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  1. Bingbing

    Doom 4 to be in the classic Doom style?

    This would be awesome. Especially if you played as the demons.
  2. Bingbing

    Doom Turns 14!

    How ironic that I share the birthday of the worlds greatest video game. Time to smile!
  3. This. Is. Awesome. At least the two levels I played. (so far) Sadly, this is the last possible wad with a restriction that I can think of. 1024, 64, 10sectors, 2sectors, and now 1monster. Any more ideas?
  4. Bingbing

    How do you feel about the celebrity news?

    Admins, I have enough votes. Someone bump it up to 50, and lock the poll. Apparently, no one cares about celebs and might as well say YOU FAIL IT to them. People also like options that have no use.
  5. Bingbing

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Look at the bright side now. At least Soni- *prompt realization to stop in order to not get flamed) Finally, a reason to play that Wii that's been stuck in my basement collecting dust for months now!
  6. Bingbing

    an unfinished intricate map

    Wait, this is just like a much harder Cyberdreams! Awesome!
  7. Bingbing

    an unfinished intricate map

    Way too hard. Archviles shouldn't start showing up until AFTER you get the SS.
  8. Bingbing

    Odamex Owns October

    Interesting. So an vanilla doom 2 map will do the trick here...
  9. Bingbing

    How do you feel about the celebrity news?

    Wow. This is suprising. 14 votes to "Who cares" and 2 (including mine) to the obligatory useless option. At least one other person likes that concept.
  10. Before the flame wars begin, I DO not mean about how celebs are doing. What I mean is the very concept of celebrity news in the first place. Do you care? I, for one, do not care at all. Yes, some people are famous, but the only reason they bother is because it's a cash cow. I will admit it's funny sometimes.
  11. Bingbing

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    Let's see. There was the time I watched Batman and Robin. SO BAD. I fell ASLEEP during it. Thankfully, I woke up for the best part; the end credits. Aside from that junk, there also was something about this rin- wait, that's LOTR, which was good (if a little long). Lastly, the first Pokemon movie. (please trash it for me; I'm too busy laughing to death on how bad it was)
  12. Bingbing

    The /newstuff Chronicles #308

    Yeah. Very fun. WARNING: Last level is scary. Ghoul's Forest scary. For a good reason.
  13. To purge the mind of it's evil thoughts. The nuclear reactor is just for the fun of it.
  14. If you mean Doom Rampage Edition, it's (semi) understandable. If you meant Sadhusct, please remove your brain, put it in the wash, squirt febreeze on it, put it in a nuclear reactor for 10 seconds, and then put it back into your head. That should solve the problem.