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  1. There's that ghost monster one as well
  2. There's still action to be found on evenings but yeah It's shit compared to when it was released.
  3. An Invasion type game-mode for MP certainly would be welcome.
  4. Uneven pacing, messy aesthetics, confusing level-layout, random sound-design, lacking cohesive design direction and uncomplimentary color and palette usage. you can prefer it or not but the original does the opposite and plays like clockwork on all these aspects, which is why it still holds up today. Several mega-wads also does a great job here, AV, Scythe 2, Valiant to name a few. The reason Doom '16 SP was well received was because it did these things well. But yeah. I'm done, I'm not gonna pick a discussion over this.
  5. Well I have always felt that most eSports games aren't really fun at all so Doom'16 suits me. I like games, not sports, you know, with all the rules and all. :)
  6. Preferring the wildly un-tight gameplay of the hell on earth starter pack to the fine-tuned machine of the original series is pretty much like preferring the transformer movies to the alien films. But oh well, each to their own I guess.
  7. Oh thank god!
  8. ..that fires homing PE's
  9. One thing I'm noticing now while summer is finally coming, the site is reeeally hard to read on laptops with weak monitors outside (as I like to combine my boarding with staying in the sun :P). Is a white or brighter theme possible?
  10. We already went over this and I think my previous answer was ghost-monster revenant that resurrect corpses as revenants, turns ammo and health pickups into revenants and spawns three revenants on death. Also the occasional homing missile is a PE style spawning of a revenant, homing to your position.
  11. Someone maybe tweet Romero or Carmack or anyone else from the original team this thread?
  12. Well as they are called "possessed" I'd figure the bodies are just vegetive-vessels with sensory organs and motor functions controlled by the hive-mind of Satan or something like that.
  13. Alien Vendetta and Schyte 2. So many fond memories of cooping those in Legacy.
  14. I like the new forum much better. It feels fresh with and the new features were long overdue, it is easier to read and most importantly smart phone friendly in that I don't have to use two fingers to zoom to even be able to navigate the tiny tiny interface.
  15. There were probably paid reviewers back then too but it was nowhere as bad as it is now as quality of the product was vital for actually getting sales. The main reason being in the internet age the product you're actually selling is a piece of people's time, so PR is more important than the quality of the actual product. "opinions" spread like wildfire and no one wants to be the one with an unpopular one making it easy for those with huge amounts of money do viral campaigns that wins over any audience.