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  1. Cyberdemon007

    Your favortie song in Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom-E2M3 (intermisson screen) Doom 2- Waiting for Romero to Play (cant remember which maps)
  2. Cyberdemon007

    Knee deep in zdoom help

    I was playing KDIZD and i cant seem to get past the intermisson, ive tried every key. Can someone help? p.s Yes i am such a noob...
  3. Hi i wondered if there is a wad for some of the playstation exclusive levels to be played as wads on the Pc? Like the Mansion.
  4. Cyberdemon007

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    ''Geryon''. By the way is that a kettle whistling in that one?
  5. Cyberdemon007

    Idea [play as the doom monsters]

    Cool thanks! Cyberdemon mwahahahahaha!....maybe not
  6. Cyberdemon007

    Idea [play as the doom monsters]

    This may sound dumb but wouldnt it be cool if you could play as the doom monsters?
  7. Cyberdemon007

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    "baby crying" I hate to sound like a wimp but that scared the shit out of me! also the noises in hell gate.
  8. Cyberdemon007

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    Whats your favourite psx doom music mines level 22 limbo.
  9. Cyberdemon007

    Master levels level

    Yes thats the one i was thinking to myself WTF?!
  10. Cyberdemon007

    Master levels level

    I have doom ROE on xbox and it has a master levels mod and i come across this level with loads of cyberdemons!! its crazy! can somebody tell me what it is
  11. Cyberdemon007

    Scariest sound?

    In psx doom the arachnatrons wandering around sound creeped me out especially in the factory where thers loads! cant forget the cybies sound though!
  12. Zombies-pistol man shotgun man chaingun man Imp-Spikey thing Demon-Pig spectre-fuzzy pig cacodemon-tomato pain elemental-smiley potato lost soul-fire head mancubus-bug face Baron of hell-red goat hell knight-white goat revenant-skeleton arachnatron-little spider spiderdemon-big spider