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  1. If it was as good as the beginning when all hell broke lose through the entire game it would have been excellent but after a while it just became a pretty ordinary dark action game with monster closets. It could never be a Doom-like game in terms of gameplay anyway so I'd settle for something even more scripted, like Uncharted 4. :P
  2. Mandatory strafe running is pretty terrible yeah. Also maps that teleports enemies behind you for every room you enter. It's okay sometimes now and then but getting revenants and chaingunners behind me for every inch I walk is terribly annoying. Good morning phobos was a pretty big offender here, even though the rest was great.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the chaingun sounds worse than the plasma when it comes to the sound? The plasma, while loud, is something. The chaingun on the other hand is the definition of a monotonous drone. At least the plasma clears the room rather quickly so you don't have to listen to it that long. The chaingun is a great weapon, but I often find myself not using it that often because it sounds terrible. I wish it used the shotgun sound for the players chaingun as well!
  4. sky may be theme? submit button makes threads instead, bold button inserts emoji etc etc
  5. I haven't seen a floppy drive in 10 years..
  6. Monsters try to predict where you move so not moving constantly in the same direction helps a lot.
  7. There's that ghost monster one as well
  8. There's still action to be found on evenings but yeah It's shit compared to when it was released.
  9. An Invasion type game-mode for MP certainly would be welcome.
  10. Uneven pacing, messy aesthetics, confusing level-layout, random sound-design, lacking cohesive design direction and uncomplimentary color and palette usage. you can prefer it or not but the original does the opposite and plays like clockwork on all these aspects, which is why it still holds up today. Several mega-wads also does a great job here, AV, Scythe 2, Valiant to name a few. The reason Doom '16 SP was well received was because it did these things well. But yeah. I'm done, I'm not gonna pick a discussion over this.
  11. Well I have always felt that most eSports games aren't really fun at all so Doom'16 suits me. I like games, not sports, you know, with all the rules and all. :)
  12. Preferring the wildly un-tight gameplay of the hell on earth starter pack to the fine-tuned machine of the original series is pretty much like preferring the transformer movies to the alien films. But oh well, each to their own I guess.
  13. Oh thank god!
  14. ..that fires homing PE's
  15. One thing I'm noticing now while summer is finally coming, the site is reeeally hard to read on laptops with weak monitors outside (as I like to combine my boarding with staying in the sun :P). Is a white or brighter theme possible?