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  1. RiffRaff1138

    Is there a connection between Quake and Doom?

    I've been playing it with a custom soundtrack CD I made for Carmageddon. You'd be surprised how well the Peter Gunn Theme goes with Quake. Rob Zombie, Lordi, and Dethklok suit it even better.
  2. RiffRaff1138

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    The wires in/connecting to the Cyb's torso seem to suggest that he has some sort of internal cybernetics. Perhaps the critical failure of said internal machinery is what's blowing him up? Of course, it could just be the Rule of Cool in action. There's no more awesome way for a giant enemy to die than to blow up.
  3. RiffRaff1138

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    Blood. But it's only red there due to technical limitations. Barons really have green blood, and Cacos have blue blood.
  4. RiffRaff1138

    Regarding Doom Co-op

  5. RiffRaff1138

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    So then, it's skin, but not as we know it?
  6. RiffRaff1138

    Is there a connection between Quake and Doom?

    My understanding of the matter is thus: 1. Romero wanted Quake to be a dark fantasy RPG (and thus would have been entirely unrelated to Doom), but the rest of the team wanted it to be a futuristic shooter. The team won out, but still incorporated some dark fantasy elements into the game. The final product's "story" is basically Doom with the serial numbers filed off. It's similar, but ultimately, unrelated. 2. Quake II's story is likewise completely unrelated to Quake, it was just given that name because all the names id wanted to use were already taken, Quake was really popular, and it used the Quake engine anyway. 3. I could swear I read somewhere that Quake III has some waste-of-time story about how some war god brings warriors from different universes together to fight for his amusement. Hence the Doomguy, Quake's Ranger, and Quake II's Bitterman all appearing in one place. It's like a thematic precursor to Smash Bros.
  7. RiffRaff1138

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    What the hell picture are you looking at? Because in the picture linked to in the post you're responding to, the Baron quite clearly has skin. His muscles aren't exposed, they're just odd, bulgey, Rob Liefeld-y muscles. And no, the Baron is not undead. He's a demon. vvv Edit: If that's the case, then the Knight also has no skin, since the Knight is a palette-swapped Baron, and thus has the exact same face. Quod erat demonstrandum. There's a much simpler explanation: He looks like that because it's cool and creepy-looking.
  8. RiffRaff1138

    How can i load WolfenDoom?

    Calm down man. It's not like I cured cancer or anything, I just told you how to run Doom PWADs.
  9. RiffRaff1138

    How can i load WolfenDoom?

    The WolfenDoom site hasn't been updated in a long time. All you need is ZDoom. The command line arguments you need are: -iwad (Which IWAD, or original game WAD, you want to load. In this case, it would be doom2.wad) -file (Which PWAD, or Patch WAD, you want to load. This would be whichever WolfenDoom wad you're trying to play.) -deh (DeHacked patch, if the WolfenDoom game you want to play uses one.) For instance, if you're trying to play The Original Missions, you would run ZDoom with the command line parameters: -iwad doom2.wad -file original.wad -deh original.deh Most other Doom source ports should use similar parameters. If -file doesn't work, try -pwad.
  10. RiffRaff1138

    Redstar WolfTC Released

    So it's a lightning gun, then? vvv Edit: I have not played Halo 3 (I got bored halfway through the first and never went back), but Google tells me that the Brute Spiker is a nailgun. Since you mentioned Quake, I figured it had to be either lightning or nail. I had a 50/50 chance of being right!
  11. When you pick up the Action Doom box in the Phylex building, its pickup message contains the URL for the contest page.
  12. There's nine items you have to find. The bobblehead is one of them.
  13. Doesn't seem to be making a difference, but it's entirely possible that I'm just not doing it right... Edit: Yeah, I'm doing it right. It's not working.
  14. I found the chainsaw, but it was empty, and I couldn't find any gas, save for the can in the spooky house's shed. Which doesn't help me, since I need the chainsaw to get that... Also, I'm not getting a cutscene after I get beat up by Bebop and Rocksteady. I get audio, but just a black screen accompanying it. Edit: I figured out how to get gas in the chainsaw. Now I'm having trouble figuring out how to progress if you decide to activate the generator instead. Also, I'm not seeing cutscenes in any level except the first.