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  1. TDF

    Rest in peace, ALMN

    We had some top times in the Skullrant days. Some of the best I ever had as part of the community. Damn, RIP buddy. Dem thighs forever.
  2. TDF

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    He was a regular part of our annual Quakecon crew, and it was always super fun having him around. I'll remember some of our crazy antics forever. He was a really upstanding dude, and a real joy to be around. It's definitely going to be tough not seeing him again next year. RIP, buddy.
  3. TDF

    Pure Love Thread

    I love America, freedom, football, and a freshly mowed lawn. I also love that I'm finally going to graduate with a degree after a long period of uncertainty.
  4. Looks like they cancelled the kickstarter about 30 minutes ago to focus on building a demo before trying it again. I'd say that's a pretty good move, but I don't know if it'll have that initial push when they relaunch it. Hope what they come out with is more interesting.
  5. TDF

    What is your job?

    Full time senior year university student studying Software Engineering. Currently performing really poorly in data mining so I'm probably not graduating this semester. I feel burned out on my career before even starting.
  6. TDF

    How to lose 22 pounds ('really fast)

    Watch your carbs. Losing that much weight that fast sounds really unhealthy though.
  7. Where in Texas are you moving to? You're not really stepping into a different country. I've been in DFW for the past 12 years and I've never needed more than "Hola." However, it does look damn good on a resume. If you say "y'all" instead of "you guys," you're probably ready.
  8. I was really excited about this until I actually saw the kickstarter video for it. Does it remind anyone else of the whole Shaker situation? So far, what we've been shown is pretty underwhelming. Maybe I'm expecting some test footage or a little more than casually tossing out buzzwords and "retro" appeal, but I don't see anything that would really make this game stand out and be something I would be really excited for. I can't name a single game John Romero has worked on in the last 16 years so I'm not sure I can depend on his reputation alone to save the day. No one stays exactly like they've been 16 years before. ...And I really hope they don't stick with Commander Shepard being the protagonist and do something a little more unique with the artstyle (judging purely on the early conceptual work we've been shown). John Romero's taking fashion risks with that black nail polish, they should be confident enough to give it a style all it's own.
  9. TDF

    Your opinion on Doom 64?

    Doom 64 felt like a beautiful bastard child of Doom and Quake. Stayed with the classic gameplay, took a lot of influence from the mood and atmosphere of Doom PSX, and stuck in sadistic, punishing traps. The game loved to see you writhe. Aubrey Hodges did a damn fine job keeping you on your toes with the ambient music/sound effects. Map20's track always gets me with the goddamn high pitched sound effect that starts playing halfway through. Oh and the Cyberdemon is far more intimidating than the original games, having the ability to lead shots. Overall, I don't have many bad things to say about it. Doom64 is quite solid.