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  1. myk, You can argue semantics all you want (whether there's more or less gameplay, cramped or not cramped, gimmick or not gimmick, good wad designs versus "just a hobby", etc.). The crux of the matter is this "experiment" of making good maps out of 1024x1024 areas has failed. I had high hopes for this, thinking it would be something spectacular, but nothing happened. They are just small, tight maps. I just don't understand the high praises for this.
  2. I'm just shocked that it got the high praises that it did...
  3. So you didn't enjoy Cyberdreams, and you haven't played Congestion 1024, which you implied that you probably wouldn't enjoy due to its similarity in certain ways to Cyberdreams. So basically you and I are in agreement. So why the uncalled-for insinuation that I'm a moron who whines? I did not whine; I criticized Congestion 1024 in the civilest way possible. And that assclown, due to his abject insecurity, perhaps by nature or upbringing, or both, got mad at me because I criticized his favorite wad. All the moronic behavior originated from him.
  4. If it's not Doom, then why make it with Doom? Why force it into the Doom universe. It is so far apart from typical Doom gameplay it just doesn't belong. I felt like I was playing an Atari 2600 arcade game. You have maps where you run around like crazy in sparsely decorated rooms doing inane stuff like wait for the cyberdemon to step on a particular spot. Have Doom players become so jaded they have to indulge themselves in this nonsense?
  5. You made next to zero constructive posts except on this topic while I've made several. Opposites attract indeed... You are just an insecure little man who got pissed when I disagreed with you about Congestion 1024, which is the "best wad of all time" only to one-cell organism like you.
  6. No, I was just visualizing a *new doom monster* in a mod I'm designing -- a monster in *your likeness*. It'll be the best mod of the century I guarantee.
  7. I can see the effort that went into the maps, but they are just not enjoyable simply because there is not enough room and I can barely move my ass! Doom is about *ACTION*, and if you can barely move, there is no action. The smart thing to do is, like I said, combine some of these maps (preferrably the less cramped-up ones) into bigger maps. Put some wide open "buffer" areas in between the smaller areas to make it less claustrophobic, and you have a killer megawad! This is not Manhattan, it's MARS, where there's lots of open space. So who would design tiny little dinky structures like that on Mars?? This 1024x1024 restriction just doesn't make sense in so in many levels...
  8. Cyberdreams is just not what Doom is all about, not what map design is about. It's GIMMICK. Doom is an *ACTION* game, not an adventure game. You use *action* to kill cyberdemons. You DON'T solve puzzles to kill them. Map design is about transporting the player to another world with awesome *ARCHITECTURE* and atmosphere -- not maps with only **ONE ROOM** !! Sure, there are always people who like these gimmick maps, but this is not what Doom really is and they know it.
  9. Then don't call it Congestion 1024, you moronic ape-like watered-down descendent of an limbless, dickless amoeba who feeds on the deepest layers of prehistoric frogsh*t! The concept is not implemented right. Small maps doesn't mean everything cramped up. The author cramped it up only to add gameplay. The maps need more open spaces to be enjoyable, and if that can't be done then the concept just DOESN'T WORK. The author should apply his map-designing talent (which is formidable) on bigger, more conventional maps instead . Why the gimmick of a self-imposed 1024x1024 restriction?? Gimmicks are for those who CAN'T design good maps (like you, perhaps) to hide their inadequacies. E.g. that ridiculous Cyberdreams megawad. The author of Congestion 1024 has the talent to design good maps and should not need any gimmicks.
  10. I liked some of the early ones: Oracle, Doomsday of UAC, NJDoom.
  11. As well designed as they are, the maps are just to small to satisfy. Some of the maps are so cramped up they looks like apartments in Manhattan. Why couldn't the author just combine several small maps into a bigger map?
  12. cwy

    Do you own id Anthology? (poll)

    I bought id Anthology for $120 when it came out. I only had bought Doom 2 then so I bought the anthology for the other games. Still, I thought I overpaid a little ($120), but am glad that now it's worth a lot more. While I've played the games over and over, I've rarely looked at all the memorabilia that came with it. Never wore the tee shirt. The box and the CDs have been untouched for years, so the whole package is practically pristine.
  13. I used DeeP 10 years ago and I tried making a map with the exploding barrels, but it was hard to guarantee the barrels would always explode when it should to achieve that "domino effect"...
  14. Does jDoom work? I tried jDoom via Doomsday 1.9 beta 4 and it didn't work (I fell through the gaps on the invisible staircase). Is there anyway to make it work?
  15. Don't know if these have been done before. Both scenarios have you race against time: (1) You have only a pistol and you are in a large room with multiple cyberdemons. The room's ceiling is a gigantic crusher that is descending. You need to dodge the missiles from the cyberdemons and wait for the crusher to come down and kill them. Since the cyberdemons are much taller than you, the crusher will not kill you immediately, but it will when the cyberdemons die. So you need to find an exit! (2) Similar to the start of Doom II's "Barrels o' Fun" level, you try to run away from exploding barrels near you. You need to go through multiple rooms (not just 1 or 2 rooms in Barrels o' Fun) trying not to be killed by the explosives. Corridors are intertwined, so the exploding barrels may come at you in more than one direction!