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  1. mustafa saed

    Team Demise Resurrection

    I got some info that Team Demise (creators of the dark7 and slipgate series) have a new hosting service as well as some info on what they have been doing lately in the doom community. You can read about it some more here: http://www.teamdemise.net23.net
  2. mustafa saed

    Best free hosting site for my doom related stuff

    You guys are awesome thanks!
  3. mustafa saed

    Best free hosting site for my doom related stuff

    Thanks for the reply s, but I have a doom related web site that I have set up (not just for my wad files)that suppose to have news and other info on what projects i have been doing as well as screen shots of my projects. I need a decent free hosting service that wont plaster my pages with ads and junk. Thanks
  4. What is the best free hosting sites out there so I can have a place to put my wads and other doom related stuff without a lot of banner ads and other junk? Thanks
  5. Sadly, you wont find too many quality wad releases here often(with the exception of only a handful of skillful mappers still left TC). I have been Easter egg hunting here for about 3 years now.
  6. mustafa saed

    The /newstuff Chronicles #338

    Turd city as usual here. All the veteran big shots left a long time ago hence the decline in quality. Wheres Nick 'Nightmare' Baker when you need him?
  7. mustafa saed

    My High Resolution game project

    Screenshots are good and show what nice textures can be made to make doom look more modern and less 15 year oldish. Dont listen to these whiney assclowns hear on these forums TC
  8. mustafa saed

    Doom3 Mod, Quake: Shambler's Castle Released!

    Maybe you need to upgrade your pentium 2 processor and get at least an AMD64?
  9. mustafa saed

    The /newstuff Chronicles #301

    Wad Quality seems to be going down hill lately, Time to release my shit I guess.
  10. mustafa saed

    freezing the player's movements

    Yeah I'm pretty dumb when it comes to simple scripts, but how do I stop a player from running around like a chicken with its head cut off during conversations and then making him move again when they stop talking?
  11. mustafa saed

    The /newstuff Chronicles #294

    Where the fuck is newstuff #295 ?
  12. mustafa saed

    the Anti-Quake Textures league

    Well I had it with Doom's ugly ass E1 startan textures plastered all over the walls...so go figure farthead.
  13. Seems like the doomworld community has a questionable tast in what makes a good detailed wad or they have been used to all the shit wads with badly placed detail and 50,000 monsters to turn your brain to mush.Deus Vault is the type of wad where the detail looks thrown together unevenly to make it look 'busy' and doesnt look professional.If this is the doom community standards of a 5 star wad, then this place has hit a new low if you can amagine that.
  14. mustafa saed

    posting screenshots for a new wad

    Hello! How do I set up a link to these forums with screenshots of this new wad.I would like to show some progress that's been made. Thanks in advance!