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  1. PaganRaven

    Doombuilder Stopped working

    He said it just crashes when he starts doombuilder and he doesn't even get the chance to do anything else. He's using 64-bit windows 7.
  2. PaganRaven

    Doombuilder Stopped working

    My friend was working on a wad a few weeks ago and came back to it today just to get an error that says "Doombuilder has stopped working" within 5 seconds of starting it up. He tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but it didn't help. Nor does rebooting. We heard of this weird error happening with different SlimDX versions. Can somebody help us out?
  3. PaganRaven

    DoomBuilder 2 in VirtualBox is blank

    Yeah, I did that. Doombuilder2 used to not open and say "Direct3D is not supported" before I installed it. I have no idea what else to do now.
  4. I'm using ubuntu 11.10, and I'm trying to get Doombuilder 2 to run in virtualbox with windows 7. It starts up fine, but when it opens a map, everything is black. No lines, no things, no grid. But it's all there. I just can't see it. Hovering my mouse over things shows that the map exists. I just don't get if this is some emulation problem or what. DB2 doesn't work on wine, either.
  5. Hexen 64 GST Mac Hexen OST There. Maybe someone can upload them to idgames if I never get the chance. On a note regarding these, I've been a mac user through my childhood, and I always thought the mac port of Hexen did a better job of the music than the original MIDIs. The distortion/overdriven guitar segments are more intense and rockin, for instance, and the boring flute instrument (whatever it is) was replaced with something that sounds better IMO. Guardian of ice even sounds more ice-like. Yet these tracks don't deviate too far from the MIDIs to be jarring. It really is just a soundfont conversion. Hexen 64 on the other hand, well, they're based on the same tracks, but they've been remixed so far the untrained ear would have difficulty picking up on the similarities. It's hard to describe: Hexen 64's soundtrack was made to be more ambient and surreal, I can imagine people having mixed opinions on it.
  6. I got my hands on the MP3s for both soundtracks, and zipped them up in PK3s to replace the Hexen soundtrack. There are constantly people flooding the archive's FTP server so I can't get it uploaded right away, but I'll get them posted eventually.
  7. PaganRaven

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Thats a cutie. Hi stupidbunny.
  8. PaganRaven

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    What you're supposed to do is stand on the platform when it's rising. You'll end up on the roof where you'll find a little cubby hole with a switch that unlocks the weapon piece. I just beat it, and it was awesome. But when I killed all 298 enemies that were attacking lystern at the end of the game I was surpised to see..... nothing happened! I saw that the king and the two elves were dead, so I thought maybe I was supposed to keep them alive. I booted up the autosave for the map and used noclip to stealthily get past the monsters undisturbed outside the map, and I see that they actually START OUT DEAD FROM THE BEGINNING. So how in the world is the king telling you "Thank god youre here! take this wand!" when he's dead? I had to use puke to see the ending and credits. I appreciate being congratulated on beating it on the hardest skill. And back on the subject of that optional ice castle for the weapon piece, I think you're making the player work way too hard for the final weapons. I cleared out eidolon's entire castle before I decided to explore the other levels, too, and it was brutal without my trusty wraithverge (and sunstaff straight from Hexen II). But still, it was worth it, because running all the way back to the eastern shore from eidolon's castle would have been crazy without them. On the floating island sanctuary (which is totally not 'inspired' by sonic 3 in any way, shape, or form) two of the crystals were way too hard for me to get to and I had to cheat with noclip. One (purple i think) is in an alcove way too high for the jump boots to reach, and the other behind the stone wall near the big hole surrounded by the blocks with circles on them. I assume you have to arrange the four blocks in the right pattern to unlock it, but I couldn't find any clues to the combination, and doing it the slow, meticulous way was... too slow and meticulous and I ran out of patience. What, exactly, is the reward for saving selene and banedon? (or punishment for not saving them?) The only thing I can think of is maybe you don't get the seeker wand or the ending changes. The ravenstaff sucked. The ice bow was okay. But the firestorm is just better than both of them, and I used them just to save ammo on the better weapon. You could've maybe given him the dragonclaw or ethereal crossbow from heretic, or even the hellstaff or the phoenix rod if the other characters dont already have them. They're all useful and different from his other weapons enough to warrant them. I thought the bow was stupid at first, it even slows you down when you arm it, but then I noticed it does large, consistent damage, you just have to have really good aim when using it. Despite all my trivial complaints, this is an amazing addition to the Hexen library of wads. I couldn't stop playing. It reminded me how fun this game is and a blast from my childhood of how awesome it is to be absorbed in the serpent rider universe. And I love that there were elements from all 3 games. I don't mean just enemies and textures, but stuff like reading people's diaries and tablets for hints like Hexen II, the keys and puzzle items are hidden in obscure, cryptic places like Hexen (which is good or bad depending on how you view it), and some of the hordes got into massive numbers and were crazy hard driving me to madness like heretic. The level-up stats and the monetary system was handled exceptionally well. You see a gradual difference in your power as you level up, but it's nowhere near enough to make you godly. It's conceivable to beat the entire game without using any skill points (but I wouldn't recommend trying it lol). And you cap at level 20, with limits on each stat. In the beginning I thought kraters of might would forever be way too expensive, but by the end I was making enough money and selling the right stuff so they're economically viable. The only item I never used was that stone barrier thing. I mean, it makes a wall that takes up 64 pixels of space? Does this need to be such a rare, expensive item, or is there something I'm not getting? tl;dr: tell me what the garg I'm supposed to do to get that last crystal behind the stone wall on level 16 and what sort of bug (or was there something I wasn't doing?) prevented me from seeing the ending.
  9. PaganRaven

    [Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection (Final Beta on p1)

    Alright thanks. The text file didn't say anything about all those new keybindings. Most of them are pretty marginal but the rpg menu is pretty fragging important and it isn't set to any key by default. I just noticed I posted this in the wrong thread when I should've posted here.
  10. PaganRaven

    [Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection (Final Beta on p1)

    Hey I had this for a while but I'm just starting to get into it. Is there any way to see how much gold you have? I'm kind of at a loss in the first map (did both the gauntlett and the boat job) cuz I don't know how much money I have to expunge on the shopps.
  11. so is this better than that Absolution TC? I'll check it out, I haven't played D64 in a long time.
  12. PaganRaven

    [RELEASE]The Cenote

    For anyone who hasn't played, I updated it to version 1.1. changes: - fixed ammo based weapons not to produce more ammo every time it's picked up. - fixed some weapons that wouldn't drop certain weapons if you were holding it. - Pretzalcoatls can't keep their shields up too long. - Ekchuah's health doubled. - changed the werejaguar's damagefactors a bit. - Super Buzz Blaster now shoots slightly more powerful shots that rip through enemies. - Added 'Robo Crimson' a new enemy. - Burrito Crag can only spew a max of 4 burritos. - Unused sounds were removed. Makes file smaller. - Inventory things were given colored borders. Blue for items, yellow for abilities, and red for keys/puzzle items.
  13. PaganRaven

    Lost soul weirdness

    Imagine if pain elementals spat dodging lost souls.
  14. PaganRaven

    [RELEASE]The Cenote

    Naw, I just conveniently neglected any mention of it at all. But it's pretty marginal anyway. This isn't pokemon, it's just another doom mod that happens to use the damagefactors. And I tried to make the story unfold in a way so you could eventually understand the backstory without ever having to read the text file. In fact that text file was pretty much taped together at the last minute; you don't need to read it (which pretty much goes for 99.9% of all wads out there)
  15. PaganRaven

    [RELEASE]The Cenote

    Aww, seriously? Thanks for telling me this, actually. I did try to make sure all the ammo-based weapons didn't do this but I guess I missed the bow. As for the imbalanced power of weapons, it's partly due to their elements. The axe is a water/melee damagetype weapon and the stone club is earth/melee, whereas stuff like the arrows and the whip are pure melee. The snake guys are fairly resistant to melee but pretty weak to water and earth, so there ya go. The bats however are weak to melee attacks, and the footless (orange guys with green spots) are weak to melee but resistant to earth, so the regular fist is a lot more effective on them than the stone fist. The main characters themselves have a resistance to melee attacks but are extremely weak to both poison and water, which is why the acid spit does so much damage to you.