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  1. @rf This is bugging the hell out of me but what kind of weapon mod are you using in those shots? cause im really interested in obtaining it if able Keep up the good work cant wait for the finished product guys!
  2. I say for bonus reasons and for convenience the originals should be put into on wad as well... but that's just me
  3. I've seen other wads with them so it should be safe...
  4. Lil Jawa023

    Alando Guns Reloaded

    If that guy was xxx than is dont know why he was of any help he just a freakin hypocrit(sorry to say but slandering you to no end is kind of stupid for someone to do especially if uses ripped resources too imo) but other than that i can't wait to see the new and improved...
  5. Lil Jawa023

    Alando Guns Reloaded

    The rips didn't matter to me the only thing that got me was the weapons swapping, if that was out then it would be good enough(nothings ever perfect)
  6. Lil Jawa023

    What Is Your Favorite Total Conversion

    1.Cold as Hell Special Edition 2.Doom 64 Absolution 3. Action Doom 2 4.Zen Dynamics 5.Psychophobia
  7. Lil Jawa023

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    The music wad file would be nice as well :3
  8. Lil Jawa023

    Alando Guns X uploaded

    first one was better the weapon switching especially ruined it....
  9. Lil Jawa023

    DOOM: The Gathering

    when it comes to the cards i have you all beat in term of them being done i just need to some how get the program i have from one computer on to this one so i can show u guys
  10. Lil Jawa023

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    it was decent i would say it goes good to call it a sequel to the original though i wouldnt call it godly by any means
  11. Lil Jawa023

    Alando Guns X uploaded

    so yeah you say /newstuff but..... its not there....