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  1. Even though this is non-Doom-related, I can't resist posting it: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.asp
  2. bumpson

    A DOOMed Vision!!!!

    I've been having some Doom dreams lately which is interesting because i haven't really even played Doom in the past year or so. In those dreams i usually have a feeling i'm doing something evil/something i'm not supposed to do, think it's maybe because that's how i felt while secretly playing doom as a 7-year old, those were the days... ;)
  3. The original Doom is/was the ultimate gaming experience which will never be topped by anything. The graphics, the violence, the atmosphere and imagery, the music, the playability and the action simply flows in perfect harmony.. If you are reading these boards i assume you know exactly what i am talking about. Playing Doom in 1994 is one of the greates experiences i've ever had. LONG LIVE DOOM!!!!
  4. You keep grunting "Mmh mmh mmh" at locked doors
  5. bumpson

    The Quiz of Doom... test your knowledge!

    Yep.. i'd rather if it was a web page based program too.. and if you wouldn't have to start over again after a wrong answer, think it would be better to just count the correct answers like "You got 17/30 correct, you're an AVERAGE DOOMER" or something like that.. ;) nice idea though ;)
  6. bumpson

    Doom disturbed me.

    hehe. But you have to admit there's some proper creepy music in the original Dooms. Not nearly all of the tunes are action-movie style heavy metal / rock.
  7. bumpson

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    The nostalgia value.. I feel like going back to 1994-1995.. *misty eyes* AND because it's simply such an amazing and enterntaining game. No other game i've played has an atmosphere that even comes close to that in the original DOOM games. The music, the graphics and the sound effects, they are just so perfect in every way. The technical quality of the graphics and sfx isn't important to me, in these new games everything is just boring piles of polygons.. the monsters in DOOM have got something they don't, they've got SOUL.. i'm sure you all know what I mean.
  8. bumpson

    Doom disturbed me.

    Oh my, reading all this brings back some memories..... I started playing Doom when i was 6. I don't think i was "disturbed" or traumatized by it though.. For sure the game scared me shitless, my biggest fear was places with flashing lights. Seeing all the demons and monsters for 0.1 seconds, then having to wait 2 seconds to see them again and hearing all the scary noises and seeing your health level go down all the time. Good memories :D But i only ever had one nightmare when i was about 7; i saw myself lost in some sort of labyrinth with my best friend, and we knew there was a cyberdemon around. Eventually we came on to a dead end, heard the cyberdemon getting closer, then it coming in front of us and blowing us into pieces with the rocket launcher. It might sound bad but actually i didn't even consider it as a nightmare as such, i thought it was actually a cool dream in some way!? Doom wasn't really such a disturbing experience for me,it was just an incredible feeling playing it, it felt like going out of this world. There was a feeling of something very sinister and dark in it but that's what was so cool about it. I don't think it f-cked my head in any way though. =)