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  1. Jostol27

    This map causes Zennode loop infinitely

    BSP 5.1 (via bsp-w32.exe) works
  2. Jostol27

    background image for DB2

    While you are editing a map, go up to the toolbar and click Edit -> Grid Setup... Enable show background image and you will be able to play with the settings. Click on the Select File... button and you will be able to import a custom image.
  3. Jostol27

    Doom Tattoo

    That's really neat. Based on this I assume? http://www.caratulas.info/juegos/D/Doom-PSX.jpg
  4. Jostol27

    Sprites not done

    Spider mastermind looks brilliant!
  5. Jostol27

    ReMooD 0.7b Released

    Yay, go ReMooD!