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  1. sparerib1968

    Eureka: a Linux map editor

    That's how I do it too, minus the XWE part. Could also setup DB1 or DB2 in a virtual machine. Which ports do you target? I'd like to play some of your maps. Of course I'm in favor of this project. Yadex seemed promising, but I found it too difficult to be productive. Maybe DB spoiled me :P
  2. sparerib1968

    Memorial by Eternal

    I'd like to give this a run (or 100 runs). :confused:
  3. sparerib1968

    Whom would you summon to get revenge?

    I summon Bahamut and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure :) As a second choice, Chuck Norris.
  4. It has been my understanding that Doomguy dies. But he is such a badass that Hell can't keep him down. He fights his way out of Hell to go kick the Mastemind's ass at the end. At the beginning of Doom 2 he returns home only to find his precious pet has been horribly mutilated. With nothing left to live for, he goes on to hand the demonic invaders their asses and kill the spawner. Story is pretty sparse in game, intentionally so, and players fill in the gaps with their own imaginings. I frequently wish for a little more story, but that's just me. I tend to like story based games, like Alone in the Dark for example.
  5. sparerib1968

    What's the best game ever?

    Dungeons and Dragons can be a hell of a good time, but it mostly depends on the other players. Get into a good, friendly group. Adventure on Atari 2600. Love it Temple of Apshai Trilogy was great too. Rogue has stolen many hours of my time, and I've left tons of corpses. Chrono Trigger and other JRPGs have long been favorites. No one has mentioned M.U.L.E.? Awesome Game! If there can be only one, then I must choose Randy Glover's Jumpman for the Commodore 64. It is simply pure platforming goodness at its very best. You can find harder platformers, games with better graphics and sound, but none can even compare to the sense of adventure and stress inducing peril this game can bring you. Play it for an hour or more, and try your best not to bash your head through a wall. I just love it!
  6. sparerib1968

    American McGee's Alice

    That looks awesome! Now I wanna get the original game too.
  7. sparerib1968

    Playtest my wad?

    Thanks. Wish OP had said so :(
  8. sparerib1968

    Playtest my wad?

    ~/doom/wads/Naughtz$ prboom -iwad /usr/local/share/games/doom/doom.wad -file Naughtz.wad -warp 2 1 prboom v2.5.0 (http://prboom.sourceforge.net/) I_SetAffinityMask: manual affinity mask is 1 M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults. default file: /home/me/.prboom/prboom.cfg found /usr/local/share/games/doom/doom.wad IWAD found: /usr/local/share/games/doom/doom.wad PrBoom (built Jul 15 2009), playing: DOOM Registered PrBoom is released under the GNU General Public license v2.0. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the file COPYING for details. V_Init: allocate screens. found /usr/local/share/games/doom/prboom.wad D_InitNetGame: Checking for network game. W_Init: Init WADfiles. adding /usr/local/share/games/doom/doom.wad adding /usr/local/share/games/doom/prboom.wad adding Naughtz.wad W_InitCache M_Init: Init miscellaneous info. R_Init: Init DOOM refresh daemon - R_LoadTrigTables: Endianness...ok. R_InitData: Textures R_InitTextures: Missing patch 0 in texture AASHITTY R_InitTextures: Missing patch 1 in texture ASHWALL2 R_InitTextures: Missing patch 2 in texture ASHWALL3 R_InitTextures: Missing patch 3 in texture ASHWALL4 R_InitTextures: Missing patch 4 in texture ASHWALL6 R_InitTextures: Missing patch 5 in texture ASHWALL7 . . .(goes on for hundreds of lines). . . R_InitTextures: 346 errors
  9. sparerib1968

    The /newstuff Chronicles #372

    /newstuff Chronicles would not be the same without heated debates about the meanings of words. Somehow I'm just not surprised to see flame bait being cast about here. Can I just say I enjoyed Dutch Devil's Evil, and leave it at that?
  10. sparerib1968

    A Little project i am working on

    This seems like a very worthwhile endeavor. Would you consider generating checksums for each of the wads? That way people have a way to verify if their copy of the wad is corrupt. You could use RapidCRC to easily generate a list of file names and checksums for all the files on each disc.
  11. sparerib1968

    The /newstuff Chronicles #357

    I downloaded d2reload after reading the review, and I strongly disagree with the review. I'm on map 08, playing skill 3, and it has been great fun so far. Sure some of the textures seem out of place, but some of them are great IMHO. The architecture is terrific, and I'm not bored one bit. If my own maps would turn out the way I envision them in my mind, they would look a lot like d2reload.
  12. sparerib1968

    Doom, Defictionalized?

    Would that be haiku?
  13. sparerib1968

    Doom, Defictionalized?

    I want my bedroom painted to look just like Icon of Sin.
  14. sparerib1968

    Offensive and threatening reviews

    Agreed, but what does that have to do with penises?