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  1. I'd recommend Alien Vendetta as it has the perfect blend of classic gameplay and still holds up great to this day.
  2. Roland also has a sound canvas plugin out these days so you can import midis into your daw and export to mp3s that sound 100% correctly on any computer.
  3. i did one google search and the first hit was an article explaining it pretty good.
  4. While there are a lot of macs in the music industry there are also many who use PC's, me included. As Apple shifted towards Intel processors, the difference between the two for music production means aren't that big anymore. All DAWs are capable of the mostly the same things and as Apple hasn't upgraded their professional workstation lines for quite some time, there's a trend of shifting towards PCs. MIDI is very much alive but only for those who use it for their original purpose, synth control and music sequencing within a DAW. MIDI file playback within an OS is an archaic technology only of interest to retro gamers and other old school computing enthusiasts and with superior audio formats which can reproduce sound 100% correctly there's no real reason for OS programmers to waste their time on it. Add your reverb and effects in the DAW, bounce it to an mp3 file. Problem solved. It's a bit like being angry with your friends for not being able to receive your faxes. I mean send a text ffs. Also VST is Steinberg Cubase's proprietary DAW plug-in format used for instruments and effect inserts and has nothing to do with Apple. Logic uses audio units(AU), Pro tools AAX. Ableton supports both AU and VST.
  5. If it's just small things that you need to fix you could use a remote controlled desktop app for a smartphone to control your home computer.
  6. It's not Monkey Island, the action is supposed to be the challenge. I'd be pissed if I had to waste time running around looking for keys in doom 2016.
  7. You can get one of those tiny laptops that can't really do anything else than browse the web, but I'm sure they'll run doom just fine.
  8. I think because first of all, it's in the same language which makes communicating ideas easier and second because the US cherish confidence and blind violence in games, which is refreshing in other parts of the world who have a history of submissive attitudes mostly connected to religion. What's ironic is that these days the US are stricter than other parts of the world because of their conservative approach: if it worked 200 years ago, don't change it. ;)
  9. Bad guys? People can do bad stuff alright but you know they're exactly the same way in the head as anyone else? Even if they're mentally ill, they are people. Understanding is key to peace. They're not Orcs. I'm not gonna put anymore gasoline on the fire kb1, if you believe in "winning" the argument. In my opinion a healthy debate is for learning the other parts viewpoints so we all can end up a bit wiser and closer to a compromise where we can agree, or agree to disagree. It seems like you already made up your mind.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. People invented these things, people. Attributing it all to a nation doesn't really serve any other purpose than to increase nationalism, which is an archaic ideology that doesn't really serve the borderless global community the world is slowly turning into. For the record, freedom of speech wasn't "invented" in America: :)
  11. The expression "American" is only interesting to US citizens. The rest of the world mostly sees it as a bad excuse to do heinous shit. Doom is American in the way that the protagonist is a "hero" and he uses guns to win. It makes for a great game though!
  12. I swapped to this from Chrome after getting annoyed by it crashing too often and being a memory hog. So far it's much faster and lighter and hasn't crashed yet.
  13. a graveyard of zombiemen a texas of shotgunners a plutonia of chaingunners a cache of imps a pigsty of demons a gloaming of spectres a depletion of lost souls a goodyear of cacodemons a hindenburg of pain elementals a cavalry of hell knights a banquet of barons a rape of revenants a lard of mancubi a network of arachnotrons a cardinal of arch-viles a cerebral of spiderdemons a metal of cyberdemons
  14. I think the original intention of Doom wasn't as fast paced as latter years has made it due to the controls improving but then again the speed available was there because compensate for the controls being a bit shit. The monters reflect this, by being mostly slow, where the faster ones were introduced in Doom 2, once the average players skill level was increased. Doom 3 is a fine example of how the original Doom was remembered, more horror oriented action, much like the Alien movie, whereas Doom 2016 is an example of how the modern Doom plays. There were games at the time that was fast as well, Jazz Jackrabbit, Pinball games and let's not Wolfenstein 3d, which was much more fast paced. That being said it's all what your own definition is and there's no clear answer. :)