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  1. I have DOOM 3 RESURRECTION OF EVIL for the XBOX and I'm wondering why, in the Master levels for DOOM 2, are the automap and intermission screen names wrong. I think you can only find out the real map name by saving a game and seeing it on their. The first map has the correct name, ATTACK, on the automap. I've also noticed that most of the maps have the ENTRYWAY music. Not that I'm complaining, but it would've been better if there was more music.
  2. 981178

    Master levels level

    Yes I have Doom 3 ROE, and I thought that Map was called Nuts.
  3. 981178

    Bobby Prince is a Filthy Thief... again?

    I love the music in Doom. I can play Hangar and Suburbs on my guitar, E3M1 Hell Keep sounds like a Pantera song I've heard.
  4. 981178

    Best Doom level [in an iwad]?

    Ultimate Doom:- E1M8 Phobos Anomaly, for me it brings back the most memories DOOM 2:- MAP30, You can just go on and on killing demons Generally, I like them all, their all fun but those two are my favourites, oh and I like Black Tower from Doom 2 master levels. Takes bloody ages to complete.
  5. 981178

    Anyone play the x-box version?

    i have the xbox version and it's brilliant. and i play classic doom on resurrection of evil. i have tried doom 3 on the pc but the framerate was terrible, even tho it has 900 mb ram, 3.2o ghz and 50 gb hard drive, probably the graphics card. but i'm happy with the xbox versions.
  6. 981178

    Question about cajun bot reaction and isp

    but in legacy, there's some stupid bug with the timelimit, so you can only win a deathmatch by reaching the fraglimit. I still gzdoom for single player tho, but i don't like the opengl rendering, it looks bloody horrible. i just stick with software.
  7. 981178

    Monsters vs. Same Monsters

    yeah i tried that in command in gzdoom. it's funny seeing to arachnotron's go at it, or 2 spider mastermind's.
  8. 981178

    Toughest Doom level?

    plutonia is hard anyway. ain't completed it yet.
  9. 981178

    Question about cajun bot reaction and isp

    the bots used in zdoom sucked. doom legacy had much better bots. i use to have gzdoom and unleashed and couldn't enjoy a deathmatch with those bots.
  10. 981178

    Toughest Doom level?

    i'd say map11, hunted. the music was freaky.