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  1. EvilDeaditeBoy

    A new kind of WAD

    I honestly have never heard of this until now. Bummer.
  2. EvilDeaditeBoy

    A new kind of WAD

    Calm down Maes, I was just joking.
  3. EvilDeaditeBoy

    A new kind of WAD

    I just got done playing the WAD by Giulio Gallassi in which you kill Wills and fuck, I'm offended. First off, Wills is an awesome mapper. How can anyone forget the majesty of "How not to be Seen"? I like jokewads and have played quite a lot of them but the best I have ever played are by Wills. That map also insulted people who played doomguys pimp adventures which makes fisting cyberdemons fun! No wonder Maes hates Giulio's WAD! And that WAD is nothing like what I was talking about except the fact that you have allies. Long live Wills!
  4. EvilDeaditeBoy

    A new kind of WAD

    Theres been an idea bouncing around my head for awhile. As most of you know, there are several different kinds of WAD's. Joke WADS's,DM WAD's, Mega Wad's, Community WAD's and so forth. I was recently playing around in DoomBuilder with Skulltag config when I got an idea to take a bunch of pistol-toting scripted marines, check them off as "friendly", put them on one side with me and put a bunch of zombies on the other and get them to kill the shit out of eachother.I put a little exit switch behind the horde of angry zombies. The idea is for me and my buddies to kill all the zombies and then get to the exit switch. I call it a "battle WAD". I'm sure it's been done before but never really considered an actually kind of WAD. Lag could be a problem if you have an insane number of monsters and marines. It dosn't just have to be marines either thanks to the magic of the "friendly" checkbox. I'd give a demo but I don't know how to upload WAD's. Anyway, what do you people think?
  5. EvilDeaditeBoy

    Doom: The Temple

    Neat. Kinda reminds me of those PDA's you pick up in doom 3.
  6. EvilDeaditeBoy


    Sounds great! I watched blahbalicious a long time ago and thought it was freaking hilarious so if this is in the same vein as blahbalicious then I'm all for it. You could also put it on some machinima website but I'm not sure an old game like doom can be considered machinima material. Quote from blahbalicious: Blah blahba blah! Blah Blabah!
  7. EvilDeaditeBoy

    Graphic Recoloring

    I heard a while ago about a WAD that recolors the weapons and enemies. Does anyone now where I can find this mystical, magical, magnificant, malignant, masterful, merciless, marmalade WAD?
  8. EvilDeaditeBoy

    Best weapon replacement WAD ever

    So let me recap on all the WADS people have mentioned. Immoral Conduct: Special Edition Zen Dynamics 99weap omgwpns Don's Challenge 1 (with levels in it) rf_auto DOOMWBO And I should get EDGE. Keep the suggestions coming.
  9. EvilDeaditeBoy

    Best weapon replacement WAD ever

    What is the best weapon replacement WAD ever? I wanna know.
  10. EvilDeaditeBoy

    msvbvm50.dll not found. What do I do?

    Wow! Thanks! Having a few problems with nodes but its working ok! THX!
  11. EvilDeaditeBoy

    msvbvm50.dll not found. What do I do?

    Every time I try load up DoomBuilder and click "new file" it says:runtime error 53, msvbvm.dll not found. What do I do?
  12. EvilDeaditeBoy

    classic doom2 weapon MOD's

  13. EvilDeaditeBoy


    I've got an screenshot of this strange freedoom wormy thing that I'm about to kill with the strange freedoom shotgunny thing.
  14. I recently downloaded Freedoom and I don't like the weapons much. Can anyone post a MOD including all the original doom2 weapons? (supershotgun,BFG,plasmagun,etc.) If you can't post that then can anyone at least post a doom2 classic monster MOD? If this is a retarded request then thats because I know little or nothing about WADS's and crap.