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  1. Damien_Solta

    Compete-n Movies

    I can't seem to download anything off the compete-n database, and I've been trying to go around and find the fastest nightmare or ultra-violence max demos of a full play through of Doom (all four episodes, separately), doom2 , plutonia, and tnt. I found references to them in the DOOM wiki, but have been unable to download... Any recommendations as to what I can do?
  2. Damien_Solta

    XWE's future?

    So, is anyone planning on getting that code and creating/modifying/maintaining it? (I'm not volunteering, just curious).
  3. Damien_Solta

    Levels as PWAD or LMP

    Well you know what they say...
  4. Damien_Solta

    Twit dies in bathub while Twittering

    [INSERT MAXIMUM PC PODCAST REFERENCE] Ahem, we need Dark Knight 2.0 [END MAXIMUM PC PODCAST REFERENCE] But really, I dislike web 2.0 in general. It kills. Edit:However, it is very sad that this happened. My statement, when more clearly thought out is as follows: This obsession with internet connectivity and the "web 2.0" stuff is starting to take its toll on people in general. It's sad that this happened, but the need for connectivity (which I am assuming is the bigger issue) and the change of attention may become (and in this case has become) dangerous.
  5. Damien_Solta

    SLADE... Portable?

    I'm trying to set up Slade to run on my new USB drive, because Slade seems like a rather wise choice... I run DoomBuilder2 on my main computer, but I'd like to have a portable version in a pinch. I also have been wanting to mess with slade for a while, since I'm still rather new to DOOM level editing. ALSO... My question is this: Is there a way to set up slade to it will: Use an Alias for the name of the drive it is currently being run from so that I can change computers and not have to re-set all the locations? Would it be possible for me to simply place my IWAD files in SLADE's directory and just do that? Also, does anyone here know of a portable implementation of Doom Builder 1? Or does the portable aspect of SLADE have to do with the ability to make a "port" that is for a platform other than the platform it was made for?
  6. Damien_Solta

    Which DOOM logo do you like more

    DOOM3's Limited Collector Edition Xbox logo. Why? because it's metal. (with ought the cover)
  7. Damien_Solta

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    Saying "still" doesn't much work for me. As of: 2005, I began to play DOOM. How I got into such and old School game is too long of a story. It's gameplay is like nothing else. Kill, Kill, Get BFG9000, reload, chainsaw, kill. It's not much more fun than that. The fact that it's been ported to everything has helped a whole lot, and the easy of Doom editing is always a must. Compare me to a most anyone here, and I suck, but I don't care about that, I DM anyway.. WHY? Becaue it's more fun than most other computer games. Not that I don't Quake 2&3 every once in a while, but you can't do the same things with Q3 as with DOOM... Also, because of the community, it's fun for me to just read about DOOM, browse around the source code. IN the end, DOOM ROCKS!!!!
  8. Damien_Solta

    Top 5 songs

    At Doom's Gate (e1m1 uDOOM) Into Sandy's City (Map 07 DOOM2) uDOOM's Text Music The Healer Stalks (Unknown Map) e1m2 (don't know name)
  9. Damien_Solta

    NEW Transformers Trailer

    I liked Transformers, at least the old animated movie. If only for the rock 'n roll soundtrack. If they have anything close to Stan Bushes "The Touch" or Lion's "Transformers" I would go see the film. If it's Techno, I'm fine with that. But if it's Punk Rock, I will boycott like hell. I mean I don't want a remake of the animated movie, but if it's kick ass, shoot 'em up, with a good (doesn't even have to be great) plot, then I'll be fine and have a fulfilling experience.
  10. Damien_Solta

    DooM Source Code

    The new Code? The (withought sound library's If the way I've been reading this is right) MS-DOS Source Code hasn't been GNU Lisenced Already?
  11. Damien_Solta

    DooM Source Code

    Thank You!
  12. Damien_Solta

    DooM Source Code

    I am wondering... If DooM's source was released GNU (Linux Source) Has anyone made the old linux source into a MS-DOS (Just the Source Not a Port Per Say) other than Vinella DOOM?