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  1. Just got finished my newest map which is a continuation of my first original map, Olympus Mons Generation Corp. This one is in Powerstation Alpha and has a lot more interactivity and I aimed to make it more suspenseful than the last. Managed to finish it with about .40 remaining for "network" objects. If you see any ideas that you like you can of course download the map and see the associated logic chains as I'm always more than happy to help in any way that I can. Anyways, keep your eye out for a big secret and watch hints carefully as it will make the map a little less complicated. GJFC2HV3 - OMGC Powerstation Alpha Enjoy and do please up or downvote and leave any feedback on oversights, what you liked amd what you didn't. Cheers.
  2. spectre0618

    Olympus Mons Generation Corp. v2 - Q8TJDQXM

    Really hoping to create more atmosphere this time around as well along with much more interactivity. The only issue that is driving me nuts is the restrictive object limit which text somehow has a huge effect on.
  3. spectre0618

    Olympus Mons Generation Corp. v2 - Q8TJDQXM

    Thanks so much for taking the time to play and review. Really appreciate the feedback. 100% with the lockdowns. I've actually been trying to find new ways to use the logic in snapmap to do something different. Been experimenting with some new features and I am currently working on the next map which builds off of this one.
  4. spectre0618

    Olympus Mons Generation Corp. v2 - Q8TJDQXM

    I should also add that is good for snappoints.
  5. My first original map in snapmap. Has checkpoints and secrets and hopefully isn't too easy or too hard. Any feedback would also be appreciated. -cheers
  6. spectre0618

    The moronic selection of decorations

    So glad I'm not the only one lol The first map I started had me in a state of irritation as exactly what OP stated, the props sucked balls. I can make more in-depth, interactive and interesting maps on ZDoom using DB2. I also can't believe there is no mod support. At least then the wealth of creative minds not looking for a quick buck in this huge community could make new props and other additional items. One big gripe I have is the lack of any sort of external view of mars. I hate the lack of outdoor areas but at least adding some skyboxes to a few room modules would make things a little more interesting. And no gore? No bodies? No heads on skewers? No hanging stuff aside from crappy hanging home depot chandalier thing. And what the hell is with the lack of FX? Two sizes of spark? No flickering or pulsing light effects? (That I can find) no adjusting light levels or roomtones with pickups? (Again, nothing I've found) Boo!!
  7. spectre0618

    E1M3: Toxin Refinery Revisited (My newest Snapmap project)

    Did not know that. Much appreciated :)
  8. Really tried to keep the feel of the original while working around some of the limitations in snap map and creating something new. The secret exit is still there (and worth a boatload of points) and there are hidden weapons and powerups throughout the map as well which are also worth points. You can still exit via the same quicker way but you will get far more points the long way (secret exit) and each hidden item you find will score you more points as well. Not to mention they will make the battles a fair bit easier. And of course I would love any feedback (good or bad) as I always like to improve. Search/Share code: GRRUWWDT
  9. spectre0618

    fan texture

    I have been trying to add the fan from the duke texture conversion wad to my pwad but I can't get it to work. If I just add them in with a normal name the flat doesn't move. When i add them in place of the lava animation the damn thing gets all scrambled and looks really, really weird. How can I make this work?
  10. spectre0618

    security cameras

    I replaced the min and max values with the corresponding TID's already so thats not it.
  11. spectre0618

    security cameras

    I have been trying to get this security camera script to work but for some reason it just wont do what I want. int cam = 0; script 8 (int min, int max) { if (cam < min || cam >= max) cam = max; else cam++; ChangeCamera(70, 0, 1); } It's supposed to cycle between my cameras (tid's 70-74) but for the life of me I can't figure out how. I've tagged the activator line with the acs script execute properly but it never leaves the first camera. Anyone know why?
  12. spectre0618

    Coding in Doom Builder

    I use doom builder to do my levels. I've been trying to code ambient sounds using the script editor built built in to it but no matter what I type it says the compiler couldn't compile the data. The message says bad command. Would somebody be able to post the steps involved in coding and using ambient sounds with doom builder? I would appreciate it alot. Thanks!