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  1. Purp

    What Music Do You Listen To While Playing Doom?

    Metallica always seems to fit nicely. And metal music in general. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=22963
  2. Purp

    Doom's on Flash now

    Aye, whoever made this should be praised. My video of it
  3. Well if you already have Xfire loaded (which you probably will have if you use it) it's quicker just to click Join Game and type the wad name than to load IDE, wait for the master server query, look for you friend's name in the Players tab etc. The reason I've given it a version number is because I intend to eventually make it detect the wad info itself so you don't have to type anything and then Xfire users will have a proper "one-click join" system for Skulltag. But for now, I can't be bothered to work out the API code I need to use to get the info from Xfire or the protocol to get it from the server so this is the only way to make it work. What can I say? My name's Lord Lamer :)
  4. Yeah yeah, the eggs! :) It's funny turning people into chickens but it's even funnier being turned into a chicken yourself =D I was running a Heretic DM ST server today actually but I wasn't paying attention to it so I have no idea whether people used it or not. I'll try it again tomorrow so look out for it if you're up for that. Edit: Ah cool, didn't realise there was an [iddqd] one. That's more likely to have the correct version of the wad :)
  5. Well, you're only gonna flame me for this but I did the best I could with my limited knowledge of Xfire (and programming, lol). I'm sure most of you will just assume this is completely useless and won't bother to try it, but I don't really care - it works so I (and my clan) will be using it. I give you . . . Skulltag in Xfire One-click-plus-one-or-two-words join support is more accurate. Still quicker than loading IDE and looking through the players tab for your friends anyway. If you don't like it, don't use it - quite simple really. p.s. I just wanna make it clear now that this program does not replace Skulltag.exe, it just loads Skulltag.exe for you and then adds your server's WAD info to Xfire (as well as patching xfire_games.ini).
  6. Man, I thought I was paranoid :p
  7. Xfire is an instant messenger program that also shows what games your friends are playing. It's useful if you play a lot of online games that have no friend list system, such as Call of Duty 4, because you can use it to "one-click join" them. If you've ever used Steam (for say Half-Life 2 DM or . . . dare I say it . . . Counter-Strike), it's similar to that but supports more or less all online games (ZDaemon is the only exception I've noticed out of the online games I play), rather than just ones you've purchased from Steam. Also, like Steam, it has an in-game overlay which lets you use most of its features without having to minimize your game. You can also use it to take screenshots or record videos of your games. Unfortunately, unlike Steam, you can't add custom games to it, so if a game isn't supported you can't use Xfire's features at all for that game, which is why I want ZDaemon to be supported. If you do decide to take a look at Xfire, here's a direct link to the download page, as the website is so garbled and confusing :p http://www.xfire.com/download/now/ Anyway, all you have to do to support my attempt to get ZDaemon supported :s is go to my thread in the Xfire New Game Ideas forum - the link is above - and post the word "support". If you already use Xfire then you don't even need to make an account on the forums.
  8. Nice one dude, thank you :)
  9. Yeah, but one of the main things about Xfire is it supports most games, so you don't have to use different launchers for everything. I guess using that would probably be good enough for what I need (I've never really looked at the ZDLauncher because I use IDE) but I still think it would be nice if Xfire supported it. Edit: Any chance someone else could post something in the ZDaemon forums about this please, even if it's just a link to this thread or the one on the Xfire forums? The reason being I can't log into them, no matter how hard I try - I can't log into my old account, I can't log into the new account I made today (cos I never got the autherisation e-mail) and I can't make any more accounts because, for some reason, no matter what I put in the registration form, it just gives me an error :(
  10. Yes Ralphis, you're right I guess. It's just that once upon a time there was a multiplayer forum here, where people loved ZDaemon, and I thought there might be a few people left here who did but you've all abandoned it :( No, if ZDaemon was supported I would be able to do what I do with games such as COD4 and just click on a friend's name and click Join Game and it would connect me straight to the ZDaemon server they are playing on. Obviously, as there aren't exactly millions of ZDaemon servers, I can usually find my friends' names in the Players tab of IDE, but I'd still prefer to be able to use Xfire for it, as it would be quicker and easier, and I already have Xfire running all the time anyway.
  11. No I am not Mattbrat, sorry, I am Lord Lamer - you've probably never heard of me. And sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that, not everyone that disagrees with me is an idiot. However, I fail to see how anyone that plays ZDaemon could disagree that Xfire support for it would be useful. Come on people, follow my link, click Post Reply, type "Support" and click Submit - how hard is it?
  12. How the hell is it still not a good idea?! Loads of games need Xfire or something similar to let you connect to a friend's game easily. Therefore, as I (and lots of other people) will be running Xfire all the time anyway, it would obviously help if it supported ZDaemon. If you disagree then you're an idiot, or just some tosser who likes to disagree in the forums just for the sake of it (probably because it's the most interesting thing you can do in your life). Basically, just because my idea doesn't benefit you, that does not mean it's a bad idea! Hmm, well Skulltag is supported so I can't see why they won't support ZDaemon.
  13. Anyone that thinks this would be a good idea, please help me out - I think all we need is enough people to post on this thread and they'll add support for ZDaemon, as that's what the forum is for . . . Xfire Forums -> New Game Ideas -> ZDaemon (classic Doom online) Anyone who doesn't think it's a good idea: 1. Play ZDaemon 2. Use Xfire 3. Duuuuh
  14. Purp

    HTTP question

    Actually, using the timed auto-refresh seems to work quite well. I've just added it as an optional thing on the Settings page. Works better in Firefox than in IE but should be ok in IE as long as you don't type too many messages or look at the move log (because it goes back to the top of the page every time it refreshes).
  15. Purp

    HTTP question

    Yeah, I'll look into it.