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    Runtime error 424 when choosing a texture

    Thanks for your quick reply! Actually I did browse (read: search) through the forums first... but I reckon stickies are like manuals, it's what you read last...! However, installing Version 1.66 did solve all my problems! Thanks again!
  2. Hello all, it has been quite a few years since the good old Doom editing days with Deu2 for me, but I had finally decided to pick up the old editing tools again, when I stumbled over Doom Builder 1.67 Having read some comments by others, seen some screenshots, having read the manual I had to say, it looked like a great program in all ways... However, trying to create a new Doom2 level, I keep running into the following error when trying to pick a texture or when searching for a texture. It comes up the moment I press "Tab" to see all available textures, although every now and then this does seem to work.. I reckon the quickest way for me to bring up the error is this: file new map Configuration: Doom2 Level name: Map01 OK F3 (shortcut to find) Searchtype: Linedef Texture (stumbled over this first time when reading the manual) click the browse button next to Find what Click "TAB' This is when I (always) get the error below after which I chrash out of Doom Builder without saving anything: Run-time Error '424' Object Required I've got the normal Doom2.wad as IWAD file for Doom2 and no other than default settings, except for some minor changes, which I think have nu influence whatsoever and were suggested by DrSleep's manual. I'm using Doom Builder 1.67 build 375. I'd be very grateful for any help you guys could give me.