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  1. RightField

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Boring map, incredibly great atmosphere
  2. RightField

    any new megawad in the vein of alien vendetta?

    try scythe 2, valiant, ancient aliens and eviternity
  3. RightField

    Why Doom 2 level design feels a lot inferior to Doom 1?

    Doom 2 got some stinkers but it really isn't that many. (I'd argue those are The Factory, The Courtyard, The Citadel & Nirvana, but your mileage may vary) The entire first episode is solid all the way through, with plenty of memorable locations. Doom 1 makes a bigger impact mostly due to the nostalgic effect, but Doom 2 is the better game.
  4. RightField

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    Could have a chaingunner sitting on his shoulders
  5. RightField

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    The ultimate annoying demon: a revenant with both homing rocket attack, arch-vile flames, resurrection plus he can throw his head at you to create lost souls.
  6. It's a very mediocre collection of levels and it took me several years between finishing plutonia and managing to get through it.
  7. It's useless these days but back when doom was released, the controls very unforgiving, no autorun, auto strafe, and mouselook and I was a kid so it was a really really hard game. ITYTD was more than welcome back then, it made me able to enjoy the game!
  8. RightField

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    That monster condo is based on a dream makes sense. It's the most interesting map in doom 2 and you can really feel the dream-like atmosphere, with the darkness, the dual clone rooms and more. It feels weirdly subconsciously familiar.
  9. RightField

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    I think we like Doom because it is a great game but more than that because the people behind it knew they were making something fresh and not derivative which makes it a bigger labor of love. It is exactly the same reason why bands like Led Zepplin or Queen are iconic. Not because they were the best that has ever lived, but because they were given the opportunity to do something new and succeeded, and changed music forever because of it. I'd say game developers are much more talented these days to make some of the most insanely big AAA productions available and the whole creative indie scene as well. Modders have gotten real jobs because there's an education for it these days. The output is technically much better but less iconic because the market is more saturated so game-changing iconic developments like Doom doesn't really happen as such in this world. There's simply too much great entertainment for people to gather around one thing anymore. And more than that it's hard to match the talent of a 200 people development team as a singular person, your idea might be better but if you can't match the production value to commercial levels people aren't gonna care because it's not accessible enough for them in the short time frame they have, and can you blame them? Life is short after all, who wouldn't wanna do as much as possible? I think if something new is gonna be as iconic as Doom it has to happen on another platform. Like make a VR game that redefines gaming.
  10. RightField

    Doom 2016 for PS4

    there's the bfg glitch. keep the weapon wheel open quickly after firing a bfg. the slow motion effect will affect everything but the health-drain effect of the missile making it stay in the air much longer and cause more damage.
  11. RightField

    Valiant monster pack request

    Sorry for resurrecting this but I suffered a hd crash and lost this file and it's nowhere else to be found. Do you have a copy of it somewhere? @scifista42
  12. RightField

    Getting Lost in Doom

    An optional key-door compass on the top of the screen like in some modern games would be a sensible thing to have in this age where many maps are huge but good flow isn't always guaranteed. It could certainly help confusing maps to play better which wouldn't be a bad thing at all.
  13. RightField

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    they might be pulling our leg on the original story which would be a fun callback "apparently you were wrong all along, this time Deimos has been floating over Mars itself instead. "Always a twist.." you mutter to yourself as you rappel down the space elevator over to Mars to experience the third and final episode of doom eternal, mars again?!"
  14. RightField

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    Dlc is just the modern name for expansion pack, which weren't free back in the 90s either. And since when is planning ahead a bad thing?
  15. Valiant: Ancient Aliens Eternal 2016