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  1. Kage No Shujin

    Resurrection of Evil

    I am sorry I bumped it, just haven't been on in a while. I don't just use the internet to update a forum everyday unless I'm in a heated argument. This topic is now closed.
  2. Kage No Shujin

    Resurrection of Evil

    Dear Beth. If you are a fan girl, then you would have noticed the chainsaw missing. And you would have burnt this piece of rubbish as I did.
  3. Kage No Shujin

    Doom (A tribute poem)

    The "sour lemons" are from the doom books. The characters explained the zombie smell as "sour lemons" or "rotten lemons". That is why I incorporated that in there.
  4. Kage No Shujin

    Doom (A tribute poem)

    How's this poem I made for my tribute of Doom Doom Walking down the dark corridor Smelling death and sour lemons Hearing a hiss, a growl, a moan Looking around at what used to be “home” Stepping through what once had life Hoping none come back From what which they had been dead Suddenly I heard a scrape Vainly I had wished to rake The soul of that attacking me Routing death upon thee Again I heard that infernal graze Of what sounded of a metal raze Pivoting as fast as I could Looking for the thing that would Create that noise of what came to be That of which surrounded me Nothing I turned back around Looking straight at the ground While I stared, I horridly noticed That my legs, my legs are broken The reason why I feel that fear I got no pain, I felt no tears That is why I figured out My brain is dead, my feeling’s out I am alive, that is no lie But I am dead, without a doubt I am one that walk the earth Hoping my longevity is not eternal
  5. Kage No Shujin

    Doom 3 Xbox multiplayer

    Does it matter if you use 2 Xboxes with an ethernet cable attached to have 1 use the regular Doom 3, and the other use the Doom 3 collectors tin and they still work
  6. Happy St. Patricks Day Lads and Lasses. This is for everbody that is either not come to the age to drink, or for everybody that isn't drunk enough to not be able to read.
  7. Kage No Shujin

    Doom: The Movie

    Let's just all say that if they made another Doom movie, it would need to have the events of Doom: the Movie not happen. It would also have to have more zombies, pinkys, hell knights, etc. Hell, I would love to see a movie interpritation of a Cyberdemon. And it would need a Flynn Tagart in it. ______________ Sweet Christmas! Big-Mouthed Floating Head Thingies! It's always something
  8. Kage No Shujin

    New games from id

    I did like Doom 3 myself, just because of the fact that if you play it in the dark, alone makes it scary as f***. Now that is fun. What would have made the game more interesting, is if they would have made the zombies (like the PDA messages) models from the producers of the game. That would have been inventive (not saying the PDA names weren't inventive enough). I know the old Dooms were not suppose to be scary, but actiony. But what some people don't get (what I understand) is that John Romaro did not help with Doom 3, but he helped with the old Dooms. Which should answer why Doom 3 was not what some of you guys call a "Doom sequel". ______________________________________________________________________ -These are not the droids you are looking for.
  9. Kage No Shujin

    New games from id

    If the great John Romero would be on the design of the Doom RTS
  10. Kage No Shujin

    New games from id

    A Doom RTS would be fun. Play in LA, the Mormon camp, Hawaii, Mars, so on. That would be interesting. Playing as Rebels, Demons, and the traitorous humans. Controling an army of Hellknights........ Fun
  11. Kage No Shujin

    Doom: The Movie

    One thing I think id did with the Doom 3 monster, is run it off of the books (for those of you who did not read the books, the monsters are invaders from another planet. At least that what Fly and Arlene consider them as), rather than that of the original games. That, or of the fact that the mosern audiences were focasing on alien, that said, it could have been what the id people thought was cool (meaning accidentaly doing it). It all depends on the persons point of view. What the 3 games have in common, is that the monsters still spawn from the deapths of hell. At the begginingg of the game, as you noticed, hell has opened a portal into Mars city, which brings up the theory that hell has released its posesing creatures to go up and collect soldiers for its army. That could be what happended to Mancubus, Pinky, Imp, and Cacodemon. Hell Knights could be hells only soldier, as it was really the only real demonic looking creature, next to Dr. Betrugers demon form, trites, and Guardian. The lost souls in ROE could be hells improved version of Lost Souls in Doom 3. The Cyberdemon and Revenent could, or was a human/zombie built soldier of hells army. If you are saying the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, Mancubus, Revenent and all other monsters from the old Doom games didn't look at all alien, even in the fact that hell would not have ROCKET LAUNCHERS attached to its army. Then I don't want to really here how you think that Doom 3 is an alienfied version of the old Doom games.
  12. Kage No Shujin

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    I like to play Doom over and over (of course this is for the old Dooms), is I like to find all of the hidden easter eggs and secrets. I also like to play it because of the fact of what I call "stacking on friendly fire". Basically, its the way if the monsters shoot at you and ones in front of it, it shoots the one infront, which in turn creates ferocity in the one shot at, and it turns itself around and fires at the shooter. That said, I like to see what and how many monsters can I get fighting each other, I then sit back and watch in amusement. That is all I can say about it, other than they are kickass.
  13. Kage No Shujin

    Doom: The Movie

    I agree with the previously done thread, about it being called something else. When I was watching, or started watching the movie, I expected Flames to shoot out of hell as the gate opened, spawning imps, pinkys, lost souls, and cacodemon of sorts. What I meant about the gates, were the Phobos, and Deimos gates. There should be no gates from Earth to Mars and vice-versa. And I am appalled by the remark of the plot being tacky if Mars being attacked by hell, rather of Earth. It is a strategic if you understand Mars really having no "live" contact with Earth. And that would mean that we would not know of an attack before hell is knocking on our door. I am not just saying the plot should directly be inline of the games. it could be of the books.
  14. Kage No Shujin

    Doom Bible

    What is the Doom Bible exactly?
  15. Kage No Shujin

    Doom: Books

    You didn't know? By the way, I'm still on the second book. Almost done