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  1. you regularly humm doom songs
  2. Warlin

    New util: C#4rp Doom Launcher

    Bleh i have too many ports as is.
  3. Warlin

    Something new (alternate secret exit E3M6)

    I cant even get to e1m9 using strategy guides... i feel retarded sometimes. Though I'm still decent...
  4. Well hes a silly man, maybe he doesnt know what a port is entirely.
  5. Warlin

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    Because its easy to play, mod, and download wads.
  6. Warlin

    Which DOOM logo do you like more

    I'd probably have to go with doom 3, dont know why :\
  7. Warlin

    Doom guy's catch phrases

    "Here comes the night train!" :\ yeah I know where it came from.
  8. Warlin

    the marine is rapping! come here and look

    Wow, someone musta been hitting the weed preeeeetty hard one night.
  9. Warlin

    best trilogy ever

    There arent alot of trilogies I like... So I picked the matrix, personally I'd pick rocky over any of these shows any day of the week but thats not really a trilogy now is it?
  10. Warlin

    Mancubus Sumo Showdown

    How bored do you have to be to play a game like that?
  11. Warlin

    Doom characters as wrestlers

    how bored are you on a daily basis?
  12. Warlin

    Hacking the PSX Password entry

    would be awesome if they did... This sounds interesting, unfortunately I never picked that one up...
  13. Warlin

    Ideas for DOOM artifacts

    Keanu Cacao:If you find a minature blue cacaodemon who is breakdancing and constantly saying, "woah." Pick it up and you will suddenly have the urge to smoke pot and be a pale white boy who has no acting talent and a weird band. You will also have the ability to wear black trench coats, fly superman style, and stop bullets in mid flight. Unfortunately this doesnt stop demons from biting your ass off. The Dick Chaney Orb:Only avaliable in Team Deathmatches and CTF modes. Everysingle one of your teammates faces will look like a quail and your trigger finger will become incredibly itchy....oh so itchy...You will also gain immunity to damage as every time someone tries to hurt you a guy in a black suit will jump in the way of your bullets.
  14. Warlin

    Mega Man X Doom

    Make the textures and flats match the player sprite and you might have something... But to tell you the truth I love the mmx series and I would never play this :\
  15. Warlin

    What is hardest part about making a level...

    I've only been using the map editors for a few months and from my view point, the hardest part is planning the position of the monsters in such a way that it actually scares the player. Which is hard to do with an old game like this... Hard but definantly not impossible.