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  1. RightField

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    Dlc is just the modern name for expansion pack, which weren't free back in the 90s either. And since when is planning ahead a bad thing?
  2. Valiant: Ancient Aliens Eternal 2016
  3. RightField

    The Invasion mechanic.

    Given people's reaction to the mechanic that would be a silly thing to do. They're not dumb, and the game is not done, so no, I don't think it will be on by default.
  4. RightField

    The Invasion mechanic.

    I would think it's turned off by default to avoid this tho
  5. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Some people are not living in the real world. Doom 2016 was a modern classic and reinvented fps gameplay. Doom Eternal will most probably be an even better game. I'd think they're gonna do it right. Stockholders? Disposable experience? I mean what? Here you got a team of 200 people (which is not much, really) working their asses off to make a great game, even holding off just releasing more dlc stuff for Doom 2016 to not give people something half-assed. There's even a great interview where Marty talks about team building highlighting how this is not a generic design team. It's not 1993 anymore, you can't just make Doom again because that's not very creative is it? What they are doing right now though, in all ways is. Now as for atmospheric areas balance (which is actually a legitimate thing to talk about), Doom 2016 had plenty and judging from those night sentinel world shots this one will as well. I wouldn't really worry about it, it wouldn't be a great game without a dynamic pace. The only thing I didn't like about Doom 2016 was that it was too short, and lacked co-op. But I'm guessing they're fixing that this time around. As for modding. I'm sure you could mod a modern game like Doom Eternal just fine if you had a team of 100 professional game designers working on it. But even if they open those channels for it in the code (as they already said they're doing, so I guess this will maybe open for smaller gameplay mods?) I wouldn't count on elaborate content and long campaigns or anything because of the effort involved. The original doom is easy for anyone to mod because it doesn't require people to be incredible artists or coders to make it blend in the game. (although as the community has shown, it always helps) ;) To get anything to fit into the new doom would be a pretty steep learning curve. I guess they could add an old-school editor that lets you make normal Doom maps the old way (and maybe someone even will post release) but I'm not sure what the point of that would be. Couldn't we just then play the old doom?
  6. RightField

    The Slayer's Arch enemy and the Marauder

    it would make sense that the arch enemy is somehow all the "sarge/higher ranking officer" roles from all doom lore mixed into one.
  7. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    but this was also true of the mancubus who has returned in its original form. I'm guessing they're gonna remodel him to be more aggressive like the irritating real threat like he was in Doom 2, but haven't gotten that far yet
  8. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    The original doom was not about being a badass but they discovered this direction in the last game and it was an incredible refreshing take on fps'es that made doom2016 unique. Also it was fun as hell. Of course they're gonna double down on this.
  9. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    there's something that some gamers here don't understand. doom was based of total recal and aliens which where both films that went over the top in a cartoonish style to make it interesting. even if you are too young to remember this the creators are not, and a cartoonish style was probably the real intention all along. the original doom wasn't designed by kids even though we experienced it that way. the cartoonish feel was intended, which is what the new doom and hugo martin really understands
  10. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    well you can all continue to talk down this stuff but mates I'm not really interested in your opinions. what I see before me is a great game which trailer almost drove me to tears so yeah you all go on with your lives but I'm just trying to say here that if you enjoy this and everything about it you might just have a happier life? idk never mind me.
  11. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I just hope they're eternally long so I don't have to go back to rewatching seasons of buffy or whatever. but I do hate self-repeating games like souls and diablo, I want something new for sure
  12. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    but you want to fight, that's the... point of the game
  13. RightField

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Oof, I guess I can always count on doomworld for negative pessimistic opinions on pretty much everything, including what looks like to be the best new fps this decade. It looks like they made everything more fun, and I like fun, so I'll love this.
  14. RightField

    Any good horror mods?

    sky may be is great psychological horror
  15. RightField

    Those of you who host music on music sites...

    Oh social status is holding you back ey? Well get on it and get better social status then. It does have to do with the quality of your music on some level, but what you define as quality is rather that it has to connect with the people you expose it to. Which means a great instrumental will normally never make as big emotional impact as a great singer. However, knowing this you can use it to your advantage. Here's some tips: 1. Know your craft, be specific in what you do and be great at it. Use time to refine your sound, mix and everything which goes faster with: 2. Team up, get a mentor, collaborate with people who are better than you and learn from them. Even those who aren't most likely have a quality you don't. In math 1+1=2, in music it can and most often is 1+1=50. We don't have the perspective to call out or own shit in real time. If you're working alone, you should at least take time to listen to your own stuff in other settings around other people to see how they react. It might make you discover faults about your own music you don't hear by yourself. Their feedback or lack of might piss you off and make it seem like "they don't get it" or "why doesn't it sound like home" but this is empathy and you're feeling what they are feeling as music connects people in such settings and failure is the only way to know what and how to improve. 3. Have a release-plan, make a proper press-release that's short and tasty and makes the reader curious. There are already pretty much many good examples of this in the wads section of this site. Look at the wads that receive the most traffic and look at how they're presented. It has to feel professional, like a commercial product and "finished" in its own right. Don't trust that people will discover subtle stuff, if it's not dead obvious it's not done. Have a story to tell that connects to the music. It needs to be fufilling on all fronts, this is 2018. If I read it, or click your site, I should understand everything it's about in 2 seconds. 4. When you feel you're getting the hang of all this, consider getting a producer that gets your stuff to get the best out of you, a great mixer to finish and make it uncluttered for the casual ear and the last finish of a good master, in that order. If the first is lacking here, don't bother with the rest. A bad mix can and will though ruin the emotional impact of your music on other speakers than the ones it was made on. This is expensive though so it all depends on how serious you are about it. Also get a private publishing deal to get your stuff up on spotify and suchlike. I run my own label and pay around 60$/year to release as much as I want. 5. if your stuff is done and kicks ass, try submitting through the many available sites at submithub.com . you get some credits every day to submit or you can buy them yourself. I buy about 50-100 for every single release. and for those who's yelling "it's a scam", many mails and "agencies" are and be vary of them, but this site really isn't. Promotion isn't free and never has been, the internet has just modernized the approach in how it is done. If you get a nice buzz on blogs or playlists you might get picked up by bigger sites. 6. Play live, as much as you can. Not only is the exposure good, but it makes you a much better musician which makes your music bolder, more focused makes it easier to record and it's hella fun and improves your life as well. 7. Prevail. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is time and what you're able to put up with. If you can stay on course and get gradually better you can get where you want in 5-10 years. There's luck involved of course but consistent effort creates luck. Good luck! ;)