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  1. I swapped to this from Chrome after getting annoyed by it crashing too often and being a memory hog. So far it's much faster and lighter and hasn't crashed yet.
  2. a graveyard of zombiemen a texas of shotgunners a plutonia of chaingunners a cache of imps a pigsty of demons a gloaming of spectres a depletion of lost souls a goodyear of cacodemons a hindenburg of pain elementals a cavalry of hell knights a banquet of barons a rape of revenants a lard of mancubi a network of arachnotrons a cardinal of arch-viles a cerebral of spiderdemons a metal of cyberdemons
  3. I think the original intention of Doom wasn't as fast paced as latter years has made it due to the controls improving but then again the speed available was there because compensate for the controls being a bit shit. The monters reflect this, by being mostly slow, where the faster ones were introduced in Doom 2, once the average players skill level was increased. Doom 3 is a fine example of how the original Doom was remembered, more horror oriented action, much like the Alien movie, whereas Doom 2016 is an example of how the modern Doom plays. There were games at the time that was fast as well, Jazz Jackrabbit, Pinball games and let's not Wolfenstein 3d, which was much more fast paced. That being said it's all what your own definition is and there's no clear answer. :)
  4. I rather think the reason that the later levels are more linear is because on modern games you work with a budget towards a deadline, and more time was spent making the first part of the game as good as it could be, because that's your first encounter and what draws you in. When music albums still were the thing (before streaming and the single oriented market) many albums would have most of their best singles first. Just my 2 cents.
  5. It's practice of course, but it's also intention. If you really really want to win more than your opponent then that's half the battle. It's about learning to focus.
  6. Whenever in my life there has been something troubling me, the issue at hand would always manifest in my dreams as a Cyberdemon. Doesn't happen much anymore but it speaks volumes about the influence and the fear it introduced me to as a child.
  7. I've not been part of really that many but when choosing between total annihilation, warcraft 3, gearslutz & ateaseweb (not games but still) and doomworld, the latter is by far the worst, mostly probably because doom being a game from texas & the gun-loving american medieval population vs the rest of the civilized world stuff. (I'm not really trying to shitpost here so if you disagree please ignore this and don't reply?)
  8. Barrels o fun certainly isn't fun but it has a rather doom 2 ish dark ambienceish thing about the whole level. The Citadel is the worst. The red building is the only interesting thing about it.
  9. I'll take the original plasma over the chaingun any day. At least it sounds like you're wrecking havoc and not popping popcorn.
  10. It would be interesting to see what a third doom game running on the Hexen engine could look like and taking the doom 2 approach of making something that's already perfect run even more like clockwork by introducing new enemies, weapons and gameplay strategies.
  11. Green and purple
  12. the one used in bloodfalls. It's a shitty version of the one used in Monster Condo. I mean come on why have both? Map02 is great though! haters gonna hate. The best doom music (just like any other music) isn't metal, it's all the other stuff.
  13. Hellbound has some great city maps around levels 14-17
  14. It's considered great because many people like it, partly because it has a wide appeal due to the fact that it contains (heh) a little bit of everything. It's not only the crates! Almost all of the different areas of the map feature creative mapping solutions and gameplay design. Also, it's the best music track.