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  1. Santa Claus is back, and he's even more deranged than ever. Merry Shitmas, ya filthy animals! To commemorate the holiday season, and to celebrate the tireless work of my next-of-kin, here is another new single map for GZDoom, done for @Baratus's birthday using their and Skelegant's custom weapons mod Broadsword Jim, a modifier that puts you in the metallic, armored shoes of Jim, a sword-headed wielder of both medieval and modern weaponry. While vacationing in Hyper-Siberia, he suddenly finds himself on a mission to stop Santa from blowing up the world, and to save Christmas from a very unfestive fate. What's that? You've never played Broadsword Jim before? Go sort that out!!! ----- Download "BroadXmas" (21.4MB): GZDoom 4.11.0+ required. Only tested in this port/build. Dropbox Mirror This map requires Broadsword Jim 3.4 (which is included in the ZIP) to be loaded alongside it. Load order is: gzdoom.exe -file baBroadswordJim_v343.wad BroadXmas.pk3 Software renderer NOT supported - hardware renderer REQUIRED. Dynamic lights encouraged but not required. Please load lights.pk3 as well if you wish to use them. ----- Name: Broadsword Jim Saves Christmas Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.11.0 only. IWAD: doom2.wad Maps: MAP01 Music: See credits Gameplay: Single-play only Difficulty Settings: None Multiplayer Placement: None Build Time: 12 days, give or take Textures: Adventures of Square textures (plus edits) Requirements: Jumping, crouching, freelook Screenshots: ----- FAQs: Q: Why'd you make Santa evil?? A: This map is in a few ways a spiritual successor to the "Merry Shitmas!" map I made for TurboCharged Arcade: The Sequel Episode, in which you also kill Santa because reasons. Some inspiration has also been taken from Winter's Fury, both in terms of the wintery Doom bestiary, and of how I present the story in this map. Q: Why all the pop-up messages and cutscenes? A: As with my previous releases, Saint Alfonzo's Darkbase and Gloombase, this map features an objectives system (which is optional to view) and cutscenes (which are skippable). Autosaves are also provided at key junctures. Q: I'm not used to the weapons! A: Not technically a question, but: hit F1 to read the help screens, they tell you how the weapon set works. Also remember each weapon has an altfire, and portable items are given - and in case you run out of ammo, your sword-head is your best friend, and is actually incredibly powerful. There also some secret weapons to find. Q: Why use Adventures of Square textures, but include stock Doom monsters? A: Because the cartoony textures fit the weaponset's equally cartoony looks well, imo. We're in Jim's world, not necessarily in the Doom universe. Q: Does the above mean we're gonna be seeing Adventures of Square E3 soon??? A: lol no
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2023! Latest version: Zoon-tex [v3.0] on Dropbox (19MB) v3.0 is a BIG update (totalling 5,874 textures and 1,208 flats!) that integrates the tech textures from the Zoon-tech offshoot pack seamlessly into the original, improves some colors, and adds a ton of switches.
  3. A recolor-heavy texture pack initially used for realms of Zo0n. Projects this texture set has been featured in: The Slaughter Spectrum Technicolor Antichrist Box The Joy of Mapping 4 Infraworld: Coma Moonlight The Alfonzone Interception II There are a new palette and a new colormap included which modifies the greens a little, and the blues a lot - some stock sprites have been modified to better work within it. Most notably, the lighter side of the blue color range is now a fullbright light purple (seen in the third shot). Latest version: Zoon-tex [v3.0] on Dropbox (19MB) v3.0 is a BIG update (totalling 5,874 textures and 1,208 flats!) that integrates the tech textures from the Zoon-tech offshoot pack seamlessly into the original, improves some colors, and adds a ton of switches. Old versions: Zoon-tex [v1.0] Zoon-tex [v2.7] Samples of what I've gone and done with it: Hope folks get a kick out of this!
  4. It's been awhile since we had a dedicated "texture jam" thread. I wanna see what you creative folks can come up with. Please go ahead and post your texture edits or your entirely custom ones. Be polite and use spoilers if you have lots in one post as I do here. (I've categorised them as well - no need for this if you have random offerings!) DOWNLOAD OF MY RANDOM STUFF: (mostly seen throughout this thread; last update 25 Mar 2021) Jimmytex permalink Neutrontex (SUPER-WIP PLZ-DON'T-USE) permalink (from-scratch attempts!) Texture fixes
  5. Honestly not very sure what to do with Earthless. Happily accepting suggestions!


    There's only a handful of maps missing, but a small amount more that are lying at half-finished. So I still have time to change the direction of the project without an inordinate amount of redoing, but the question is do I just need to push through to the finish in the direction I'm gone? Or is it worth taking an about turn? Ignoring the sunk cost fallacy for a moment.


    My goal was for it to go on the Unity port, and therefore keep it Vanilla. But I think the rigidity of this format is making me feel creatively stymied.


    I could repurpose it for MBF21/DSDeHacked/UMAPINFO, and that would (a) help it stand out a bit more on its own instead of feeling like "just another Vanilla megawad" and (b) remove all the biggest stumbling blocks and let me make the maps I wanna make, but then it wouldn't be accessible on the Unity port when Earthless: Prelude (the first 12 maps) already is. The problem is, I'd probably find it even less fun to work on repurposing the maps for this format. I've been mucking around with this format to create new assets and that's been fun - so I do have stuff already made that I could conceivably add in, but whether it would fit in with Earthless or not is a different story.


    I think at this point I really wanna branch out and do something I haven't done before, but I feel like I've done... a bit of everything. I've done vanilla maps, Boom maps, UDMF maps, Heretic maps, even maps for my own game(s), and most recently something for my sibling, which employs their custom weapons mod. (That's releasing on Christmas Day.)


    Maybe I need to bounce to another WIP project, or find a good collaborator who I can bounce brand-new ideas off of, or do something for a new IWAD altogether like Hexen or Strife. Or maybe I just need a break from Doom altogether. I dunno, it's not that I don't want to create, it's just finding where to put  that creativity. The drive to map for stock Doom has been largely absent for about a year or maybe two, now. Only time pressure from external sources seems to be able to discipline me to do so, and the intrinsic motivation to create, even though I have ideas, has waned quite a bit, with tiredness and distraction becoming a daily thing I have to deal with.


    Gotta figure out how to get my mojo back.


    Ideas appreciated!

    1. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Ohh man, this doesn't sound too good and I guess familiar for most of us. Allow me to share my view on your predicament.


      It sounds like you need to choose the option where you need to spread out all your pieces on the floor and pick up only the pieces you really feel for. The rest needs to be archived and parked for maybe later use. And maybe some of it should be scrapped all together to free your mind from them.


      Things have started to become a chore for you and you're stuck between feeling what you want to do and what you need to do. This being a creative process and all you really need to focus on what you want to do; the stuff that makes you happy. And although it seems like you're too burned out and tired from it, there probably still is some pieces on the floor that are near to your heart that can ignite the fire again. It's just all the other crap that's distracting you and making you feel stuck.


      Normally, I would just advice you to take a break. Usually works for me. But I'm thinking that a process where you tidy up and sort your scraps, ideas and plans might be the best solution. Getting an overview and concentrating on a few things could maybe work for you.


      Best regards and best wishes for Christmas


    2. Jimmy


      Thanks, Chris, much appreciated!


      I think your "spreading the pieces out" idea rings true and sounds markedly similar to an Earthless dev stream I did some time ago, wherein I did no mapping at all, and instead just organised thoughts and ideas in a spreadsheet and then assembling a plan of attack for future streams. I still have that spreadsheet, so it's probably worth a revisit. Just need to find a good point in time to resume streaming.

  6. *gets two maps in, emits a prolonged sigh and closes the game* For pity's sake. RonLivingston is (STILL) a serial plagiarist.
  7. Jimmy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    ^ You're getting that printed for a mousemat right? :P
  8. KZDoom is still a favorite series of mine, and I return to it every so often for inspiration when I need a refresher on what folks were doing with basic ZDoom functionality back in the '00s. Excited to see what you've got to offer us now, Kurt!
  9. SIGIL 2's custom soundtrack by yours truly is available NOW on BandCamp!



  10. Jimmy

    2023 Cacowards

    What a ceremony. Gonna take me a full day to get through all this. Keep kickin' ass, Doomworld.
  11. Jimmy

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    It was great to be able to work alongside John Romero for this project. Massively grateful for the opportunity and very pleased with the reception so far! SIGIL 2's custom soundtrack by yours truly is available on BandCamp!
  12. Jimmy

    Map Balancer - new version with Dynamic Mode

    Bumped into this thread and was quite smitten with the idea behind this plugin, but it's unfortunate that it currently only exists for 32-bit installs of UDB. I alerted someone previously to this and they discovered the GitHub repo is missing the "main" file, meaning a 64-bit install can't be built from it. @cybermind If you're still about these days, I think only you can help out here!
  13. May as well have said "happy early birthday" 'cos it's only in 15 days' time, lmao But thank you!
  14. Jimmy

    Post your Doom textures!

    Please refrain from quoting entire long posts full of images, thanks dude
  16. STREAM/PURCHASE ON BANDCAMP STREAM/PURCHASE INSTRUMENTALS ON BANDCAMP LISTEN TO "ABYSS OF TIME" ON SPOTIFY LISTEN TO "ABYSS OF TIME INSTRUMENTALS" ON SPOTIFY A grand total of 17 new heavy metal tracks intended to provoke thought about the world we live in, ranging from the individual perspective to that of the cosmic. This album on the whole covers many current affairs, chiefly political, but centres primarily on the need for immediate and decisive action being taken in order to tackle our most pressing issues (many of which our politicians turn a blind eye to – hence the album cover), both as a society and as a species – for we are a tiny speck on the scale of time, and should try to go to lengths to look out for ourselves and for our planet, while we still last. The introductory track "Epiphany" sets the stage by giving background via spoken word on the discovery of the geological unconformity at Siccar Point in 1788 by Scottish scientist James Hutton, which gave rise to the idea of "deep time" and that the Earth was in fact billions of years old, challenging widely-held beliefs that our planet's age was a little over six thousand years. Scottish songwriters Karine Polwart and Dave Milligan's musical piece "Siccar Point" focuses also on the subject of deep time and of our collective finity in the face of time’s great expanse, which are revisited here in my music to bring the album to a close on the title track "Abyss of Time". MUSIC & LYRICS by @Jimmy GUITARS, VOCALS, MIXING, MASTERING by @Velvetic VIDEO PRODUCTION by @KeaganDunn GUEST APPEARANCES by @Baratus, @Dragonfly, @The Final Event and Uncle Had ARTWORK ASSISTANCE by @dashiefrickintyan TRACK LISTING: Epiphany (instrumental) Impossible Destroyer of Worlds (music by Velvetic) Unclear Warfare Bleed Your Hate Out (feat. Dragonfly) Inertia Mind Like a Mindfield (feat. Keagan Dunn) Desert Rose Aphrodite Swallow (feat. The Final Event & Keagan Dunn) Summer Rain We've Seen Better Days (music by Velvetic) The Penalty (feat. Marian Paddock) Scorch the Earth Death Drive Abyss of Time (feat. Uncle Had) Ethereal (instrumental) As of posting, TWO singles have been released ahead of the album, with potentially two more to come! SINGLES: STREAM/PURCHASE "DESTROYER OF WORLDS" LISTEN TO "DESTROYER OF WORLDS" ON SPOTIFY STREAM/PURCHASE "THE PENALTY ft. Marian Paddock" LISTEN TO "THE PENALTY" ON SPOTIFY Album cover!
  17. With just one day to go before release, here we are with a brand new music video for your viewing pleasure! Can't be happier with how the video turned out - @KeaganDunn knocked it out of the park with this. We recorded all footage remotely and with a budget of basically zero. The video also features @Dragonfly on drums and @Tristan on guitar and bass. The guitars in the track itself were recorded by @Velvetic and @The Final Event, the latter of whom also features on guest harsh vocals. Here's what the song says...
  18. Jimmy

    Victorias' Secret Karen opinions?

    why exactly do you think Doomworld even needs to watch this kind of video, let alone have opinions on it
  19. Jimmy

    Cursed Doom Images

    Every one of those has this energy:
  20. So awesome to see Avactor 2 still kicking!
  21. Jimmy

    Slime maps are a vibe

    it's slime time a shot of goo from me to you gonna splurt the 'gurt whoopsie-doo, here comes the goo
  22. Jimmy

    Share Your Sprites! (yet another split)

    Yeah, my recommendations were based on them being free. The tools are pretty readily available and every little bit of money-saving helps, especially if you're on a budget or don't own your own money, which I suspect will be the case for the majority of phone-users trying to edit their own sprites. Nothing against them, that's just how it goes when you're just starting out - you need a steer in the right direction sooner rather than later.
  23. Jimmy

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    That'd be me more than anyone, I feel. PL2 was my first "big gig" as a MIDI writer and it's mad to think it really has been a decade-and-a-half since that opportunity. It's even madder considering a few of my contributions PL2's soundtrack were rushed hastily out the door at the last possible split-second, when the deadline suddenly crept up on me in the final 3 days before release - my work ethic has not improved since then, and somehow people are still trusting me with music for their maps. :P Time marches on but I remain stalwart and unchanging. Fuck learning from your mistakes! *dissolves into pile of bone marrow*