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  1. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Your most HATED monster?

    Yeah, your post in response to what I said is irrefutable evidence that noone read it. NOVICE
  2. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Mod Idea

    Fuck flaming, what I have done is called hating. We're not all 5th graders here. The only thing flaming around here is you.
  3. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Mod Idea

    Is this cat on OPIUM? I've got an idea for a mod someone else can do too. I'm just not enough of a fuck to actually suggest somebody do MY project. I suppose you'd want your name on it somewhere too, like in the credits: Original Post of Idea That Was Probly Already Mentioned: by Killer901
  4. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Your most HATED monster?

    What THE fuck? Did you just say BAT FUCK INSANE? I gotta say though I agree with printz, that SUCKS when a fucking pinky gets in your way and just won't die. That reminds me of the PS Doom Specters that can survive a fucking rocket. I forgot to hate on this guy... FUCK YOUR Wii. WHO gives a FUCK? That's got to be the gayest system ever invented, and the gayest name to get tacked onto one. Thanks for listening people.
  5. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Your most HATED monster?

    Are you on meth? The only way E3M8 is remotely challenging is if you pistol start it. And even then it's a joke. If you played through E3 and you get there, you should be able to beat the spider with your eyes closed and cock in hand. Ever hear of a BFG? I played Doom when I was a kid on my SNES, then when I got older I bought Ultimate Doom and played through the whole thing. I was a novice player at this point but when I got to the end of E3 I was like huh? I thought I did something wrong. Now hear this, since so many of you SUCK: I will reveal once and for all the apparently secret strategy of dealing with the big bad spider in E3M8... run right up to the fucker as soon as you come outta the entryroom and blast him with el BFG. He MIGHT attack you before you kill him, but it's the end of the fucking episode. You don't need your health. Unless you jump down there to fight him with 30 or less health, you win, end of story. Even when you encounter other spiders in pwads most of the time this strategy is fine, you might lose 30 or 40 health. Man up. And that thread about what the mancubus says when he fires at you is the funniest shit I've ever seen. On the subject of dealing with the bone bag: You can sum all that up into "If you're in an open area, don't be a moron." If you stand in one place and have never heard of strafing or have big fatass fingers since all you do is play video games and eat potato chips and lack the dexterity to fire and move at the same time, these guys will FUCK YOU UP out in the open. However if you can move and fire you have no problem. Doomguy is faster than Marion Jones, with or without steroids, and you can outrun and dodge the unmortal fuck outta all rockets the bone fucker fires at you. We got a learning disability here?
  6. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    videos have out of sync sound

    Well I fixed the original problem. I now have just a few files that won't synch up, and those are really old and I think just crappy quality. No biggie. All I did was just uninstall all of my codecs and players, including WMP, and reinstall them. Now everything works fine, except for said few files. Is there no program out there that synchs up such files?
  7. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    videos have out of sync sound

    Actually yeah, and the new vid played fine. Although I find that inconclusive since like I said a few of my vids do still play right when played with the right player. Anybody know a really all inclusive codec pack I can d/l?
  8. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    videos have out of sync sound

    A game or two, great sig.
  9. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    videos have out of sync sound

    I could be going over my head here, but why would my current drivers or codecs be the problem if the videos used to work and now don't?
  10. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    videos have out of sync sound

    Yeah, I tried searching for this but to no avail. I have a ton of vids on my computer, no jokes please, in all different formats. AVI, MPEG, WMV. All of which worked fine until a few days ago. All of a sudden all of my videos have out of sync sound. I have tried different players, WMP, Real, QT, VLC, MPC. A few of my videos will play fine on one of the players, but most of them stay fucked up no matter what I play them with. I don't know what the problem can be but I'm really riled.
  11. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Doom 4 ideas

    [deja vu] I swear I've seen this post before... anyway I think the title of your thread is kind of misleading. It seems all you talked about was what would've made D3 better. Am I missing somethin here?
  12. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Monster death ending game

    Um, my DoomBuilder doesn't have a Effects tab in Thing Properties. Is this just me?
  13. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Critique My Map Please

    OK ppls, I may take a beating behind this but I've just finished designing my first map. It's very simple in design, not very big. 150V, 183L, 223Sid, 28Sec, 66T(mostly decorations). It has a secret, a remote door, a manual keyed door and basic exit switch, built for ZDoom Doom 2. It's by no means a beauty of a map, the point of it was to get the hang of using the editor (I'm using DoomBuilder) and the main thing I want to hear from anyone willing is how I did at texturing. The finer details especially where height changes are involved are my main concern. I tried to get all the textures aligned using the editor's tools and I think I have everything right. This map took me about 6 hours to do, I'm sure alot of you could do it in 1. It was learn as I go. I put in some basic stuff mentioned above. Look over it, scrutinize it, let me know if you find any errors in textures. Please don't respond telling me how dull the map is, I'm aware of that. It doesn't stand well alone, short unbalanced and bland, but I think I can build a larger level around it and use it for the end leading to a base type structure. I don't have a site to post it to, so unless there's somewhere I can upload it here, I could simply email it to you, it's small (16KB).
  14. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Nightmare- skill = !!!

    I got things like work, and a girlfriend
  15. Non-Fanatic_Doom_Fan

    Your most HATED monster?

    There's something intelligent. That's something that always bothers me too. What's the point of making a nearly invisible monster if you put it in an area that contrasts and makes it easy to see? They can be deadly even in small groups if you can't see the bastards.