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  1. ah thats too bad, was kinda looking forward to using the skulltag weapons in brutal doom for once...oh well. Off to lvl 10 of Damnation :D cheers
  2. Hi! Really enjoying this wad, its alot of fun. However I have run into a snag. I can't seem to get the skulltag weapons to work. Everytime I pick one up it won't let me select it. I've tried using Brutal Doom 18a as well as v19 with Zandronum 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 to no avail. I've googled this problem and from what I can tell ppl edit the keyconf file, but they don't really give much detail in this regard (Since i've never done something like that) I've also tried dling this one guys pk3 that he himself edited the keyconf for brutal doom 18a...however when I load it up with the rest If I die or reload a lvl all my weapons are that still doesn't fix the was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong or if theres a fix (with some details). My last question is if nothing can be done about this, is using the skulltag weapons in this wad super necessary?
  3. Man I really hope this is released on XBLA...I have Doom 2 and its really fun playing with the controller. Reminds me of playing Doom with just a keyboard.
  4. I was actually more curious to know if the extra Doom 2 episode that came with the xbox version is coming to PC, but since it hasn't ever been mentioned I guess its not? I've been playing Doom 2 on xbox and is it me or does it feel more genuine than even Chocolate Doom? Like all the colors are darker and the sounds have alot of weight to them like the original/Doom95 had? What version is Doom Xbox using? I tried looking on the doom wikia but its not loading for me right now.
  5. Would be cool if the PC version came with that new Doom 2 episode. Haven't heard anything about that yet. I have it on XBLA and its pretty good.
  6. Yeah, I made the mistake of trying the music wad with the Harmony.exe. Seems to work fine with just using Zdoom. My bad :(
  7. Excuse me for being retarded but I get this when trying to load up the music wad am I doing something wrong? "Script error, "HarmonyMIDIPack.wad:MAPINFO" line 28: gameinfo: Unknown top level keyword"
  8. wow I must say the random pitch levels in this port are absolutely annoying. How in the world did they think this was the best version to put on the consoles.
  9. When I heard it was 5 bucks on joystiq I grabbed it. Anyone know why they took off Doom 1? I can't find it anymore.
  10. So far WoS is pretty fun, sorta easy, but then again I'm only on level 11. As for Happy Time Circus II, I just recently beat the first one and I played a bit of the sequel. It definitely ups the ante on the creepiness. A great wad to play when it gets dark outside.
  11. So about that game Rage... no? ok.
  12. That's unfortunate. Hopefully people review WoS, and Happy Time Circus II (Both of which I'm playing.) before the end of this year.
  13. I liked it too, I just recently beat it and the Portal expansion. That game really needed a map...That was the only frustrating part about it that I can think of.
  14. Well this is great news indeed.
  15. Yeah I redownloaded it right after you posted this: So unless you put in new fixes since that post...Anyways, I'll redownload it again. I guess I'll make two save game files, one at the beginning of each level and one where I'm making progress through said level. *sigh*