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  1. Doom_master1122

    [DB2] ACS scripting problem

    Oh crap. Never mind the brain fart. Wow. I feel really retarded. Thanks for noticing that. lol
  2. Doom_master1122

    [DB2] ACS scripting problem

    I found a download for GZDoom for Doombuilder 2. I go ahead and try making a script in Doombuilder 2. I know how to use ACS, I've used it before on many, many occasions. I put in the #include zcommon.acs, and it errors saying String literal not found. So I thought may be its just the Gzdoom config. So I tried Zdoom, Doom in Hexen format. I get the same thing. Whats going on with this?
  3. Doom_master1122

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    Very nice. I'm using it right now on windows 7. A little slow it seems, but that may be my Video card. It is very crappy. But anywho. Even with the slow down I'm going to be using this one over the first. Also I tried using the GZdoom settings and it didn't work. It said it wasn't compatible. (This may have been mentioned earlier, I didn't read the whole topic.)
  4. Doom_master1122

    VERY newbie question

    True. I figured out how to do what i wanted to do. Never mind me, just got a little newbie here.
  5. Doom_master1122

    VERY newbie question

    How do you compile with ACC.exe I have a separate script that I wanna compile, how ever I have NO clue on how to use or start up ACC. I don't think this question can get much newbier. Lol
  6. Doom_master1122

    Mind mod

    One of the coolest and trippiest mods I have ever seen for doom 3. Check it out at their site, and the gameplay video. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljpE0K6TKrU site http://www.neuro-lab.net/mind/home.html Story for the thing (from their you tube description) Your name is Jack, you are under arrest with the accusation of your wife homicide under drug effects. During the way for the police station, you have some visions and strongly sense of vomit, then you sleep... Features -10 levels of puzzle and ability -all new textures for fit the game-theme -3 "weapons" (fists, telekinesi and flares) -Original Soundtrack -A Story line for drive you into the levels -More ways to finish levels -and much more...
  7. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    Well, does anyone know how to make the player's gravity lower so they jump higher? Because I have looked every where for something to do that, and i can not figure it out. I look in the Zdoom wiki and can not find it. Anyone able to help here?
  8. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    I don't mind it being that way, even though i dont see it, but, anyway all this helps me make it a lot better then. Like making 1-4 harder. and changing the player jump gravity (still trying to figure it out, not working though. lol) I'll take all the suggestions I can =)
  9. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    Yep. Thought of making them provide you with the weapon, but then i changed my mind and made them give the ammo. And the shells are supposed to be hidden. Just like some of the other ones in the later levels, I plan on hiding more. ;)
  10. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    Never thought of using the Dummy sector. Thanks for that info! Podobos dont show up until level 2-4... But im sure I can still use them in here. Thanks for info.
  11. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    How could I get mario walking into the castle at the end. Mario is the player (obviously), and I didnt think you could control the player with scripting. =/ Shells are fine. Unless you are talking about the red ones. The red ones arent given to you yet in this little beta/demo thing. The green shells are given to you, however, in 1-2 there is a pile of shells (looks like a pyramid of shells) that gives you the ability to use green ones. I'm still thinking on how to make 1-4 harder. Cant do much except add enemies. Which I might end up having to do. I was given that suggestion on making spring boards, i have the texture of it, just haven't imported it yet. I do want the player to jump higher, but I never figured out how to. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm taking them as a note on what to improve and do... Every little bit helps!
  12. Doom_master1122

    Super mario doom

    Remember that one wad that wad made, with the sprite conversions? Well I took it into my own hands and did an 8-bit Mario doom. It has the original Super mario bros levels, sound FX, sprites, music, weapons, items, etc. Videos at my Youtube profile http://youtube.com/user/Doommaster1122 I originally had Scubasteve's, Action Doom's, Mario pipe in there. But I made my own later. Not to mention the Sky texture going from light to dark, which I also remade. To download, visit the Mario doom website (yes freewebs, bare with me, it was free.) Comments on it please. If you dont like it, Dont flame, state what you dont like about it.
  13. Doom_master1122

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    jumped a few times, but not anymore.
  14. Doom_master1122

    One Question

    Either replace the GFX of them. Or use MAPINFO to define them (assuming you are using Zdoom or GZdoom.)
  15. Doom_master1122

    doom3 (non expansion) hell is not the last level!

    wow.... *lost interest* *leaves topic*