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  1. negke

    Wanting to play Quake mods, but stuck

    Edit: Nevermind. I completely looked past Danzadan's post who had already posted exactly the same. That captcha question is indeed silly and unnecessarily obscure for newcomers. The answer is two. As the others said, you don't need to overwrite anything. Just pay attention how to install the maps and mods correctly (readmes) as it may vary from case to case. AD does not overwrite Quakespasm, no idea what you did there. Be sure to grab the latest version of the mod (currently 1.7 + patch) and QS (0.93.3) and disregard all previous ones. Nehahra comes with its own engine mod (or hack rather) and is not supported by the majority of source ports. It does not work on QS. DirectQuake had limited Nehahra support and maybe Fitzquake Mark V can run it as well, but I'm not sure.
  2. negke

    Doom map making in the 90's

    I mainly used WadEd, and DEU only for additional tasks like inserting music and bug-checking. WadEd allowed you to draw linedefs pretty easily - I think you would insert a vertex and then just draw a set of lines from it like in DB. However, there was no automatic sector creation, so you'd have to select the linedefs and set their front and back sectors manually as well as their state (single-sided or double-sided) etc. Eventually there was a beta of a newer version (the last one to be released afaik) which had a Make Sector feature that allowed you to click into a would-be sector and it would automatically create it with all proper assignments. And sometimes it would fail, because two vertices didn't get merged before or for some other random reason, and a large part of the map suddenly turned into a single sector. Needless to say: no UNDO. Oh, and the grid was messed up in all versions except the final beta - it didn't correspond to the actual game grid, but was instead shifted by 8/8 units or so.
  3. negke

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Well-done demakes are always something special. Very cool how it all comes together on the editor shots, the 3D-view one in particular.
  4. negke

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    Actually all voice acting was done by the same single person. And while the cutscenes are not individually skippable, they can be disabled altogether with a console command.
  5. negke

    Simplistic Evil

    Ahh, so SE *is* a Doom level originally. I was onto something after all!
  6. negke

    Old adventure game recommendations?

    Samorost and Machinarium come to mind as somewhat related to Gobliiins in terms of simple click-and-combine type of gameplay, although they are more cute than goofy. As for cartoon-style adventures, apart from the classics, there are a couple of newer ones, for example the Deponia series and the Runaway games. And for anyone who's into oldschool P&C adventures, there are several very well-made free ones out there. Quoting myself from another forum:
  7. @DooM_RO Velaya is good. I think the reason it feels polished is to a large degree because it uses the original world from G2, and the voice actress did a good job. I played quite a few good mods over the years, though I'm ashamed to admit I can't think of many names. Diccuric is one that comes to mind. And I played Odyssee somewhat recently, which is huge and very impressive, having you travel between several new islands, a modified version of Khorinis, and even the main land from G3 including the desert of Varant, the kings palace, and so on, with hundreds of quests - essentially a new game. Great stuff, although I felt it's too long overall. And it has, much like most other mods, parts where there are way too many enemies turning combat into a grind. Found myself resorting to god mode several times, because I simply wanted to move on. The voice acting in most mods is a bit mediocre and I suppose this is what adds most strongly to the amateurish feel you mention. It's all done by members of the community, no professional voice actors. It ranges from surprisingly good to hillariously bad, but I can live with it all things considered and I appreciate how they help each other out. The go-to place for Gothic stuff is worldofgothic.de and its forums. As for Gothic 3, I enjoyed it, but it's obvious they ran out of time (the publisher forced them to release afaik). Quite ambitious with three distinct climate zones and all. However, they messed up two of the most important factors for rpg gameplay: combat and loot. Combat is for the most part button-mashing without any variation or technique. Haven't checked if there are mods that fundamentally improve this. The loot system is poor, too. Instead of hand-placed stuff like in the previous games, they went for a pseudo-random system with two types of chests, generic ones and special ones. Problem is both contain almost exclusively useless crap, things you soon carry truckloads of, and even the special chests which are supposed to contain better items the more you find do not have satisfactory loot most of the time. This effectively devalues exploration, because what's the point of going out of one's way to find hidden chests if there's no proper reward. It's not a bad game, just several things that drag it down.
  8. negke

    STRAFEĀ® , New Gameplay/ Coming 2017

    This is it, really. Once one gets over the butthurt from wrong or supposedly misled expectations, elitist oldschooler mentality, projected disappointment, or whatever it is that makes its reception so mixed, the game is actually quite fun despite the flaws it certainly has. Just takes a while to get one's bearings, but then it picks up the pace. Shame the first levels are so bland, though; the further one progresses, the better the game looks - and the more OP the player gets with every powerup collected along the way.
  9. Can't decide whether to recommend Gothic 1 or 2. First one has the benefit of being the origin of the story and has a tight-knit/compact world; second one is a little more refined with a slightly bigger world, but in parts builds up on themes and skills established by the first game. Both are great, in my view, raw gems; I suppose they look and play fairly dated if you don't have a nostalgic connection, with awkward control schemes (especially in G1) to boot, but they are special in that they have a unique flair of their own that doesn't seem to draw from other "mainstream" rpgs. I like how they manage to create an interesting setting that's rewarding to explore despite the small scale of the world, and how unrestricted the player is - not much gating at all, you can visit most areas from the get go, except monsters and npcs will likely destroy you quickly if you do. G1 and 2 also have a suprisingly creative modding scene (predominantly German) with many ambitious releases featuring completely new worlds (islands) and quests, voice acting etc.
  10. negke

    New Forum

    Not much of a fan of the tabletization of the web. I suppose an upgrade was inevitable sooner or later; it just feels like there are too many new features at once, several social media-inspired ones of questionable merit in particular. Maybe bit of a culture shock like when being used to the classic Doom menu, but suddenly having to get used to the ZDoom's options tree.. Also, is "inb4 post hell" still a bannable offense or has it transcended to meme status now??
  11. negke

    What are you listening to?

    Somewhat rediscovered this recently along with some other DHR stuff. Even saw them live twice. Can't believe it's been 13 years already...
  12. RetroBlazer (although the levels aren't very 3D if that's what you're after).
  13. negke

    Should I play System Shock 2?

    SS2 always gets the praise and recommendations, when actually SS1 is the more atmospheric/creepy one due to the darker and lower-res visuals and general novelty of the theme. With the mouselook mod/portable/enhanced versions, it plays pretty much like a regular FPS game. SS2 is also a great game, of course - just kind of bright and clean in comparison. So, well, go play both in succession!
  14. negke

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Map layouts that look like Doom guns? Dat community project!
  15. negke

    Are there any joke mods for Quake?

    Cookie Quake?