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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm jordans tits are fake
  2. Frankdude

    I have converted to steam

    I just feel we can discuss this like men and not argue
  3. Frankdude

    epic2 map31 music

    What is map 31 epic 2 music from?
  4. Frankdude

    I have converted to steam

    So much hatred all over a thread reversal. I once said steam was spyware and I still dont trust it. But it is the way of the times and you can turn steam off which you should do if your going to torrent, porn, etc. I think this thread is tearing the regulars apart. In my honest opinion we had are hatred its over. Mod lock this thread.
  5. Frankdude

    I have converted to steam

    I had a solid form. In fact I post through technokenesis and I myself farted once and only once when I was 30 I have been all gas since then.
  6. Frankdude

    Good Mortal Kombat emulators

    Midway arcade treasures 2&3 combo pack. But it uses starforce so it does not work on vista or 7.
  7. Frankdude

    NASA Scientist Finds Evidence of Alien Life

    needle dick the bug fucker
  8. Frankdude

    I have converted to steam

    Good one, I guess I am. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Frankdude

    I have converted to steam

    Take it from a former hater its not spyware. Are there any steam haters that converted here.
  10. Frankdude

    Whats the best series of games?

    Double Dragon. Endless vareints.
  11. Frankdude


    Galaxy Force II its like a suped up Space Harrier.
  12. Frankdude

    omg chiptune

    shittier than c64
  13. Frankdude

    good Head Shop name?

    big pete's smoke shack
  14. Frankdude

    SyFy Channel Movies

    Boy Tiffany got fat!
  15. Frankdude

    Forwarded jokes

    A man goes on a ocean military voyage. He ask what do you do for sex around here since we are all men. Another man replies we have this thing where a guy sits in a barrel and puts his ass up to a hole. This way there no direct contact and we are to go about our business. You can use it every day but thursday. Two days pass the man grows tired of no sex and ask to use the barrel for sex. Another man says you cant its thursday, Its your turn in the barrel!