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  1. Hideous Destructor Guy

    What does Freedoom remind you of?

    Tremors Robocop the zombies also have a nice Mad Max vibe to them the grab-bag alienology thereafter has a pretty strong Serious Sam feel to it the progression makes think of, like, Unreal but without what I loved about Unreal's aesthetic... which frankly I don't think is replicable with FD's much more frenetic gameplay and music. (I almost said "with the Doom engine" but then I remembered ZikShadow's video of playing Lost Civilization with HD). Not disparaging FD, it's like comparing a dessert pizza with a regular pizza...
  2. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    @Enjay: well, their body plans are both derived from therapod dinosaurs... (...where is the reply button on this forum???)
  3. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Making the Dark Soldier's death more violent

    There are some (G)ZDoom mods that go out of their way to rescale the revenant, but now that GZDoom can easily tell whether Freedoom or Doom is being used the modder can adapt accordingly. As for feedback: the *entire limb getting severed* like that seems a bit much. Like, not being squeamish or whatever, it just seems implausible that whatever the killing blow is would be *both* blowing a huge hole in the target's head *and* cutting its hand off. Best to let the red be a little vertically lopsided and just do the brains getting blown out. Would it be possible while you're at it maybe to fix the perspective a bit? The dark soldier's falling animation always seems like its sprite is being squished without any actual 3D rotation of the figure.
  4. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Freedoom Story

    Nothing. Story ideas are like a certain part of the human anatomy in that everyone has one and they all stink, but unlike that part of the anatomy in that a lot of people have more than one, so it all kinda gets bikeshedded away. I still think it's best to leave more to the user's imagination than to get carried away in reams and reams of Official Freedoom Team Approved(tm) Poké-Marvel Cinematic Universe Doom4 sorta lore-o-rhea (which frankly is more of a feature of proprietary franchises anyway).
  5. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    Gotta say that looks a lot better ingame, even after accounting for the improvements!
  6. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Change the player death sound please

    It's been fairly well established for a while now that Freedoom should be a distinct project on its own, and if anything it should set out to be *less* similar to Doom where feasible. If anything needs to be changed I think the dspldiehi seems a bit strained and quiet, though.
  7. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Change the player death sound please

    Current sound sounds fine to me.
  8. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    I am definitely in favour of the brown one no matter what it's being used for. It fixes the weird distracting lines and shapes on the face that just look really offputting in the original.
  9. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    Noiser, that is a huge improvement! Very Hexen-esque, and the implied rock-like texture helps justify the lumpiness a lot. I would not mind this version taking the place of the current knight, assuming the rest of the sprites are of a similar vein.
  10. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Do we need to keep the same rotations?

    Suppose someone (not me, just supposing) wanted to update the SKAG and polaric projectiles with rotations since they moved fast enough to seem to merit some kind of trail. Or, alternatively, someone figured that the healing animation on the necromancer was enough without rotations (or maybe we got some kind of Elder Thing-style critter that was radially symmetrical anyway) and wanted to add VILE]0, etc. and delete the redundant entries. Would it break anything to do either of the above and deviate from the number of rotations that are found in Doom?
  11. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    ...I'm sorry but that looks worse on every level than the current pestmeister. On a technical level, everything looks like pillow-shaded ovals jammed together. My eyes actually hurt looking at the front view. On a design level, with the thick stumpy Barney-the-dinosaur lower body it looks like it came out of Pokemon's "we can't have this too cool-looking, pudge it up to make it look a bit dorky so it balances out with the other designs" department. I'd rather even we just stuck with the two similar-looking palette swaps and incomplete death animations. EDIT: I just saw the smoothed-out chestplate version from page 1: That looks 100% better already. Still really not a fan of the design, but that's just me...
  12. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    Thanks! I'll take a look at that...
  13. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    And this thread just so happens to be the next thing I click on on this forum after I discover D4V: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/108725-doom-4-vanilla-dehacked-project/
  14. Hideous Destructor Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    This is by far the best D4 to D adaptation I've seen. And it's all done in what!!!?!? :O :O :O
  15. Hideous Destructor Guy

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    What would add to this topic, though, is if someone could post a step by step tutorial on how to log onto the IRC channel, and recommend a good free client for it. (My last attempt to get onto the IRC channel left me completely stymied at the Wikipedia list of clients, leaving me going back to Pidgin and getting that same "no data was found" error again until I gave up.)