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  1. Soap on a Rope

    Google Street Maps

    I wonder how long it is before somebody will decide to do something... naughty in front of the Google camera and be pointed and laughed at by millions of internet users.
  2. Soap on a Rope

    The /newstuff Chronicles #305

    THIS THREAD DOES NOT WORK IN INTENDED SOURCE PORT I don't think anybody has mentioned the possibility that there are mappers who don't read the /newstuff Chronicles and therefore don't see enough input on their work to know that it is broken. I seriously doubt this is the case for many of them, but it's food for thought. I'm not the mapping wizard/Doomworld cool guy that so many of you are; in fact, I've never submitted anything to /idgames before (but I hope to change that in, say, a week or two). I figure my text file will say something like: Advanced engine needed: Boom Notes: I made this map with the "Boom" configuration in Doom Builder. I tested it in both PrBoom and ZDoom and it works great! That brings me to another point: it's very possible to use the correct Doom Builder configuration and have it run in a more "advanced" port but not in the one that the configuration is built for. If I didn't have the foresight to test my Community Chest map in PrBoom before submitting it, there would be some nasty surprises in there for whoever ended up playing it (accidentally used door triggers instead of switch triggers or something like that in a few places (durrrr), which Zdoom doesn't react adversely to)! All that aside, though, it really is the mapper's responsibility to say what the map will work in. If you make a "Boom" map but only test it in Zdoom, release it as a Zdoom map. "But Soap! If they're testing in Zdoom, why would they pick Boom as a configuration when there is a Zdoom option as well? Surely this implies that they know something about the relationship these ports have!" Yeah, there's always the possibility that the people know all this stuff and are just being dumb. Oh well!
  3. Soap on a Rope

    End Game

    I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day until a few hours ago. I guess it's because it's Sunday and so few of the sites I frequent don't have jokes this year. Oh well! Also, that mattbratt11 post is a thing of beauty. Are posts like that typical of the Losers board?
  4. Soap on a Rope

    Oh my god new Castlevania is SO AWESOME

    I guess it's cool to have it portable and all, but I don't see why they don't instead release it as a downloadable for the Virtual Console/Live Arcade/whatever Playstation's online service is called. It's still not enough to make me want a PSP.
  5. Soap on a Rope

    Who here would vote for Barack Obama?

    If everybody who held this "I'd vote for the third party if they had a chance" opinion would just go and vote for said third party, then I'm quite sure we'd see this issue vanish. Vote for who you want the most, not for who you think is most likely to win. A vote counts more when it closes a gap than when it widens one. That aside, I really don't know enough about Obama to say I would vote for him. So yeah. I'll wait until a bit closer to election time and see what happens.
  6. Soap on a Rope

    msvbvm50.dll not found. What do I do?

    It's one of the Visual Basic runtime files, I think. You can get the Visual Basic runtime pack to fix it. download from microsoft.com
  7. Soap on a Rope

    How do you make a door on a crate open

    Did you check their tags? You may have accidentally set the tag on one so it's multiplayer-only or doesn't appear on the difficulty setting you're using to test this map. In Doom Builder (which I'm assuming you're using), when you place a thing with tag settings, those tag settings are remembered until you place a thing with different ones. I hope I explained that well enough.
  8. Soap on a Rope

    Which character do you use in Hexen?

    I use the fighter. He's fast, and his hammer is awesome. Strong ranged attack, and a strong melee attack that can be used without mana. The Quietus is kind of lame, but who cares? The hammer is all I need!
  9. Soap on a Rope

    Double Dooming! Is this gameplay possible?

    I've seen a run like this where the person did Megaman X and Megaman X2 at once. It was tool-assisted, of course, but it was pretty cool to watch. I imagine a Doom/Doom 2 one would be much harder to make, but I'd definitely watch it. Here are a few things I could see being problems: -Ammo. Every shot you fire on one screen is fired on the other screen. For example, taking out that cyberdemon in E2M8 with rockets is going to mess up the Doom 2 side's ammo supply big time - you might want to make sure Doom 2 is using a fist/chainsaw/pistol at that time. -Weapons. This was pointed out already, but it's a big issue. Perhaps you could make use of the forced weapon switch when you pick up a new weapon or when you use up all of the ammo on a weapon. -Demons. They move fast and often come in swarms. It could be very tough to maneuver around them! But yeah. It would be difficult, but it's probably possible. Anything is possible! *looks up, watches a purple butt fly out of a black hole* If you ever make progress, even if it's just the first level of each game, please post it!
  10. Soap on a Rope

    To Raven and Activision: GPL Heretic and Hexen

    Wow, I never knew about this petition. I really should pay more attention to this stuff! Thanks for posting it, though. I reward your efforts with my signature!
  11. Soap on a Rope

    What the Hellcore?

    Before I throw out a few comments, I must let you know that it's possible to get stuck right here between the cliffs (where I am): That said, this is a pretty nice WAD so far. I like how there aren't (m)any enemies around the main parts of the levels... it adds to the atmosphere. The level of detail is superb. And when the enemies do show up, their placement is quite "OH SHI-"tastic. My only complaint is that the baron traps in both levels (first level: heavily crated area outside of the main building; second level: inside the building with the blood trails) are a bit overdone. I suppose you mean for us to get the hell out of there instead of killing them, but the rooms are too crowded for me to be able to escape consistently. That's not challenging - that's frustrating. :/ My overall impression so far is: spiffy, will continue playing.
  12. Soap on a Rope

    If life was like Doom...

    80. Whenever you open the fridge to get a snack, monsters teleport into your bedroom to wait for your return. 81. To open some of the doors in your house, you have to feel around on the walls nearby until the door mysteriously opens. 82. Olympic runners straferun down the tracks for the extra speed.
  13. Soap on a Rope

    Doom on the news

    Oh god, I remember Channel One. My middle school's (and high school's, but to a lesser extent) schedule was built around making sure that everybody gets to see it every day. The commercials were the best part. I wouldn't know all that much about what I was missing, though, as I made Channel One time my reading/homework/internet time.
  14. Everything: "that guy" Nah, I've always called all of them either that or by their proper names (usually the latter).
  15. Soap on a Rope

    More StrifeToons...

    These are awesome. By all means, keep going (as long as funding permits)!