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  1. DoomLord

    Anyone here play Doom for the 360?

    I played the demo over and over hundred times when I tested it at my friend :). It is really fun.
  2. DoomLord

    Your most HATED monster?

    As you said, they have good range. It's quite a blessing that the great spider is very weak, because it has just the same kind of annoyances: Long range, immense accuracy, and yes, shotguns.
  3. DoomLord

    How did you feel when you first finished Doom 1

    Ah, I was you guy when I finished that game. Some 9 years ago... I wanted more stuff like that.
  4. DoomLord

    Super Shotgun vs. Rocket Launcher

    Super Shotgun is best weapon in the game, so I choose it. You get ammo from everywhere, shot from 1 metre away and damage is really high, it is much deadlier that 2 shots from shotgun, it kills multiple monsters and you can also take down cyberdemon with that.
  5. DoomLord

    Doom Miniatures

    Lin I found from the Internet: http://images.google.fi/imgres?imgurl=http://okapi.andrew.cmu.edu/lerchey/www/Images/Doom/doom14.gif&imgrefurl=http://okapi.andrew.cmu.edu/lerchey/www/doom.html&h=223&w=193&sz=32&hl=fi&start=3&tbnid=n5NEUgbUmhpELM:&tbnh=107&tbnw=93&prev=/images%3Fq%3DDoom%2Bminiatures%26gbv%3D2%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Dfi%26sa%3DG I think Iam in love. Any idea where could still buy those?
  6. Oh men, this skill REALLy bites! Always trying to finish the E1M3 (where I survived), but always some monster kills me. Shotgun guys have supernatural accuracy, imps suck and demons are ultra- fast. Worst still, damage that you take is increased if you compare the skill to UV. Is there anyone that has completed some episode or plays usually levels with Nightmare, without saving continuously or breaking computer, and completing the levels? Any So-good-veteran players here? Also, experiences of that skill, if you have, please.
  7. DoomLord

    Your most HATED monster?

    Shotgun or not, it is still too easy to kill. Enemy that you can kill with 180 plasma shots or rockets of same count is easy enemy. Also, if you shoot it with plasma, it can't shoot you most of the time. Same effect is in Chaingun, thought it doesn't always work on largest enemies. Yes, there are no cacos and no health differences, but many times less monsters (ITYTD skill as I said). Starters and n00bs should play there. Also, cacos are fun to kill with chainsaw, and thought baron is a bit worse, it's not bad enemy.
  8. DoomLord

    Your most HATED monster?

    M- Spider is hard for you? It is one of the easiest monsters to kill in whole game. Its just slow chaingunner with couple times more hp. Also, if someone says that barons and cacos have too much health, go to episode 1 and play with easiest skill, n00bs.
  9. DoomLord

    Your most HATED monster?

    I always kill them with shotgun, super or not :). Revenants are annoying, but not pain, cos they die pretty easily, and missiles can be those cant-miss-it-comes-towards-you-blahblah, but still it does surprisingly little damage even in UV. Many of those guys is different thing... Arachnotrons are also hard guys because they can hit you even if you have invisibily, if I remember right, but they are no pain. They are also enought easy to kill. Many say that Arch- vile is bad enemy number 1. Don't know, because its only enemy that against you have good chance to kill it or go away before you take damage. Its funny. Demons are the most easy to kill, and funniest enemies in Doom. Actually there is no enemies I really hate cos I know how to kill each one.
  10. DoomLord

    favorite level styles

    There was one level in Evilution that I really liked. There was some big mountain and the style was blood- red sky that looked like you were in hell. Also open- ground space levels are close to my heart. Last, but not least, somehow the "mountain" schene (Doom2, lvl 12?) remembers me from old times when I was really young.
  11. DoomLord

    Best Doom level [in an iwad]?

    My other favourites. All with UV skill, sure: From Doom Ultimate: E1M3 LOTS of monsters for suck little level. E2M8 Tower of Babel is classic. E3M9 Nice surprise at first time. E4M1&2 Those are really hard for first levels. Has anyone ever completed E4's first map with UV with all monsters killed and still having ammo? Or, all killed but alive? From Doom 2: Level 7 Great fun for smallest level of the game Level 9 Good music and large, nice level Level 11 (circle of death)? Good map, or was it lvl 12? Level 14 City rock's! Level 20 My favourite level in Doom 2. Large, quiet and impressive design- experience, and duel of the big ones at start is nice surprise when you don't remember it. Level 21 Small, but good design. Level 29 I always remembered this as hard level when I was quite loco with Doom's. Level 30 Classic
  12. DoomLord

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    I always remember first times I played Doom2. I don't remember the level, but I was pretty scared of all those dark places, but I saw no enemies (you know the feeling). Well, I walked forward and again, nothing, then I decided to run and when I turned right, one pink daemon appeared from the dark. I was scared to death almost :D. I flew to floor and same time made a scream. Heh.
  13. DoomLord

    Best Doom level [in an iwad]?

    So, question is simple: What level you prefer most? Level that you always like to play again and again, or that one that is most carefully designed, and so on. No player- made stuff is allowed, just levels from first Doom episodes, Doom 2 levels and Final Dooms. AND why. For myself, secret level "Go 2 It" (Plutonia I think) is a good brainless shooting test and so, fun.
  14. DoomLord

    The age of the doomguy

    Bah, that guy looks like my driving teacher... He must be something like 25-30.
  15. Doom miniatures? From the Doom3 board game or the originals? If originals, do you know where they can be found?