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  1. MG_Man

    A word about dealing with problems in ZDoom

    That put it far more succinctly than I could have. These two demands are fundamentally incompatible. The moment a port gets a feature and none other can have it, standardization is gone.
  2. MG_Man

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I think Strife uses 9. Note how you always get the landing "oof" after jumping, while in Doom jumping with speed 8 does not produce that.
  3. That's just how every other game does ultrawide rendering as well. Nvidia's multi projection is really essentially just doing Chocolate Doom's approach but at much smaller angles than 90 degrees, then transforming the result a bit.
  4. MG_Man

    Cut Material in game files?

    It looks like the SSG model was carried over from there.
  5. MG_Man

    Visual Doom Bot Competition

    I suppose the depth buffer access is intended to shift the focus on the competition to reacting to the situation a lot more than trying to just read it. It does foil the description a bit, but it's still a valid challenge, I think. Probably without this access most of the time developing a bot would be spent just on figuring out a reliable method of figuring out how far something is, rather than the actual gamey parts. Doom on its own is a lot more complex than what most visual learning game bots have been made for (2D platformers like Mario with simple graphics and few colors, no varying lighting conditions, etc.) Doom's lighting is made even more complex to read thanks to its fake contrast. So the depth buffer access just helps to bridge that gap. My question is exactly what access the bot has - can it access the console? Can it change its player color to try to blend into the map? If other bots are programmed to look for a green marine that sure could throw them off. Can the bot read data from the WAD itself to know best what to look for? I guess not, because that's also more than visual input. EDIT: In fact, I don't see anything about depth buffer access on the competition page, just "access to the screen buffer as the only information". Only the ViZDoom page mentions the depth buffer. Possibly the competition doesn't use the depth buffer feature of ViZDoom. Though this should be clarified for sure. The lighting and color falloff looks distinctly software-rendered.
  6. MG_Man


    I'm looking forward to the MooM expansion.
  7. Decals in general don't work on floors and ceilings.
  8. Jimmy's "Weather Warning" in BTSX E2 on the map Unstable Journey is my favorite Although not so much the soundfont used in his YouTube, though it sounds great in Chorium I think I really love the mood it sets though, it's a great "only one last mountain to climb before the end" feel to it
  9. I've finished another accuracy enhancement: Now the Final Doom statusbar in the Final Doom levels uses the darker, redder number font from Final Doom. Screenshot Compare with non-Final Doom's pinker font Download A second thing I made: A fullscreen HUD. Not super official, but it's a mix of the classic status bar style and Doom 64's style. I figure it's better than nothing. Screenshot Download And finally, another addon: PC Doom Status Bar Face. Replaces the downscaled PSX hud face graphics with the PC version, preserving the proper size and aspect ratio. Gib frames from Jaguar Doom. If the PC weapons sprites are worth kept around and compatible, I figure this ought to be too. Download I'm going to look into helping cut down the mess of MAPINFOs in the various patches in the MODS folder. For example music can be redefined through a LANGUAGE lump instead of definition in MAPINFO. This means that the various level order mods can be made to not interfere with the Lost Levels music addon, for example.
  10. MG_Man

    Disregard this thread

    They don't get autoloaded if that's what you mean. You have to load them as PWADs.
  11. http://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO_options_for_GZDoom's_GL_renderer Recent SVN builds allow you to modify the 3D aspect ratio correction. This means it can be adjusted to match PSX Doom's aspect ratio! I have determined that the PixelRatio value to use is 0.8. (original PSX Doom resolution is 256x240, scaling this to 320x240 [a 4:3 resolution] results in a 20% reduction in height, hence the resulting PixelRatio of 0.8.) Additionally, it seems the sprites have their own aspect ratio separate from the map's aspect ratio. I have determined that setting XScale to 0.8 on all the actors makes the sprites match up too. The regular Scale property on them will have to be changed back to 1 from the TC's current value of 0.92. Since DECORATE scaling doesn't work for the HUD weapons, they'll have to be shortened through TEXTURES. That seems like a right pain in the ass, but I could probably write a program to generate it automatically. Here are some screenshots showing the difference it makes (ignore the messed up HUD, I hastily edited it to add back the black letterboxing on the bottom for accurate comparison): Stock PSX Doom TC (PC doom aspect ratio) PSX Doom TC with modified aspect ratio as described above PSX Doom screenshot This means the PC Aspect Ratio addon pk3 can also change the aspect ratio of the whole game and not just the HUD. (also, the configurator tries to load PCHUDAR1.pk3 when the file is called just PCHUDAR.pk3. But, with GZDoom able to actually do PSX Doom's aspect ratio I don't see the need to be able to go back to the PC aspect ratio since the game can now match the HUD's aspect ratio.) The recent builds also add a "Software" lighting mode that approximates the distance lighting that Software mode and PSX Doom uses. However it makes the maps much too dark in the PSX Doom TC, making most of E1M1. If it was to be made the standard, the map lighting would have to be adjusted overall.
  12. MG_Man

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    This seems to be carried over from Doom 64 EX. Bullets tend to prefer to hit the top of the nearest wall instead of any ceiling you're aiming at, if it's close enough.
  13. MG_Man

    DOOM HD Project

    I just have one question about that. Are you taking into account that ingame, the sprites are 20% taller than the original graphics? This is because the original 320x200 screen is stretched to a 4:3 aspect ratio, and every good source port since then has followed this convention. If you haven't done that in consideration, you should scale the models taller before the animating stage, or things will look a bit strange. Only when being exported to sprites should they be made shorter again. In Doom 64 this does not apply, but sprites you're using from DOS Doom need to be made 20% taller. http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Aspect_ratio
  14. MG_Man

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Maybe you could cheat and just set the default position to somewhere in the room? That way if it's not saved in the file it will use those coordinates instead of 0,0,0 or whatever the current behavior is. Wouldn't make them spawn where the first form died exactly but it's better than seemingly not spawning them at all!
  15. MG_Man

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    I wonder, given the apparent success of this release (and engine), do you think it would be possible to make a deal to release Doom 64 on Steam in the same kind of manner? Maybe it could be rebranded as Doom: The Absolution to get the 64 out of the title, if anything, along with a couple things like an actual secret added to Breakdown. Plus, most of the work is already done this time! Surely it wouldn't be as much of a rights tangle as Strife was EDIT: Oh, and I noticed a bug. The ammo counts for the mini-missile pickups are backwards. As in, the small pickups give you 20 missiles, and the big crates give you 5! I don't think I've ever had below 100 missiles at any time.