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  1. marome

    Hexen Help

    A little scripting will help. On MAP02 in original Hexen there is a door that can be opened only if you kill s certain amount of emenies, open hexen.wad with DoomBuilder, choose MAP02 and decompile the behaviour lump and see how code works. I know, is not what you want to do, but it's quite similar.
  2. marome


    I'll give it a try.
  3. marome

    Doom via Quake2 engine?

    The screenshots look great-looking, but using quake2 AI engine will destroy the game. I will not be DooM anymore...
  4. marome

    Your most HATED monster?

    Sculls, just because they aren't MF_COUNTKILL :)
  5. marome

    Random thoughts on Doom 64.

    Doom64 feels like quake? No! Sometime in the past I've played QUAKE.WAD, that was like quake!
  6. marome

    Movies That Remind You of Doom

    Starship Troopers, the invation scenes!
  7. marome

    DelphiDoom ver

    Nice port, I've enjoyed playing around it. Now some questions: -Can you disable mouse look, and use mouse for moving instead? -Is there a way to load hi-res HUD? -Is a way to change from fist person to chase camera and vise-versa with a shortcut (not only the menus)? -And hexen DK of the DC doesn't seems to work, how can I load it?
  8. marome

    the most useless doom weapon

    The pistol and fist, in other words the ones you don't have to find and pick up.
  9. marome

    [Doom2D] Need a little help with translating.

    I suggest to use an external text file with all language based texts and load it depending on user settings of language. That way translation will be easier plus anyone can make it's own translation package in what language he likes.
  10. marome

    DelphiDoom ver

    Do you plan to make the new defined enemies compatible with zdoom? How about some info about the differences between zdoom's DECORATE lumps and DelphiDoom ACTORDEF lump.
  11. marome

    DelphiDoom ver

    ACTORDEF seems better.
  12. marome

    DelphiDoom ver

    I've downloaded the "Work In Preogress" version and I took a look inside the included test wad. If you want to define custom actors inside decorate lumps you should provide a respectable level of compatibility with zDoom, or if you don't I suggest to use a different lump name witch will be specific for your engine.
  13. marome

    New music in WAD file!

    With XWE: Open HERETIC.WAD, select the music lump and copy it to clipboard. Then open your map and click paste. Do any renaming required and you've finished.