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  1. Since people here are sharing my love for doom, I thought it will be a good idea to post it here. This is the game's page: https://www.indiedb.com/games/oldschool-nightmare This is the discord channel: https://discord.gg/XNnKUeK This is the git repository: https://gitlab.com/sahkan/oldschoolnightmare/ Please pay us a visit if you are interested.
  2. Well, I kinda lost it some time ago but decided to release the source project only now. If someone would like to continue it I will be glad to help with programming, but not as the manager of the project anymore.
  3. Thanks! Lack of motivation basically. The music in the game is a freely available, the name of the author and the link are in the game's credits.
  4. Thanks! I wanted to keep the same feeling but with better graphics. You can say I'm trying to make the game look like it was ported using UnrealEngine4.
  5. It is under a different name to avoid legal issues. ( OldSchoolNightmare ) This is the project's page:http://www.indiedb.com/games/oldschool-nightmare It uses different sounds as well. The project requires UnrealEngine4 4.19 Links: Project and build: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Asw5E08ZpMIPgi8AxIgf32UUWnAu Mirror for the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oCQntjcXoJxa-roysIo-Lj_jSlXTqGUp/view?usp=sharing I'm sharing it because I don't think I'm going to work on it anymore. It would make me really glad if someone else would...
  6. Sahkan

    A Map builder for my Doom 2 Remake.

    You can snap them to rotation 0 0 0 and you can rotate it with a snap of 15 degrees. Also, you can via the console use precise values to global and local axis. Example : ce "Add local location offset " 10 0 5 ( x y z ). You have local and global funcitons to location rotation and scale.
  7. Sahkan

    A Map builder for my Doom 2 Remake.

    Thanks, Yeah i will have to think of something. Of course you can, and you can build out of them while they are rotated, i guess i'v forgot to show it in the video.
  8. Sahkan

    A Map builder for my Doom 2 Remake.

    Sorry i wasn't clear, i mean't i will make a lot of assets as rocks, trees and more natural elements that will be able to make floor and walls out of them and won't even see the float skeleton of the level. I'm also thinking now how to make an adjustable surface that can be manipulate by the user to make not flat terrain, I will have to give it more thought.
  9. Sahkan

    A Map builder for my Doom 2 Remake.

    Thanks :) The plan is to make enough assets so the user will be able to make a unique environment.
  10. This is the map builder i build for the Doom 2 Remake i'm making. Please comment :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF_qc9Uj6dg&feature=youtu.be Official Project Page : http://www.indiedb.com/games/doom2remake
  11. Thanks, I will take a second look on all that things you have mentioned, Thank you all for helping me make this game better :)
  12. Thanks for the comment, i will try to make it better.
  13. Thanks, i will keep your comments in mind.
  14. 1 - I am taking care of the older hardware compatibility issue. There will be a lot of LODs ( see : ww.techopedia.com/definition/11791/level-of-detail-lod ) And option to change the amount of effects and details. 2 - The doom is supposed to look like games from 2014. If i will make it exactly as the original it will look very flat and boring... I'm also planing on making a lot of mods to it. Examples : classic, unrealTournamentType( deathmaatch, CTF... ), maybe some RPGlike mod. The next version will have a very basic multiplayer in it.