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  1. nategorga

    how do i make new story thingys?.....

    I was going to make a topic like this, so I'll ask my questions here. I am making a level wad, is there a way I can put a message thing BEFORE you enter the level? Choose New game and Skill and stuff, but then instead of going Straight to a level, go to the text/story, THEN to the level?
  2. nategorga

    A few questions from a Editing Newbie

    Thats what I use. Also, is it possible to run a console command with a weapon? Heres what I want to do: I want, lets say, the pistol, when shot to execute the mvc console command. How do I do this?
  3. nategorga

    Scariest sound?

  4. nategorga

    A few questions from a Editing Newbie

    I'll try. :P A reaseon why I dont want to use DeHackED is because it wont work.
  5. nategorga

    Scariest sound?

    The "A Secret is Revealed!" Sound always creeps me out. I HATE to hear it at night.
  6. nategorga

    alternate doom novel covers

    I've read the reissued Knee-Deep in the dead. I'm going to get Hell on Earth.
  7. All Zombies - Dudes Imps - Evil Cacodemon - Meatball Pain Elemental - Rotten Meatball Archvile - No-Pants Man
  8. nategorga

    Wacky Weapons

  9. nategorga

    Wacky Weapons

    What? That means you dont like it right? *sniffle* At first I thought it said Scary. But, it said sorry.
  10. nategorga

    Wacky Weapons

    I have my first Weapon Mod! Well, its not complete, but this is the first time that its good enough to reveal to the public. Anyways, here's what I did: Replacements: Fists - Drumstick Chainsaw - Scalding Paperclip Pistol - Silly String Wad Can Shotgun - Pokeball Gun SSG - I didn't do anything with this. Chaingun - Strobe Bulb Rocket Launcher - Explosive Ice Cube Launcher Plasma Rifle - Kidney Launcher BFG - Zeeky Cannon The reason everthing looks so... weird, is because thats the purpose of the WAD. Also, I dont plan on doing anything to the SSG. All I have left to do is the sound, which I'll do soon. And last but not least, the download link: http://www.ihud.com/file.php?file=files/290706/1154130713/wacky.zip
  11. nategorga

    A few questions from a Editing Newbie

    I'm making a Weapon Replacment, and I'm trying to make it as well as possible. Also, wheres a tutorial for the ZDooM you were talking about?
  12. nategorga

    Ever dream of playing Doom?

    I had a dream that I was on my driveway, and I suddenly teleported to my friends house and Telefragged his dad. It was weird.
  13. nategorga

    Genders of doom monsters?

    Yeah, because a memorial website for Mary Alice Crapo has alot to do about monsters.
  14. nategorga

    What weapons do you use most?

    In Skulltag, Railgun, but you need to be REALLY acurate, but its an Insta-Gibber. In Everything without SKulltag Weapons, its Shotgun, umm.... because it looks cool.
  15. nategorga

    What enemy kills you the most?

    Barrels. Really, Either I hit it and I die, or something ELSE hits it and I die.