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  1. Kennychan

    Top 5 songs

    No ranking Doom 2 Map25 Doom E1M8 Doom 2 Map27 Doom E3M2 Doom 2 Map 07 And all TNT music
  2. Kennychan

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PIy8gGq4RA Here's a video of Doom2 (Nightmare level).....The guy used 33 minutes to pass all of the stages....WHAT a Wonderful Doomguy....!!!! He never died in the video. Yet, Doom is one of my favourite games....It's also my only game that I play it forever without linkage break. (from 1995 until now)....The objective of the game is very simple that we just go, kill and pass....No other considerations needed. Later FPS games (Except Serious Sam and CS) have more than objectives to do. For example, you have to decode something, rescure the hostages. SOmetimes killing enemies can cause mission failure. However, Doomguy death is only the failure of Doom...Everyone can pass all the stages if you keep Doomguy alive. Weapons, Monsters and Items were well balanced and designed... I like BFG, Double Shotgun and Plasma gun. Such weapons are powerful that kill large quanity of monsters at the same time in one shot.I like all monsters, especially Arch-Vile, Hell Knight, Monstermind and Cyberdemon....Their specific attack methods impress me. Items were reasonably designed....Invisibility can decrease the accuracy from monsters' attack. One of the spheres can make me undefeatable (IDDQD), this's helpful for attacking cyberdemon. Sound and music are exotic, unforgettable and exciting. I have some MP3 form of Doom 1 2 and 3 music. If my mood is good or bad, I listen to them. Sound is explosive....From monsters' yelling voice, gun shot sound and the sound of Doomguy..This's one of the reasons that I love Doom very much. The HUD of Doomguy can increase the atmosphere of DOom.He has much bleeding on his face when his health is from 0% to 59%.Sound realistic. I like the face of Doomguy whose health is 0%, (dead)....Because he looks like sleeping with blood....Lol...the style of his hair is changed I will play Doom if I have time
  3. Kennychan

    Gun mod poll

    Since I like History, I want a gun for 18th Century to 20th Century
  4. Kennychan

    alternate doom novel covers

    Can everyone send me the web - page form of Doom novel? I want to read them
  5. Kennychan

    Which Doom sites do you visit?

    Frequently: Doomworld, Chinese Doom Forum(In Taiwan)
  6. Kennychan

    Post your game collections!

    For me: Simcity 4 Warcraft 3 and its expansion( Frozen Thort) Doom 1 and 2 007, the Night Fire Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Spearhead C&C: General , Red Alert 2 Pokemon : Emerald Battlefield 1942( Also has its expansion, Return to Rome and Secret Weapons)
  7. Kennychan

    Where do you think the Doom Guy will go?

    Doom guy is a human. He doesn't have infinite lives like High Elf. All human must die in one day. I think he will die when he finished killing monster( After saving the Earth, Mars and whole universe) He may have religions like Catholic and Cristian, he will go to heaven because all demons and monsters are defeated
  8. Kennychan

    alternate doom novel covers

    I want these novels. The covers are impressive and attractive. These books are difficult to be bought in Hong Kong. Especially Doom: the Hell on Earth
  9. Kennychan

    Ever dream of playing Doom?

    Actually, since I have a girl from mainland China. She's a member of Doom but she hasn't any experiance. My third dream is to fight with her in Coop or fight against her in Deathmatch.
  10. Kennychan

    What weapons do you use most?

    Wow! Chainsaw..... get some meat and divid them into half. I don't use Chainsaw because it is too danger if I fight against Hell Knight
  11. Kennychan

    Scariest sound?

    I like Hell Knight and Imp's sound in Doom 3. Because their sound is attractive and impressive. The sound of them are the scariest.
  12. Kennychan

    The Cacowards

    The style of Cacoward is interesting and impressive. How can I get it? Anyway, the Cacodemon is made of gold or other metals.
  13. Kennychan

    Do you like big ammo levels?

    In my opinion, I like it. I like a level where provides me large amount of ammos. Such as rockets, Energy cells for plasma gun and BFG. The monsters in this level are more powerful, destructive than last. They are stronger. In order to kill them in the short time.More heavy weapons and large amout of ammos must be required.
  14. Kennychan

    post your desktop

    http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kennychan007/Mydesktop2.jpg My new Desktop
  15. Kennychan

    My new doom song

    THis song is from DOom2. I think this song is your first song, isn't? Anyway, the song is well made and exotic. I think you can improve the song as well as possible.