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    Post your Doom textures!

    It's been awhile since we had a dedicated "texture jam" thread. I wanna see what you creative folks can come up with. Please go ahead and post your texture edits or your entirely custom ones. Be polite and use spoilers if you have lots in one post as I do here. (I've categorised them as well - no need for this if you have random offerings!) DOWNLOAD OF MY RANDOM STUFF: (mostly seen throughout this thread; last update 22 Feb 2017) Jimmytex permalink Neutrontex (SUPER-WIP PLZ-DON'T-USE) permalink (from-scratch attempts!) Texture fixes
  2. Prepare to speedmap Let's make some crap To provide the world with abominations To unite all textures without hesitation To realise the evils within our mind To leave all idea of a good sleep behind @Jimmy @Dragonfly @AD_79 @MTrop Team Rocket, mapping at the speed of light Play our maps, or prepare to fight ...Meowth, that's right! ===== Download Team Rocket 2 beta 1 (34MB) Recommended ports: PrBoom+ or GZDoom. Map Listing: Session 1 link: ===== Four experienced Doomers - together with our supporters and guest mappers - who will be livestreaming an audience-sponsored endurance sleepmapping-- er, speedmapping session! And once more it's an event that YOU can help support. Join us live on February 8th, 2020 for a full day's frenzy of Doom mapping. Making a Boom megawad inside of one (1) day! In one continuous livestream you will see four mappers working round the clock to reach the goal of 32+ full levels for Doom 2, averaging 8 maps each. Through their combined efforts, and the encouragement of you, the viewer, they hope to run for around 24 hours (but most likely a bit less!). As with our flagship session, we will also be accepting guest mappers! More on that below. DragonflyOS @ Twitch ➡️ https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyos We will all be in a Discord screenshare call and Dragonfly will be broadcasting all the shared screens in one stream. Please come along to provide ideas and encouragement! The livestream will be commencing at 6:00am UTC on February 8th, 2020. The countdown timer to the event is below. For what time that is in your timezone, visit everytimezone.com, also linked below. Countdown ➡️ https://itsalmo.st/team-rocket-2-stream-fqlc Everytimezone ➡️ https://everytimezone.com This will be no small feat, obviously. But you, our viewers, can participate in the creation of this project, directly or indirectly. If you would like to motivate the mappers to keep going, you can sponsor this stream with a donation! Donate here ➡️ https://twitch.streamlabs.com/dragonflyos List of incentives ➡️ http://bit.ly/TeamRocketInfo When you donate, you have the power to support the mappers and change the outcome of the stream! You will be able to make special requests about the maps being made, give the mappers special limitations, give us inspirational material to work from, even pick the music we listen to - and any donation in Tier 1 or beyond will get your name in the project's credits. As before, we are accepting guest mappers! If you are interested, post in this thread! You will make one (1) map for Doom 2, Boom format, using the resources provided to you. You must be available during the 24-hour period between 8th Feb 2020 6:00am UTC and 9th Feb 2020 6:00am UTC. You must join the Discord group and stream the progress on your map from blank canvas to full map. Don't worry about DM/co-op starts, difficulty levels, or balancing. Only one guest mapper may be on the call at once. Slots on the group call will be limited, so we may only be able to accept 5 guests in total. Express your interest and we will invite you in at some point during the session. Because raisins.
  3. Jimmy

    Serpent's Wake for Heretic

  4. After fixing a few last-minute bugs discovered on-stream, TEAM ROCKET 2 is ready for release. Happy Rocketing! (Seriously, there's quite a bit of rocket-heavy gameplay in this one.) Download Team Rocket 2 beta 1 (34MB) Recommended ports: PrBoom+ or GZDoom. Screenshots! Map Listing:
  5. Josh and I are live NOW with the official TEAM ROCKET 2 RELEASE PARTY, playing the compiled set co-operatively on Zandronum. Degeneracy inbound.
  6. Downloads itch.io page Official Discord Server Square Episode 1 & 2 MDK (Revision 1) 10(?) brand-new levels, packed full of secrets and fun things. Low-gravity platforming and paint-splatter physics in OUTER SPACE! (Just bring your fishbowl, unless you feel like going splat.) 16 brand-new MIDI tracks. Listen with the included DMXOPL for maximum nostalgia. Several new enemies to pick fights with. A new weapon with which to wreak havoc. More brilliant voice acting for Square's one liners and the new characters. Dual oozis! (Available in both episodes - simply find a second oozi pickup.) The puns this time round will be dangerously cheesy. You've been fourwarned. Website --> http://adventuresofsquare.com/ Follow us on Twitter --> https://twitter.com/BigBrikGames Find us on Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com/theadventuresofsquare #BeThereAndBeSquare
  7. ----- It's ready! Download Plutonia MIDI Pack Final release /idgames mirror ----- We haven't had a musical project here for a while, so how about this? It's something I've wanted to do for some time, and was brought up recently when I joined in with Tarnsman streaming his playthrough of Plutonia 2. One thing that separates the two halves of Final Doom quite greatly in my opinion is that TNT composed many original tracks for it, and this added greatly to its originality and charm, even if some of the MIDIs were really short and/or just not that great. So, what if Dario and Milo Casali were musicians themselves, or what if they had other musicians - perhaps TNT's music team, or even Bobby Prince himself - on board with the project to provide an original soundtrack to the maps? But hold up, Jimmy! Doesn't Plutonia's lack of original music contribute to its atmosphere, its classic feel, and its charm? Well, yes, of course it does. It's simply that the completionist in me is really interested to see what sort of music I (and anyone else interested) could create for the express purpose of giving Plutonia an original, good-quality, fitting soundtrack of its own. :) And we have some very talented musicians here, so it would also mean 32+ new, good-quality tracks for the community to use elsewhere. The idea here is for anyone who is musically-inclined and at all interested to post in this thread which Plutonia Experiment map they'd like to compose something original for. You can claim however many maps you'd like, but this won't necessarily exclude others from doing tracks for the same map. The final product will be a sort of "MIDI album" - a zipped archive of MIDIs, named and credited to their respective creators, complete with a TXT file and, most importantly, a WAD that can be loaded to replace the music. MP3 renders may also be done at the end of it. One final suggestion is that, while there'll be quality control, we keep this fun and easy-going. I wonder if we can get sufficient interest to generate the right amount of tracks within 32 days. This would of course mean working quite fast, but this project needn't necessarily be an intense contest, nor should you really work your butt off. It's certainly not going to be a collection of 32 6-minute epics. :P In fact, I've put forth some guidelines which should give you an idea of the nature of this project. Guidelines: The tracks must fit their respective maps as though they were written for that map specifically back when Plutonia was being created. This is paramount. Be sure to play the map(s) you claim first, to get inspiration. Perhaps imitate the style of TeamTNT or Bobby Prince and go for classic-sounding, Doomy MIDIs. If necessary, load up the map, turn the music off, and just hum to yourself as you play it, then get any ideas you get down into a dictaphone, onto paper or into a MIDI editor. Give your music track a name. Doesn't have to be terribly original, but I must ask that your track not be untitled. You are allowed to simply remix the track used in the original map. You are allowed to collaborate with other musicians on any particular track. You are allowed to submit old (but yet-unused!) MIDIs of your own to the project. Instrument choices are important. No random helicopters or applause, please. (Unless you use them in an ingenuitive way that actually enhances the track.) Tracks shouldn't be too long or too short. Try to find a middle ground. The original Doom's songs never lasted more than 5 minutes. Some of them, meanwhile, lasted less than sixty seconds - perhaps a minute should be the minimum length of your track. Keep controller event count sensible. Unless you're using a MIDI editor which completely bloats your tracks, this should be fairly simple to adhere to, but it's here for technical reasons - Vanilla Doom has a 96kb limit on MIDI files, and won't play them if they exceed that. Be sure to prune any unnecessary controller events, or hand the tracks to me if your editor doesn't do that easily.The MIDI List: http://jimmy.the-powerhouse.net/MIDI/Projects/In-Progress/Plutonia%20MIDI%20Pack/ ^ All MIDIs will be reuploaded to a more permanent space here for ease of access. ^ Completion Report: Overall progress: 35/35 Unassigned tracks: 6 [ ] = nothing written yet [ ~ ] = something written, pending completion [ x ] = MIDI written/finished (bar minor changes) --- Episode 1 - Earth levels: (11/11) x MAP01: Congo -- "Death Mask" [Lippeth] x MAP02: Well of Souls -- "Trigger" [Mr. Freeze/Bucket] x MAP03: Aztec -- "Jade Empire" [stewboy] x MAP04: Caged -- "Claustrophobia" [ClumsyDoomer] x MAP05: Ghost Town -- "Sepulchral" [Hellish Godzilla] x MAP06: Baron's Lair -- "Plusfort" [Bucket] x MAP07: Caughtyard -- "Seasons of Insanity" [Jimmy] x MAP08: Realm -- "Tower of Fire" [Jimmy] x MAP09: Abattoire -- "Plutocrat" [Bucket] x MAP10: Onslaught -- "Always Watching" [Lippeth] x MAP11: Hunted -- "Denied" [Doomkid92] Episode 2 - Hellish levels: (9/9) x MAP12: Speed -- "Blood Rush" [Eris Falling] x MAP13: The Crypt -- "Untitled (MAPXX.mid)" [Mr. Freeze] x MAP14: Genesis -- "Plugged In" [Bucket] x MAP15: The Twilight -- "Plummeting" [Bucket] x MAP16: The Omen -- "Run 'Em, Gun 'Em, Kill 'Em" [Jimmy] x MAP17: Compound -- "Massacre Machine" [Lippeth] x MAP18: Neurosphere -- "Fire Hive" [Jimmy] x MAP19: NME -- "Lost in Place" [Lippeth] x MAP20: The Death Domain -- "Death's Toll" [stewboy] Episode 3 - Devil-hive levels: (10/10) x MAP21: Slayer -- "Ascension of Satan" [Doomhuntress] x MAP22: Impossible Mission -- "Stealth Mode" [Jimmy] x MAP23: Tombstone -- "Plug Ugly" [Bucket] x MAP24: The Final Frontier -- "Pluvious" [Bucket] x MAP25: The Temple of Darkness -- "Contemplate" [Hellish Godzilla] x MAP26: Bunker -- "Untitled (hosilfu.mid)" [yakfak] x MAP27: Anti-Christ -- "Infimum" [Ribbiks] x MAP28: The Sewers -- "Dead Plumber's Song" [ClumsyDoomer] x MAP29: Odyssey of Noises -- "The Scarlet Citadel" [Hellish Godzilla] x MAP30: The Gateway of Hell -- "Plurry" [Bucket] Secret levels: (2/2) x MAP31: Cyberden -- "Cry of Desperation" [Eris Falling] x MAP32: Go 2 It -- "Plunge Saw" [Bucket] Other tracks: (3/3) x TITLE: "A Path Beyond" [Mr. Freeze] x INTER: "Intersection" [Mr. Freeze] x VICTORY: "Endless Suffer" [ClumsyDoomer] Unassigned tracks: "D_MESSG2.mid" [yakfak] "Rise" [Doomhuntress] "Plucked and Hammered" [Bucket] "Stomper" [Hellish Godzilla] "The Flood of Mortal Ills" [Hellish Godzilla] "Evil Light" [Hellish Godzilla] Abandoned tracks: "Escape" [Flamen0d] (also Bucket) "Pandaemon" [Hellish Godzilla] "Nihility's Edge" [Hellish Godzilla] Notes for each map's track: You may adhere to these, or disregard them to do something entirely new and different. :P - MAP01: Congo - Uses "The Imp's Song". Should be a fittingly atmospheric opener. - MAP02: Well of Souls - Uses "Dark Halls". Creepy and atmospheric, and the map has some fairly daunting dark halls of its own. - MAP03: Aztec - Uses "On the Hunt", a faster track with a suspenseful opening chord. The map itself is very maze-like in places. - MAP04: Caged - Uses "Kitchen Ace". - MAP05: Ghost Town - Uses "Hiding the Secrets". An oddly upbeat track for a map named as such, but the map is actually a pretty hectic and action-packed hitscan fest. - MAP06: Baron's Lair - Uses "Sign of Evil". A slow, ominous, melancholy track. The map is slightly puzzly in nature. - MAP07: Caughtyard - Uses "Intermission from DOOM". It's, quite simply, the Dead Simple of Plutonia. Should be suitably action-packed. - MAP08: Realm - Uses "The Demons from Adrian's Pen". The track is slow and mysterious, a bit like the map, which has a number of themes going on throughout it. - MAP09: Abattoire - Uses "Deep Into the Code". A slow, fairly ominous guitar-driven track. - MAP10: Onslaught - Uses "Demons on the Prey", a suspenseful and dramatic track. The map features small-ish courtyards with lots of powerful monsters. - MAP11: Hunted - Uses "Sweet Little Dead Bunny", infamously. Should be deeply unsettling. The map is a labyrinth full of archviles. - MAP12: Speed - Uses "Facing the Spider", a fast track - fitting with the map's name. The map is a wooden fortress full of blood and various traps. - MAP13: The Crypt - Uses "Donna to the Rescue". The map features a lot of fairly cramped areas and traps and almost exclusive uses Plutonia textures. - MAP14: Genesis - Uses "Nobody told me about id". A bloody and dark mainly-outdoors map. - MAP15: The Twilight - Uses "Waltz of the Demons". This map is rather brutal and set in a metal gauntlet, similar to Caged, and the slow, creepy music juxtaposes this dramatically. - MAP16: The Omen - Uses "Untitled" (D_E3M1). A fairly simple rocky outdoor map with lots of slime. The track is also fairly simple. - MAP17: Compound - Uses "At Doom's Gate". A tight, nukage-filled facility with lots of hitscanners. The track fits the frantic gameplay. - MAP18: Neurosphere - Uses "Demons of the Prey" (same as MAP10). A wide-open and intimidating, mainly circular map. - MAP19: NME - Uses "Suspense". A dark and trap-filled map. - MAP20: The Death Domain - Uses "Message for the Archvile", a slow, atmospheric track that fits the level quite nicely. - MAP21: Slayer - Uses "Endgame". A very slaughtery reimagining of Circle of Death. The track is dramatic and powerful, with an orchestral opening and a guitar-driven ending. - MAP22: Impossible Mission - Uses "The Dave D. Taylor Blues". Track is fairly laid-back and subtle but the map is distinctly harsh and unforgiving at times. - MAP23: Tombstone - Uses "Bye Bye American Pie". The track features an odd rhythm, and the map, oddly, uses very few Plutonia textures. "Odd" might be fitting here. - MAP24: The Final Frontier - Uses "In the Dark", a track which fits the large and dark nature of the map. - MAP25: The Temple of Darkness - Uses "Adrian's Asleep", a fairly slow and subdued track. - MAP26: Bunker - Uses "Message for the Archvile" (same as MAP20). This map mostly takes place underground and has lots of dark underhalls. - MAP27: Anti-Christ - Uses "I Sawed the Demons", a fast-paced and action-packed track that fits the nature of the map. - MAP28: The Sewers - Uses "The Demons from Adrian's Pen", (same as MAP08). The track is slow and mysterious, and the map large and imposing. - MAP29: Odyssey of Noises - Uses "At Doom's Gate". Should fit the hectic, sandbox-style gameplay of the map, like D_E1M1 does in a strange sort of way. - MAP30: The Gateway of Hell - Uses "The End of DOOM". Should be a climactic, dramatic piece fitting for the final battle. - MAP31: Cyberden - Uses "Sign of Evil", same as MAP06. Should be something ominous that befits the setting of a courtyard full of imprisoned cyberdemons. - MAP32: Go 2 It - Uses "Nobody told me about id", same as MAP14. Should fit the insane MAP01-slaughtermap-remake style of the map.
  8. Old versions: Download v3 (8.7MB) Download v2 Download v1 Recommended ports: PrBoom+ or GZDoom. Not fully tested in Eternity. Everyone is credited in the trocket_credits.txt file. Screenshots! ===== Team Rocket comprises @AD_79, @Dragonfly, @Jimmy and @MTrop, four experienced Doom mappers who together will be livestreaming an audience-sponsored endurance speedmapping event - one that you can help support. Join them on June 23rd, 2018 as they embark on objectively the most insane thing they've ever done. The four mappers will be mapping in one "sitting" for as long as they possibly can. They are of course permitted to take refreshment/restroom breaks and regularly depart from the computer to move and stretch, so as not to completely burn out. Through their combined efforts, some loosely preconceived ideas for the maps they'll be making, and the encouragement of you, the viewer, they hope to run for at least 16 hours, and create a megawad of speedmaps between them, in however long it takes. Let's face it, there is no proper answer to this question aside from "why the hell not"? Jimmy raised the idea of "endurance speedmapping" a few months back, which applied more to a single individual mapping an entire megawad in one sitting, but the idea provoked a good amount of discussion. Dragonfly, interested by the idea, asked a few individuals to join a team-based effort in this regard, and have this group together spread the workload. The name "Team Rocket" was thought of at 3am while Jimmy was tired. You can watch on Dragonfly's Twitch stream. The others will not be streaming; instead we will all be in a Discord screenshare call and Dragonfly will be broadcasting all the shared screens in one stream. Please come along to provide ideas and encouragement! DragonflyOS @ Twitch -> https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyos The livestream will be commencing at 4:30am UTC on June 23rd, 2018. The countdown timer to the event is below. For what time that is in your timezone, visit everytimezone.com, also linked below. Countdown -> http://itsalmo.st/#teamrocketstream Everytimezone -> https://everytimezone.com This will be no small feat, obviously. But you as a viewer can participate directly in the creation of this project. If you would like to motivate the mappers to keep going, you can sponsor this stream with a donation! Donate here -> https://twitch.streamlabs.com/dragonflyos List of incentives -> http://bit.ly/TeamRocketInfo When you donate, you have the power to support the mappers and change the outcome of the stream! You will be able to make special requests about the maps being made, give the mappers special limitations, give us inspirational material to work from, even pick the music we listen to - and any donation in Tier 1 or beyond will get your name in the project's credits. This stream marks the first time we've tried anything like this, so it should prove interesting! --- Meowth, that's right!
  9. Barely TWO DAYS to go! Prepared for trouble? Reminder that you can make an upfront donation to get it in early. We'll (sleepily) make you a Doom map in < 24 hours. Donate here ➡️ https://twitch.streamlabs.com/dragonflyos
  10. Jimmy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Thanks, John Doom!
  11. Warning!: Surprisingly enough, this is only my opinion. Don't get your serpent staff all up in a twist. HUB 1 - THE SEVEN PORTALS Poor Winnowing Hall tried its best but this is overall an exceptionally weak opener to the sequel to Heretic (see my thoughts on that game). The mechanics of the puzzle in this hub are seriously weak - it's just back-and-forth switch-hunting in no particular order - and a disappointing divergence gameplay-wise after Winnowing Hall tempts you with its hints towards more straightforward gameplay. No keys are collected in this hub, it's just switch after switch after pointless bloody switch. There's a couple of sections in the progression of this hub that have you backtrack to the Portals to hit another puzzle switch only to then immediately have to backtrack to the Guardian of Ice because a door opened there. Just feels like there's just way too many steps and virtually no direction. * Winnowing Hall - I honestly love this map. It oozes atmosphere and doesn't muck around with deadly traps, like the spinning fireball shooters, the closing doors by the emerald key, and the crusher traps in the silver key cave. We're introduced to Hexen's (limited) bestiary and some familiar items quite nicely here. 9/10 * Seven Portals (hub) - It looks the part, at least, but design-wise there's not much to talk about - it's little more than a spoke-hub. For some reason they made it a much longer way to travel to the Guardian of Ice, which you need to do multiple times, putting both the portals behind mandatory jumps, slippery ice, and tall elevators - on both sides of the map. It's honestly such a relief when the big brass doors at the top of the map open up and you can grab the wings and be done with this shit. 2/10 * Guardian of Ice - Very weird opening room with that setup where one of the crushing pillars becomes a teleporter that takes you back to the Portals. An extensive map with lots to explore, but it's pretty dull to look at, with a lot of monotexturing and tight dark hallways. The fire key's location is pretty cool though, I love the melting ice pillar when you use the Flame Mask. 5/10 * Guardian of Fire - Probably the most underutilised map in this hub. The first switch you hit is just given to you in the first room, and for most of the hub you just end up passing through this map to get to crucial locations unlocked on the two other Guardians. The deadly Flame Mask room with the collapsing bridge is a pretty iconic trap and super scary the first time around - perhaps feels a little bit mean for one of the first traps in the game (although I guess Winnowing Hall prepares you for this - and there will be worse to come). Does anyone else think that "spinning cog" exit switch is a really weird addition? 6/10 * Guardian of Steel - Am I trapped in the movie Cube? This is a horrible map, and definitely the one you spend the most time in. The puzzle is super unclear, the fights with the Centaurs in tight corridors are not fun, and those elevators to get to the puzzle switches are so functionally awful I just noclip through them. Also fuck that noisy as hell crusher room. 2/10 * Bright Crucible (secret) - If you jump or use the wings to get to the center of the Steel map, you get to jump into a portcullis on the Portals (?!) and warp here. It's honestly kind of a fun romp, with a lot of treats on offer to the player. Introduces the Icon, and the repulsion disks which are useful as hell, and if you have the wings at this point then you're free to fly around all over the place collecting everything and raining hell on the serpents and ettins below. You also get all four armor types on this map, and get to solve another unique artifact puzzle, which only the Guardian of Fire has featured so far. Additionally it gives us a taste of what Hub 2 has to offer, with the brown Serpents and the Stalker enemies featured here. I wonder whose decision it was to make a blocking wall have a stained-glass window texture, though. 7/10 HUB 2 - SHADOW WOOD I really love the themes running through all the locales in this hub - perhaps with the exception of the boss map - as maps set in natural settings always hit me in a special place. It's kind of a pity then that the gameplay is a big glorified switch hunt. You're meant to find three keys across the three main maps, then travel to the two other locations to use them there to solve a six-piece puzzle that unlocks the boss map. Simple enough in theory, but in practice it seems to really outstay its welcome. Kind of counterintuitive that each key is found in the location that bears its name, rather than being ever used in said location (i.e. the cave key is found in the caves, but you then have to go elsewhere to use it - just feels a little backwards). * Shadow Wood (hub) - I really like the look of this map. More "natural" and non-orthogonal architecture here than in Hub 1, which is great, and the texture selection and music go a long way to evoking a sense of place. The layout is also very straightforward, although I always forget where the portal to the Caves is - it's located in the same area as the door to the Hypostyle, which wouldn't be my first choice. 8/10 * Wastelands - This map is a giant sprawling circuit consisting mostly of winding corridors with wooden support details you can easily snag on, so navigating this place is about as painful as it gets. Much of your time spent here will be wandering around like a blind fool until you happen upon the secret wall or trigger line that unlocks a crucial point of progression. The trigger to unlock the swamp door here is about as arbitrary as it gets, and the horn key is sequestered behind a pretty innocuous wall. Ew. 2/10 * Darkmere - Probably my favorite locale in the game, theme-wise it's just brimming with atmosphere. Very ugly area to the south behind the horn door, otherwise this map is a visual treat, if a little difficult to navigate - two of the fireplaces down in the castle's banquet hall hold crucial points of progression, with a switch, and a secret door leading to the trap section where you get the swamp key, which is a pretty cruel setup for first-timers. 7/10 * Caves of Circe - Big blobby rooms that are impossible to distinguish from one another. Not much love went into crafting this. 3/10 * Hypostyle (boss) - Kind of disappointing. Essentially four "puzzle" rooms bolted together - all of which merely involve killing like 75% of the enemies and then running out again. Each room awkwardly thrusts the player inwards so the door can lock behind them, and I always get thrust into the lava in the fourth room. Which leads me onto another point: why was a linear path chosen here? Making the rooms completable in any order would help out immensely! Not to mention allowing the player to retreat should they need to. The Wyvern fight is underwhelming. Grab the wings of wrath, then take flight, and he becomes a cinch, even with the Fighter's limited arsenal. Also very awkward place for an exit portal. 5/10 * Sacred Grove (secret) - So let me get this straight. This is a circle, with a single switch that opens up a door on HUB FOUR? Jesus. Some secret. I didn't even know more stuff started spawning if you weren't quick enough killing the twelve ettins until I checked the Wiki page. 1/10 HUB 3 - HERESIARCH'S SEMINARY Aka the "yellow brick" episode. Split into two separate puzzles, one with the planet gems and one with the nine-way switch hunt between three chapels, this hub has the tendency to drag on and on, not to mention the boss fight with Mr I Can Make Myself Invulnerable. While the former half of this hub is fairly straightforward, the latter half seems to artificially lengthen the play time by barring off certain ways in the chapel maps for no good reason until you find the first few switches elsewhere. Openness doesn't hurt! Just let the player find all three switches in each map right away! * Heresiarch's Seminary (hub) - Again, a hub that does a pretty good job of conveying a place, this being a decrepit, corrupt monastery. The reveal with the torches when you first enter it is pretty cool. I don't know why the Refectory's portal is at the bottom of a hugely long lift shaft. 6/10 * Silent Refectory - Crate maze. Virtually monotextured. Does have some interesting (if crazy out-of-the-blue) doors that slide back or rotate when moved against. Otherwise Yawnsville. Pick up the three planets and don't bother coming back. 2/10 * Orchard of Lamentations - Short - a mere two puzzle items to collect before leaving for good. You need to be wary and fast around the huge elevator room that can kill you instantly, and make sure to hit that switch in the middle of it that is crucial to progression but looks identical to the others. Yep. While mercifully short compared to Refectory, isn't signposted particularly well. The silent teleporter pathways to the Sapphire Planet look hilariously broken because said pathways contain monsters that suddenly appear in front of you! 4/10 * Dragon Chapel - Essentially one large and very detailed room chock-full of enemies. Has some oddities like the shoot-activated slime lift (?!) and the various lifts that aren't textured like lifts, so you have to be very wary of texture differences in order to navigate to the three essential switches. Gameplay is pretty chaotic, lots of carnage and turret monsters, and you're given oodles of mana here. 6/10 * Griffin Chapel - This map has some weirdness to it. The outside room to the southwest solves a piece of the puzzle just by you walking into it (would a switch not have done here?!), and has a stained-glass window that if broken unlocks a secret porkalator. The magic bridge that only appears if you blindly wander into the abyss is awkward as well. The main gimmick in this map is the room full of shifting walls that can crush you, but you can softlock the game if you find the concealed switch to open the teleporter room and hit it before the big crushing ceiling at the end of the hall has risen fully. Otherwise inoffensive. 5/10 * Wolf Chapel - Slaughtaurs out the ass Jesus Christ. A lot of this map is just tight corridors and dark rooms and really isn't much to look at. Take a torch with you. Another weird moment where in order to solve a piece of the puzzle, you have to jump to two platforms and the puzzle just solves itself. Again, a switch would've been... fine? 4/10 * Deathwind Chapel (secret) - This is supposed to be a secret map? The spinning blade pillar room is... interesting, I guess. 3/10 HUB 4 - CASTLE OF GRIEF The hub with the least hub-like structure to it. The Castle has a self-contained puzzle all of its own with the clock gears, and only two portals leading to elsewhere in the hub. It's therefore the least straightforward, both in theory and in practice. Lots of running around in dark, tight places looking for artifacts to use elsewhere and not even any guidance from the "one xth of the puzzle" messages. You just have to look for the crucial items, then the places to use them. It's got some good setpieces, though, and every map "feels" like a believable locale. * Castle of Grief (hub) - Certainly looks the part, probably has the best opening façade of any of the hub maps. Gameplay-wise though it's kinda rubbish. On the upper levels, you have to clear the same room five times over. On the ground level you scurry around for a dozen or so switches to open up compartments in the other towers that give you access to the clock gears, which unlocks the Gibbet. We also see that "spinning cog" exit switch make a return, which takes you to the Gibbet. Still not used to that thing. I dig the music, though. 6/10 * Forsaken Outpost - Forgettable. Has some awkward platforming in the outside areas. The Rusted key is placed weirdly and you can miss it VERY easily. Just pick up the books and get outta here. 4/10 * Dungeons - Cramped and not a lot of fun. Lots to kill though. Perhaps too much - the ettins don't stop spawning. Music's good, though. Has a pitfall that leads to the next crucial part of Effluvium, which is frankly awful. When I hear that falling scream, I just reload my game. How am I to know it's an exit?? 5/10 * Effluvium - Tight and dark corridors filled with sewage and those slow lifts in the vats to the north-west just suck. I hate where the Dungeon key is placed, you can barely see it. 4/10 * Gibbet - Looks cool. It's designed like a big castle/torture chamber clearly fit for a demented king. Kind of infuriating though. They really should've placed the KORAX bookshelf in a better-lit place. Festooned with fairly annoying instant-death traps and pitfalls (one of which you have to trigger in order to progress!) and is functionally broken at its most crucial point - the boss fight. You get locked in the throne room and are given no ammunition here, so you have to fight the Heresiarch with what you take in. The pre-final fight's script terminates too early and softlocks the game if you're too hasty killing those Chaos Serpents (and I mean "don't-wait-10-seconds-before-killing-the-next-one" kind of hasty). At this point the player definitely has weapon 4 so this is a CATASTROPHIC oversight. Why was the Heresiarch used again here, anyway? Just do what Hub 1 did and forego the boss entirely! Anything but having to fight him again. 0/10 - it's broke. * Desolate Garden (secret) - You pretty much find this one by accident, as long as you beat both the Bright Crucible and Grove maps prior. For all the preparation it takes to reach this place, it's really not much of a thing at all. You hit some switches, spawn some monsters, then head around the outer perimeter and pick up some weapons. There's nothing going on here of note, perhaps apart from the room with the perilous rising sewage that can crush you. 3/10 HUB 5 - NECROPOLIS While short and straightforward, easily the worst hub in the set, on account of fantastically lazy level design. Feels like it was tacked on at the end of the game's development after the Raven guys realised they could make boss enemies using the player sprites that would otherwise only ever be seen in co-op. Here you go toe-to-toe with your corrupted masters, who each wield their ultimate weapons, but the irony is that possessing those ultimate weapons yourself makes these bosses an absolute piss. The maps themselves are tiny but lay the monster hordes on so thick that you have to cleave through walls of meat to get anywhere. * Necropolis (hub) - Hey who likes Reivers we got Reivers here come get yer Reivers. This being the only map in which these enemies are used, coupled with how functionally dull they are, is honestly kind of hilarious to me. They're peppered all throughout (nearly as much as there are mana pickups, flasks and disks) and honestly are just a nuisance, particularly with how they refuse to stop spawning. The "choose your fate" switch "puzzle" in front of Menelkir's tomb's entrance is kind of annoying, and the elevator to Traductus's tomb is comically slow. It's also just kind of a pain moving about here, by virtue of there being trees and gravestones every two feet. 3/10 * Vivarium (secret) - So in order to even reach this map at all, you're supposed to find it in the hub before even approaching any of the other tombs? Uh, that's nice. Anyway, this map is hilarious: it's a big silly rectangle full of baddies and that's about it. (If you're the Mage you get to see Wendigos for the first time in four episodes!) More outright weird progression, like the stained-glass windows you have to push against to rotate (remember Refectory) and how you have to shoot the northern wall to make it come down like a lift. (?!?) There's also a tunnel you can go into only if you can turn yourself into a pig, which is amazing. It leads into a hideous giant room full of every item in the game that feels like a testbed for the items more than anything! The door to get out of this secret is a gigantic fucking swing door wall that's like 1000+ units long, it's ridiculous, I love it. 7/10 * Zedek's Tomb - Almost nothing can save a map that consists entirely of corridors populated with Slaughtaurs - not even a patronisingly simple shape-matching memory puzzle. (This is one of the final levels in the game, come on! At least functionally it's pretty cool. I kinda like how the polyobject cubes jut out of their slots as they rotate.) 2/10 * Traductus's Tomb - This one is basically a single corridor full of bishops. Not even any puzzles to solve here. The fight isn't even in an arena, moreso a tiny claustrophobic room where Traductus poses almost no threat to you. There also doesn't seem to be any mana on this map, which feels like a huge oversight given it's a boss fight and nothing more. 1/10 * Menelkir's Tomb - Thank god this isn't just a corridor. Instead it is a series of puzzle rooms that has you finding switches that match the geometry of each room. This is kind of neat and hasn't been done before, but I wish there was more going on. Again it's stuffed to the brim with monsters (although this time they're not all just one type) and offers you very little mana. Still not all that impressive. 3/10 * Dark Crucible (boss) - The epic conclusion. A timeless façade with that wiggling bridge. Inverse to the three preceding levels, you get more mana here than you could ever possibly need in order to deal with Korax, with six Kraters of Might being given. Korax is therefore the easiest boss in the game by a country mile. For all the script-based showiness his attacks have, he has a low pain tolerance and goes down with half a dozen shots from your ultimate weapon. A huge missed opportunity. 4/10 Closing thoughts: * Hub 1 is a disappointing and confusing switch hunt of a hub and could've been made nicer with more key- or puzzle item-based progression... or just fewer steps in general. * Hub 2 is probably the strongest on offer, with key-based progression. The maps just didn't need to be quite so sprawling and multicursal - finding where to go is a long slog even if you know where to go. * Hub 3 really outstays its welcome, being divided in two parts, with an (admittedly cool) item-based puzzle in its first half, and having lots of switch-hunting in its latter half. It should've just tried to be one thing and maybe not had a bullshit boss who can make himself invulnerable. * Hub 4 is almost not a hub, having two maps (the Castle and the Gibbet) with multiple portals leading elsewhere, and is overall fairly confusing and grindy, with its corridor-crawly levels. It uses puzzle items effectively, though. Pity it's BROKEN! * Hub 5 is weaksauce. Rough and cramped tiny levels, lazily constructed, absolutely no interconnectivity with the hub. * None of the secret levels are really worth going to except Hub 1's. The gameplay of Hexen, particularly with regards to combat, is slow and clunky compared to Heretic. Everything feels overspecialised - some enemy types are only used in a couple of levels (Wendigos and Reivers). You're only given four distinct weapons in the game, with a pitiful two ammo types to swap between. Monsters are seemingly all low-mid-tier. There's no "fodder" enemies aside from perhaps the Afrit, and the strongest non-boss enemy you encounter is of all things the Slaughtaur, which matches with the Chaos Serpent in terms of HP but is obviously harder to kill. There is therefore absolutely minimal rise and fall in terms of combat intensity. It gets dull really fast. Where are the iron liches? The (unfriendly) maulotaurs? The boss monsters are all just pretty weird and purely in their own ballpark. The Wyvern doesn't even move the same way as any other monster. Balance-wise I have to say it's all over the shop, especially taking into account the different classes. The game does not seem to play kindly for the Cleric or Mage, with enemies like the Centaurs/Slaughtaurs (probably the most plentiful enemy in the later hubs) being the main obstacle for these classes. The Fighter can use all of his weapons even with no mana (consider the shitty weaponry the Cleric or Mage have to fall back to if they run out of mana), so there's really no contest to be had here - if you don't want to have a rough as hell time and instead just want to knock the seven bells of hell out of monsters, play Fighter. You can also horde Kraters of Might until the very end of the game and have more mana reserves than you could possibly know what to do with. Knowing where to go is sadly a good 3/4ths of the battle when it comes to enjoying Hexen. You've almost gotta be in the level designer's head because it's all so grossly inconsistent. - Crucial triggers are sometimes placed in purely arbitrary spots (hub 1, 2, 3) - Exits are placed in highly strange places and are not the iconic red portal every time (hub 1 & 4) - Multiple-step puzzles are not solved through consistent means (hub 3) - Sometimes newly-opened portals will lead you to a place you don't need to be (hub 2) - Some doors aren't "doors" in the conventional sense, instead requiring shooting, pushing or nudging one side to rotate open (hub 3, hub 4, hub 5) - this even applies to lifts! There are many many flaws to this game, that lead me to believe that while the hub system itself is kind of neat, it simply needed better maps with tighter puzzle design and a richer roster of content, which I guess when translated just means "it should've been a better game". Maybe it should've just been an expansion pack to Heretic? More weapons (as in keeping the basic functionality of the Heretic arsenal!) and more enemy types, some of which being weaker or stronger than others, would've been just swell. Overall, 4/10. Lots of disappointment to be had here. When you're not confused or getting bored witless by the combat, this game is kinda fun. I want to like it a lot, but I can only keep the nostalgia goggles on for so long.
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    @Shtbag667 Bloody awesome work with those trees. I can promise you I'll find a use for them. :D
  14. The way I'd do it would be with an inventory check in SBARINFO to simply display a different mugshot depending on how much of a dummy item the player has, then give one more of that item at every point the "corruption" is meant to increase.
  15. I'll offer $40. But this is reverse-financed position. You will pay me $40 to make a map for me.
  16. You make a door by right-clicking the two-sided line of a door sector and typing in the number "1" in the "Action" field. You make a lift by typing in "62" for a two-sided line of a raised platform. You make an exit switch by typing "11" or walkover exit line by typing "52". Thanks, that'll be $5. https://paypal.me/jamespaddockmusic
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  19. Important announcement: Due to unplanned circumstances, the date for this event has changed! We'll be blasting off the weekend after, on 8th February 2020 @ 6AM UTC. Updated countdown! Update your bookmarks/calendars etc. We'll see you there!
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    The atmosphere in those shots is absolutely awesome. What texture pack is being used there?
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    What an awesome thread. Superb talent round here. Please keep it coming! :D
  22. I'm really humbled to have inspired you and seriously hope the extensive time spent on this didn't impact your daily schedule at all. :D Will be checking this out!