberg E4M6: Far Away... - joe-ilya E4M7: Slave to Sin - boris E4M8: Misnomer - Lorenzo E4M9: Pillar Waggle - SuperArjunaButt E4M10: Storming the Stronghold - CanSteam E4M11: Great Is Your Faithfulness - Bauul E4M12: The Hand of the Wicked - Nirvana E4M13: Vengeance Upon Them - BlueJuice E4M14: Violence Follows Violence - Bridgeburner E4FINAL: Corticide - JustCallMeKaito E4SCRT1: Sassafras - Xyzzy01 E4SCRT2: Pure Hatred - MegaBlast Screenshots: ===== The Joy of Mapping is back on December 17th, 2018. We're going to be creating another megawad together in just three days. This time, the central theme will be The Ultimate Doom, in light of both Doom's 25th anniversary, and the announcement of John Romero's exciting 5th episode for Doom, "Sigil". SERVER RULES AND MAPPING GUIDELINES Please read these - maps that break these rules may not end up viable for inclusion. Discord server Countdown timer - How long before the session kicks off! "The Joy of Mapping 6: JOY ETERNAL" will be running for three days, starting December 17th, 2018 @ 12AM EST, and running until December 20th, 2018 @ 12AM EST. During that time, we will be creating a megawad's worth of content from mappers of all backgrounds - everyone is welcome. There will as always be an emphasis on helping new mappers through the ropes. After the maps are submitted, playtesting will commence. WE WILL AIM TO HAVE THE MAPSET READY FOR PUBLIC RELEASE BY DECEMBER 25TH, 2018 @ 12AM EST. RULES: We will be creating 4 episodes of content in any format GZDoom will run. (Vanilla Doom format, Boom, Hexen format, UDMF.) You're encouraged to limit yourself with the older formats. Submissions can be for either of the Doom 1 or Doom 2 IWADs - all the textures from both IWADs will be made available to you. Choosing the Doom 1 IWAD is encouraged, but you may use the Doom 2 IWAD and place D2 enemies/the SSG if desired. Mappers will choose an episode from Ultimate Doom to make a map for. If still in doubt as to which episode to pick once we get started, go with the one that has had the fewest signups - we want a fairly even map count across all 4 episodes. I will assign every mapper into one of four teams to work in that will be tackling each episode. You'll get access to your own voice/text channels to discuss mapping with your teammates. Participants in each episode channel must communicate with each other so that no one is doing the same idea - at least too many times. Collaboration is permitted - i.e. you may start a layout and then give it to another mapper (or offer it to the channel to see who takes it up) so they may add to or finish it. This is in fact encouraged as it builds community! The person creating each episode starter and each episode finale will need to be decided upon. The starting map will need to be short and sweet. The finishing map will probably need to be short as well, and must feature a boss encounter. New boss monsters will be provided for those making the finale maps of each episode. Try to make a completely original map. Tasteful homages and stylistic emulation are fine - don't just copy ideas from Ultimate Doom maps wholesale. Discovery of plagiarism in your submission will result in your map being cut from the set, and you might end up being banned outright. JoM is typically very laid-back about creativity, but plagiarism and bad conduct will be taken VERY SERIOUSLY. Keep It Dead Simple! No need to make a map that stands out by being huge and epic, or full of scripted cutscenes. We're "The Joy of Mapping", not "The Joy of Scripting"! Just make a map. Providing custom textures to go with your map is permitted, but you are encouraged to make something with the stock D1/D2 textures to limit yourself. Use of custom DECORATE resources is forbidden. Music must be MIDI. Feel free to simply pick a stock track. Interested? Just show up to the Discord server and express your interest. I'll sign you up for a Student role so you get notified when we start and finish. You won't need to have voice enabled during the session, but it might help to be aware of what's going on, so joining a voice channel is encouraged, for community-building. There will possibly be streams going on which will also allow you to stay up-to-date with things as they develop. As always, fun is mandatory. See you there, students! @noahpatchi on Twitter
  6. The volume changes are done with the use of the "Expression" control (CC#11). Avoids modifying the overall channel volume which can be inefficient - embarrassingly I've been doing it this way for like 13 years and only very recently made the switch. Thanks @Alfonzo for throwing that little nugget at me. Glad you dig! I can take a look at the rides. Drum programming is super nuanced.
  7. Prowler (4:56) Possible tune for MAP09. I'm a little unsure on it myself and it took me a couple days to get everything feeling like it worked out. Feedback appreciated!
  8. crazyflyingdonut needs to figure out a way to be even just slightly positive about the world in general, rather than preemptively dunking on whatever piece of popular human culture he can (well, except the singular parts/quotes that get lampooned and bastardized in overtired memes and YTPs, because those are great) just 'cause that's apparently a thing that'll get him props on a forum full of people still playing a game from 1993. I'm not at all saying the cartoons of that era were actually incredible works of art (I never watched them), I'm just saying your threads will have much richer discussion and will gainsay you far less if you open with a more neutral tone. "Would this be good or bad?" is a far superior opener to "It would definitely be bad because of course everything is bad".
  9. I'll try and be more active there yeah, although the sessions are usually held at kind of a crazy hour (2AM) for me. With any luck I'll be able to pick up some speed in my workflow again to the point where I can churn out something like another "Neverfore" within 2 hours.
  10. On Lockdown (4:13) EDIT: Link updated 8 hours after post was made at 1:47AM AWST. MAP08's new track. This one was written entirely in Sekaiju, the first of its kind. Program took me a bit of getting used to but I reckon I'm back in the game now! Enjoy the track.
  11. @Viscra Maelstrom MUCH stronger opening now, love it a lot, consider this added. Many thanks! @Jimes Thanks for the updates! "Sludge" is a lot better now, and the new "Intermission" track is rockin'. I've added these. Alrighty, we've got 5 tracks left until this sucker is done! Three tracks are currently unclaimed, and those are 8, 9 and 17. I'm gonna go ahead and claim 8. @NaZa You still have some tracks claimed - 13 and 26 - do you have any updates on these?
  12. Planning time is over! GET MAPPING! You have 2 hours to map, followed by 15 mins to playtest and bugfix.
  13. https://discord.gg/MBJJ7 Here's a link to the Discord.
  14. OUR THEME IS: Use no monsters weaker than a Cacodemon. This only permits you to use: - cacodemons - pain elementals - hell knights - barons of hell - revenants - mancubi - arachnotrons - archviles - Spider Mastermind - Cyberdemon AND/OR: Place just one monster - and make it threatening. GET PLANNING! Gather resources, pick out a name/MIDI, draw your layout on paper, etc. There is no mandatory texture pack this time round.
  15. The second session will be happening in 1 hour as of this post.
  16. @Viscra Maelstrom Nice track! I'll be happy to include this, though I think it could use a stronger opening with more bottom end - maybe including some timpani and some of that saw bass right at the start? Otherwise, this is definitely workable. Melancholic and slightly stormy, even with the largely major tonality to the progression. Definitely captures that "snowy" feel.
  17. Jimmy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Constipation's a bitch.
  18. Jimmy

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    Just because I got bitten with curiosity, I logged back in again for the first time in months, did some swiping... found a lady with a few overlapping interests, got matched... then almost straight away got "unmatched". Cool. I'm a big baby when it comes to social rejection, so I've deleted all of my dating apps now and I'm just gonna try and put it completely out of mind. This shit's poison in my life if I dwell on it. And besides, what's the point in futilely reaching for the unreachable? Clearly this isn't working. Fuck other people. Other people can't bring love into your life if you don't even love yourself first. I need some time to work on that.
  19. Jimmy

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    My experience with Tinder - and a slew of other dating apps - over the last few years, which has now culminated in me growing utterly sick and tired of the online dating scene as a whole, has basically boiled down to this: Hardly anyone is actually there to date. You can make yourself look and sound as attractive as possible using dating apps but that will not guarantee you anything. These apps are just vanity incarnate. Think about how these apps can make you look on the surface like a good, well-together, even flawless individual with their life perfectly in order if you're just selective with your photos and bio. To be completely honest, doing that puts you in the good half that actually make the effort: half of the people that I've seen using Tinder/OkCupid/etc. confess upfront that they're just there to "just look for friends" because they're that desperately lonely I guess, or to do a bunch of meaningless quizzes, or to simply fill out a profile page or two about themselves. You will even see a bunch of people with "dunno what to put here lol", or just empty space, as their entire profile. The concept of dating literally doesn't come into the equation to begin with! It's farcical. We as a people are just that vainglorious that in order to feel valid we need to see our faces appear alongside thousands of others in a huge online database of other vapid, lost human beings hopelessly addicted to technology and the idea that it unites us rather than makes our differences clearer than ever. Sorry to be a downer but that's the way it is! I've put a lot of time and energy into these apps and because I've gone in expecting something to happen just because myself and the other party might be there for the same reason - to find a partner - that I'd drift somewhere close to a result. Simply hasn't been the case. Certainly, nothing "serious" will happen unless you approach it correctly, with bullheaded intent to make something happen. You can't expect results right out of the gate. Take it from me: if someone "falls out of the sky" confessing an interest in you - or more accurately, the idea of you - that's a red flag. They can't love you truly, not at that stage - they don't even know you yet, they haven't been exposed to your downfalls and insecurities yet, which are things we all have - and they likely aren't mature enough to realise that themselves. TL;DR: You shouldn't expect any kind of result whatsoever, unless you vigorously pursue a very clear goal by yourself. Just don't send dick pics to women. Keep your louse-festooned trouser-vipers to yourself.
  20. Out of curiosity, is anyone able to identify any nuances in the background music for this video? A very Mick Gordon thing to do would be to sneak in an upcoming track from Doom Eternal which subtly references a classic Bobby Prince track - unless NDAs are a thing, I guess.
  21. Jimmy

    JIFFY BAG - a speedmap megawad - FINAL.

    Aaaaaand it's up! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/jiffybag
  22. Hey, remember when this existed? Name: Jiffy Bag Map Format: Boom Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GZDoom 3.6.0 IWAD: Doom 2 Map(s): MAP01-32 Par Time(s): None set Music: All by me Gameplay: Single play/co-op Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: Yes, somewhat Build Time: Maps each took about 2 hours to initially make. Compiling/fixing/testing them all in this then took several years! Lmao! Textures: Various sources, see credits below Requirements: No jumping or crouching (enforced). Freelook allowed. Download "Jiffy Bag" Final (3.2 MB) /idgames link Dropbox Mirror Powerhouse Mirror Jiffy Bag is a collection of 32 random maps made by me over the last 5 years or so*. The maps all vary quite dramatically in theme, and are similar only in terms of size and design - given the short time I had to make these in, my general approach to mapping is pretty obvious in how each map plays and is structured, but this should hopefully contribute to a well-rounded, consistent end product. *excluding one which dates back to more than a decade ago - it should make itself obvious once you reach it Included are: Maps for TTV!Zone Season 1 Maps for Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 2 to 29 Maps for battleofthebits.org A map for 32in24 A map for DUMP Birthday maps Random maps done outside of specific sessions Map names that aren't quite so dumb as hell All have received extensive balancing and other tune-ups. The set as a whole is intended for continuous play but pistol starts should be viable too. The music tracks featured in maps 1-31 are all speedmidis by me, and you can grab them on my Bandcamp under the four 30in30 albums. Credits for resources: doom.wad plutonia.wad tnt.wad mm2.wad NiGHTMARE Cage (cagetex 1 & 2) Fuzzball (litextra.wad) DrDoctor (drtex) RottKing (koultex) rf` (helltex, rf1024) Psyren (psytex) Jonathan Rimmer (erattex1) elend (MAP30 sky) Jimmy (jimmytex, jimmyskies, zoontex) Screenshots (monsterless, click for full view): Full Maplist: Enjoy and stuff! Criticism/critique/FDAs more than welcome.
  23. Jimmy

    30nm1244 (TAS)

    How in the blazes did you death-exit on MAP02? O_O Does the engine really allow you to die and pull the exit switch in the same tic?
  24. Public beta 2 is ready! Further testing must be carried out using this beta, which has all the updates and bugfixes submitted so far. Thanks! Dropbox Mirror Requires GZDoom 3.6.0 or above. The recent update to GZDoom (3.7.1 as of this posting) should also be used for testing if possible, please!