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  1. diluted

    doom - evil unleashed 0.1

    i won u all, biznitchnatchnitchnotches
  2. diluted

    My first post in ages

    you also forgot to mention that you and me are working on a fucking wad. ZARCY
  3. diluted

    Why was Doom made?

    the idiocracy of this post is unnerving, its irrelevance its quite jolting also, dear god, no wonder why i barely BARELY BARELY come here
  4. diluted

    to all you quakers out there

    Hey, they're pretty good actually. The one thing that I don't like about em' is that half of the group are murderers :| id love to know where the HELL you heard that
  5. diluted

    to all you quakers out there

    that on our skins the slipknot tribal s is gonna be on them, when we get around to making them
  6. diluted

    to all you quakers out there

    goddamnit i ask a reasonable question, and i get a bunch of jackasses to come in here and start theyre faggoty bullshit, SHUT THE FUCK UP DOOMBOY, BEFORE I SEND YOUR DENTURES DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT, ugh, im sick OF JACKASSES, now, ANYONE that has a non IDIOTIC reply please, step forward, if not GO SIT IN YOUR GODFORSAKEN HELL HOLE, jesus christ almighty, now it should be coming quite evident why i dont post much here anymore, thank you for WASTING MY TIME, boy, cant i wait to see what mac has to say tommorrow, its amazing to think that fellow doomers ARE SUCH FLAMING PILES OF SEMEN, witht the exception of mac, bbg, ralphis, maga, and darkstorm, fanatic,and yes even you fraggle are reasonable, and the rest of you know who you are.......fuck, i cant take retarded assholes bullshit, makes me want to KILL did you come out backwards out of your moms cunt? jesus christ, fuck, man....i cant think of enough bad shit to say right now so im gonna shut up, and i really dont want banned
  7. diluted

    to all you quakers out there

    me and macvilewhore have started a clan, and need people to join, so like, if you like slipknot (Or if you dont who cares) and wanna be in our clan, email me at 666_heretic@dragmedown.com
  8. diluted


    ok, mid sucks, use .it, mp3 will slow certain people comp down to all hell, USE .IT GODDAMNIT
  9. diluted

    question about #doom

    im banned from #doom also, many people are banned, it should be #banned, but anyways, what the hell is this post about again?
  10. diluted


    some needs to put a YOUARES/TUPID port in theyre comp THEY RULE MAN
  11. diluted

    Come the fuck on!!!!

    what the FUCK????.......screw you guys, im going home
  12. diluted

    In Hell

    well hell, that sounds like greensburg, where i live
  13. diluted

    First post

    and once again its time for a random appearance from diluted...
  14. diluted

    Mappers needed

    i got a email from the dude, im probably gonna do some maps for him
  15. diluted

    mephisto.wad from The Master Levels...

    im working on a megawad called INSANITY im trying to TRYING to make some of the hardest levels known, dont know if ill succeed, but its a interesting enough cause, and plus it something with atleast some quality, from your wonderfull friends from your wonderfull new team diluteco (one fucking person whos actually working, me, heh) so, i dunno, if its good, maybe someone will speed run it. but there will be NO skill support, i want people to go through a set hardness heh