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  1. mac53

    The Focus (Doom 2 Remake)

    I only played about two minutes of the map and I do agree about the demensions being tight, I'd say about one third of the original scale. I also would like to add that it's too dark and the health-scale of the enemy is too high. It took about three-four 'point-blank' shotgun blasts to kill the shotgun-dude, [sarge]. This is all I played, simple because it was too dark to continue on.
  2. mac53

    EAX OpenAL Issue

    Thanks Maes... Issue resolved. ;)
  3. mac53

    EAX OpenAL Issue

    Could anyone tell me why when I go to activate the EAX in the sound options menu, it freezes Doom3? I have the Audigy 2 zs Platinum SB sound card with ALL the updated bells and whistles. EAX console, DTS, the whole nine yards. There's no logical reason why this option should freeze Doom. I saw an eax update for doom3, but there's no way I'm going to uninstall my current Creative software and drivers to install this crap. There has to be some way to activate this feature, I have this option in my current software and I did a search for the "OpenAl32.dll" and found it in my "sytem32" root. The driver is a "Creative" "OpenAl32".dll", version Any takers on this one? ???
  4. mac53

    Hexen Flats

    Don't worry about it.
  5. mac53

    Hexen Flats

    Thank you. Nice job, you fixed the issue!
  6. mac53

    Hexen Flats

    Alright... here's a question for you brains out there. I've edited the Hexen iwad and in the Flats/Floor markers are 11 flats that are in "raw data" form. Does anyone know how I can convert these eleven into the actual graphic format? Like .bmp or .png? I'm using Xwe with the latest beta engine.
  7. @Maes... I do hear what you're saying here, but amberleaf [I thought], indicated that in PSP there's a function that will at least get it close. I'm not looking to get these to the quality all you are indicating to. If I can just get them close, then that will be good enough for me and my personal use.
  8. You had mentioned a function in PSP a while back. I asked you to elaborate on the process...
  9. Not everybody sees it that way, Maes.
  10. Well, here's one and I also emailed him and asked if he had anymore other than this one... I'm awaitin his response. Edited: img links were removed.
  11. You guys need to check this out. Thanks goes out to "Hotwax" over at Zdoom for this. Edited: img link removed
  12. @amberleaf How do I get PSP to do that? I'm am seriously green at this stuff and a some instructions would be appreciated... please! Edited: Does it have something to do with writing a script? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited: Christ... how stupid... I thought amberleaf said that PSP [could] look at a pic and determine its structure.
  13. @Maes First, I do want to compliment you on your intelligence. Let me ask you about a software I have, "PhotoZoom Pro 2". It's a resizing software that carries these functions. Resizing methods: Nearest Neighbour Bilinear Hermite Bell Mitchell Catmull-Rom B-Spline Bicubic Lanczos S-Spline S-Spline XL With presets: Generic Photo-Soft Photo-Detail Graphics Reduce Noise/Artifacts Down-size ------------------------------------------------------------- I'm just wondering that if you have any opinion about? Is it any good for what I was trying to do and taking into consideration the contents of your last post?
  14. mac53

    Terminal Doom: Classic Doom Redefined

    Damn link's dead.... shit!