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  1. Hi Nevander, I would like to suggest folding this fix into your Ultimate Doom patch. I've already done this for myself. I've also made a menu pic for Ultimate Doom, which you can use if you want.
  2. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Alas Im back. Dont worry about the body staying on the ground, I'll work something out. =) Also, Englishman, I completely agree. I misworded it, so to speak. Credits to me for ripping it / the editing. Its almost a direct rip from Shadow Warrior. The body is, as well as the head, but its two different sprites. (Head and body)
  3. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Just another newb not finishing shit!!!11 Haha. Sorry guys. I saw GWAR, got stuck at my brothers house and now Im going on vacation. I dont have time to work on it till about a week or so. Sorry. o/
  4. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Ok, its half way done, I havent finished it yet. Im going to see GWAR today in concert, so I was caught up with fixing all the details for that yesterday. I might work on it some more today just a little. Im surprised at the well recievement for my first enemy. Thanks for the comments.
  5. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Yeah I'd prefer for it to be in Zdoom. Anyone who wants to code it is surely welcome to, and I give credit where credit is due, so thats no problem.
  6. BlitZ

    New monsters

    I was late starting on this today but I got a few more done already and Im ready to show off a bit more. The head is kind of funky, I feel for the artists that have been adding tons of different parts and mix and matching. It is difficult to keep consistent.
  7. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Well finishing the graphics is no problem. I'll have that done by late tommorow Im sure. Ive got about 30% progress now with only a little time, Ive been doing graphics for a while so I dont get "bored" like some people. The problem is I have virtually no knowledge of "Decorate" or "Dehacked". The sprites will be freely available to whoever though, with credits to me for them of course. ;-)
  8. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Ive got a "dead body" sprite. Right now Im calling it "Ghoul" and its comes out of dead humans of course.
  9. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Hey again, what do you guys think of this? Its already converted to doom's pallete.
  10. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Wow. Some of those are awesome. I had seen quite a few but some were surprises to me, including seeing 3 Duke sprites. =D
  11. BlitZ

    New monsters

    Hey guys, Im kind of posting again I guess. I started playing Knee Deep in Zdoom and got interested in Doom again. Specifically in new monsters. Is there anywhere I can see a good lot the good and common enemies? I'd possibly like to make some in the near future and maybe a weapon or two. (Things I have been doing for Duke3D.) Thanks guys.
  12. That looks completely awesome. If you need any more art for it, I have a ton of BUILD games.
  13. BlitZ

    Spiderman 3 Teaser

    Spiderman had the black suit before Eddie Brock. Then Spiderman forced the symbiote off of him (because they cannot stand loud noises, hence the belltower). All the while for some reason or another Peter Parker had ruined Eddie Brocks life by causing him to look like a fraudulent reporter(not on purpose). They happened to be at the same church because Eddie was going to commit suicide and he wanted to confess his last sin to god. After Spidey left, the symbiote found Eddie Brock and sensed his massive hatred for Peter and of course, the symbiote wanted revenge. So Eddie willingly became permanently fused with the symbiote. Now someone mentioned Carnage, later Venom was actually put in Jail with a psycho named Cletus Kassidy. He was a mass murderer. Now the symbiote of course, sensed that. While Venom was breaking out, the symbiote dropped off some kind of "egg". This formed Carnage. In fact, I believe Venom had atleast 6 "children".
  14. BlitZ

    Weird Al fans I have news!!

    The new age Michael Bolton. A no talent ass-clown.
  15. BlitZ

    Duke Nukem Forever may be out this year.

    They are using the unreal engine. But form last I heard, they had actually completely wiped out everything and had rewrote everything or brought in new technology. In actuallity, it is a new engine.