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  1. Optimus-Prime

    dumb question about DOOM (doesnt involve installing)

    Ultimate Doom has the Episode "Thy Flesh Consumed", and some modifications in the levels.
  2. Optimus-Prime

    Got a weapons wad coming your way!

    Or impse2.wad?
  3. Optimus-Prime


    If you are making a WAD where there are two teams, Marines vs. Hellspawn, it is already in progress: http://www.brdoom.com/apocalipse/
  4. Optimus-Prime

    Cool wad

  5. Optimus-Prime

    Links to good wads?

    Let's change then. Or this.
  6. Optimus-Prime

    Links to good wads?

    Or this.
  7. Optimus-Prime

    This thread derailed

    WTF? This is what I call a massacre...
  8. Optimus-Prime

    King Phut............Update

    Because the WAD uses Risen3D....
  9. IMPSE DETECTED! lol... And a machine gun.
  10. Optimus-Prime

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    I still play Doom because of the gameplay, it's very fun too and Doom doesn't have that f****** dark atmosphere that was more than present in Doom 3.
  11. Optimus-Prime

    Your best/more efficient DooM kills ever?

    Two shells, 1 Barrel, 3 Zombies.
  12. Optimus-Prime

    Doom characters as wrestlers

    Very Cool.
  13. Optimus-Prime

    the marine is rapping! come here and look

    This is the worst way to say "Carmack Condition"...
  14. Optimus-Prime

    How'd you want Doom IV to be

  15. Optimus-Prime

    the marine is rapping! come here and look

    LOL, pretty strange flash......