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  1. Alien Vendetta and Valiant
  2. He plays guitar of course.
  3. The area with the SSG and the surroundings actually make for some great DM games. One of my best earliest doom experiences in the 90s were from DM in that level. I haven't played deathmatch in a long time but the original Skulltag maps is great for DM. Flame on, but Dwango5 was a blast as well. :P
  4. Melodyne is as far as I know the only software able to separate chords and audio in general into separate pitches and being able to edit those. Google it. Phase tricks and stereo manipulation, as well as multiband-gates with advanced transient detection, could be used to separate the rest but even then, it would probably sound awful and full of unwanted artifacts so you're probably better off asking a musician to do it for you. Any AI would have to be terribly advanced to be able to decode all genres. Maaaaybe you could make one for generic Nashville country. I probably wouldn't need more than 1-3 hours tops to transcribe something to midi, depending on the song, not that I'm offering to do it or anything!
  5. agreed, orbital is a terrible terrible map. it is way to big and empty for a game like this. the worst of the stock maps is beneath though. impossible to find players even on a full session due to its messy design. there's only one corridor or so that leads to interesting encounters. helix and chasm, though straightforward, are the best of the stock ones, probably because it's the ones that gives me most #1 positions. :) Argent breach is my favorite of the DLC ones. Molten is also a blast.
  6. I play with the valiant monsters on most maps these days for this very reason. Less sponges, but still a bigger challenge.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the mountains are great and like the earlier revisions the most. It's something I haven't seen before in a wad and that's a good thing. Following the "rules" is pretty much the worst you can do for creativity, you're already talented enough, you don't need a second opinion. (yet)
  8. I play on a macbook without a proper mouse so the tight cyber battle in valiant was impossible for sure.
  9. When first arriving at e2m8 as a kid I though each button would resurrect a baron so that the boss was basically 4 of em in a tight room. That scared me to death, then I saw the real boss and was terrified and like "okay this is impossible". the spiderdemon I just hugged with the bfg. zzz.
  10. Thanks for the transcript. It was a good read.
  11. Anyone bother to make a transcript? I like reading. :)
  12. Why not Zin Fernet Branco?
  13. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Total Annihilation (none of that Supreme commander or planetary annihilation crap) Uncharted 4 Skyrim Super Meat Boy Doom 2016
  14. which is exactly what 4dx provides, along with motion, water, wind etc
  15. Well you could make Doom for 4DX and actually make some of this come true