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  1. d1337r

    Some stuff on freedoom I'd like to talk about.

    Oh, talking about exits, I had to create my own "direction to the exit" signs, too: (I'm working on a custom PWAD that uses a number of textures from Freedoom). For a "quickly-taped Z", you mean something like that: ? Here is an alternative design for crushing ceilings and radioactive floors:
  2. d1337r

    Some stuff on freedoom I'd like to talk about.

    Well, that's (mostly) what I meant. I meant that trying to squeeze a realistic textual graphic into 62x31 pixels (the size of those "danger" signs) would be a bad idea. We need something understandable for the players (and color/layout-compatible for PWAD makers). Well, as I would imagine myself in place of an AGM redshirt worker, if there's teleportation whatever experiments going on in some place, I clearly wouldn't want to go into there unprepared unless necessary and get telefragged killed/mutated/infected. Probably the AGM logo is a bad choice, but, as far as we don't even know what in the world AGM even does... I'd imagine something like a DNA helix for genetic experiments, a swirly portal for teleportation experiments... I don't think they would be prepared for their zombie apocalypse. Even if they're a genetic research company. That's a nice idea. I'll try to make something like that tomorrow.
  3. d1337r

    Some stuff on freedoom I'd like to talk about.

    Now, come to think of it, I think that in a game like DOOM, adding too much realism into it is a bit wrong. Especially when it comes to low-resolution textures. The fact is, a (most likely corrupt, if following the DOOM story) corporation such as UAC AGM would most likely give little attention to the pesky OSHA / ANSI standards, especially those on warning signs. Here are my variations on the "danger" sign: (Note: the thing on #4/#5 is supposed to be an AGM logo, probably indicating areas where $whatever_caused_monsters_to_appear was taking place. The thing on #6 is supposed to be a "crushing ceiling" warning, though it probably sucks.) (Note #2: the GIFs are somewhat animated, using frames of animation as layers.)
  4. d1337r

    A quick question about Freedoom and DOOM

    Freedoom is released under a permissive license, so the only requirement you have to follow when releasing your WADs is to credit the Freedoom team. Technically, you can extract the necessary patches from freedoom's wad file and just include them into your wad. Or you can use the freedoom_textures.wad from http://free.doomers.org/ . It only contains patches and texture definitions, so you could use it along with any other WAD to have Freedoom textures.
  5. d1337r

    Weapon pickup sprites

    Anyway, it's a lot better than the current sprites. Also, nice touch on the "4 shotgun shells" sprite actually having FOUR shells and not three.
  6. d1337r

    Weapon pickup sprites

    Your sprite is just awesome. However, the real problem now is the BFG. It doesn't even look like ANYTHING on the pick-up sprite.
  7. d1337r

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    Because most of the medkits I've seen usually have white-on-red as the color scheme. If it wouldn't break the looks, I'd probably even suggest the all-red medkit.
  8. d1337r

    Cyberdemon sucks! I'm making new sprites!

    Maybe he meant the freedoom pain elemental, not the proprietary one?
  9. d1337r

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    I think the sprites in the last post are ideal. P.S. Probably the background for the health packs should be red, too, and the berserk pack should have a darker background so the fist would be more visible. Kinda like that. I mean, it's still easily recognizable as a "object with something red on it", and some real-life medkits use the white-on-red cross to avoid trademarks. Also, these red things on the berserk pack are gone here -- yet another way to differentiate.
  10. d1337r

    Difficulty setting names (possible trademark issues)

    1) I don't wanna die! ... 4) Let's rock! 5) INSANITY or something like that
  11. d1337r

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    I vote for a red plus sign. Since the medkit increases your health, that would be an obvious choice. Seriously, though, I'm for 1) a white cross on a red background 2) a heart 3) an H sign. Also, if one would really draw a nice fist for a berserker pack, then it would be possible to use the syringe on medkits.
  12. d1337r

    Disable mouse movement in FreeDoom

    If you use PrBoom, try setting the vertical sensitivity to zero in the mouse settings.
  13. d1337r

    The Great Freedoom Graphics Improvement Project

    Well, the new zombie texture is looking MUCH better than old one, because the old one is looking too bright and too blurry. --- And if only BFG name is (tm)ed, why rename other ones?
  14. d1337r

    cool, but with some bugs

    p.s. but some maps can be done only using cheatcodes. Thanks that you do not disable or change known iddqd/idkfa/idclip/idclevnn. :-)
  15. d1337r

    cool, but with some bugs

    Yes, FreeDoom is cool, but I have some questions: How I see, map31 and 32 are not complete. And it looks like that 'wolfenstein' map moved to 32. I was wondering when i had typed 'idclev31' and seen a strange gray map. but 'idclev32' gave me this map (that should be 31) without some graphics. AND ALL OTHER MAPS GRAPH how I see is DONE GOOD, except 31 and 32!