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  1. Moominaba

    (ZDoom) The Ultimate Icon of Sin

    I think the Icon would be more scary if it had pieces of real human gore hanging from it, and it shouted slurs at you when attacking.
  2. Moominaba

    DOOM 64 Cartridge Mod on Etsy

    I'm no artist, and I still think I could do better.
  3. I'm pleased as punch that this is still alive!
  4. Glad to hear this is still alive, the lack of activity in the thread had me worried! :3
  5. I really like the concept, I hope to see more!
  6. Moominaba

    Weapon mods...

    You can simply drag the wads you want onto skulltag.exe, to keep it simple.
  7. Moominaba

    Weapon mods...

    Does anybody happen to have Don's Challenge 2 or 3? They're impossible to find online now, and they're really fun weapon mods.
  8. I'm really looking forward to Project MSX and Pokemon Doom, they look absolutely awesome.
  9. Something about this doesn't seem to be working right, the enemies and everything are there, but I start with only the axe, and if I pick up a shotgun, I don't get anything. I haven't played enough to see any other weapons, but this seems very wrong.
  10. I'm curious, are you making the entire game? Or just a few levels?
  11. Moominaba

    Anything like Immoral Conduct

    You might be interested in Don's Challenge, also by Cory Whittle, but good luck finding it.
  12. I can't wait, it looks like a lot of fun.
  13. I dunno, I couldn't stop giggling. I don't have the most refined sense of humor, though.
  14. Moominaba

    Challenge mods?

    Don's Challenge is a really good EDGE gameplay one, but good luck finding it, it's pretty much impossible to find. :(
  15. I don't think getting rid of the usable sinks is necessary, if someone doesn't like them, then they don't have to use them.