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Baron O' Hell

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  1. Baron O' Hell

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

    I've played wow.WAD. That's probably the stupidest thing I've ever done.
  2. Baron O' Hell

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Probably the best I ever did as a Creeper in GvH. Hell, possibly the best I've ever done in GvH period.
  3. Baron O' Hell

    Doom in Europe

    I'm from the UK, but I suck so much that I don't even consider myself a Doomer. :(
  4. Baron O' Hell

    MF Doom

    I can't get into Sealab, Robot Chicken is good though.
  5. Baron O' Hell

    Your personal Nirvana

    Add Doom to that and I'll totally agree
  6. I didn't have another fiver on me.
  7. It actually floated, and the current was strongly going to the left.
  8. Chucked 5 pounds into a river to see which way the current was going.
  9. Baron O' Hell

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    Cacodemons do look like tomatos, though Edit: My pic did not work
  10. Baron O' Hell

    Music you listen to

    I like to listen to some good ol' Pantera
  11. Baron O' Hell

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    If that is aimed at me, I suppose so.
  12. Baron O' Hell

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    Best... Name... EVER! Former Human Soldier: Zombie Former Human Sergeant: Bald Zombie Former Human Commander: Bald zombie with a beard Imp: Piece of shit/Spike Demon: Piggie pink Spectre: Whereisit Lost soul: Skull Cacodemon: Cyclops/Tomato monster Pain Elemental: Skull spitter Revenant: Skeletor Baron of Hell: Bull Hell Knight: Other bull Arachnotron: Spider Mancubus: Salad Dodger Arch-vile: Banana Spider Mastermind: Tarantula Cyberdemon: Rocket Bull SS Nazi: Naziface
  13. Baron O' Hell

    Dr. Tran

    Was pretty good in my opnion, but it's nothing compared to Foamy the Squirrel.
  14. Baron O' Hell


  15. Baron O' Hell

    Problem with my Skulltag

    Everytime I try to join a server on Skulltag, it always say 'connecting to [insert IP Address here]' and then repeats it non-stop. Any advice you could give me?
  16. Baron O' Hell

    Happy Easter

  17. Baron O' Hell

    Happy Easter

    That would be Christmas. Well, I also had an egg hunt, but I found no eggs. :(
  18. Baron O' Hell

    Summoning monsters

    You can also summon monsters on the Delta Invasion wad, such as greater Baron, Cyberbot and Watermelon(A green and blue caco)
  19. Baron O' Hell

    Problem with my Skulltag

    Thanks, it works wonders now :)
  20. Baron O' Hell

    impse fanart

  21. Baron O' Hell

    Problem with my Skulltag

    I tryed that, but I was unable to access those forums :(
  22. Baron O' Hell

    Favorite Ultimate DOOM map?

    It has to be: Episode 1 - E1M1 & E1M8 Episode 2 - E2M8 & E2M9 Episode 3 - E3M2 & Mt Eberus(Don't know the map number) Episode 4 - E4M8
  23. Baron O' Hell

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    Despite the fact that Doom 3 was created before the movie?
  24. Baron O' Hell

    Your most HATED monster?

    Won't a rocket launcher or chaingun work just as well?
  25. Baron O' Hell

    absolute insanity

    I had to think thoroughly about my next move, and I got ganked every time by something I didnt expect, which made it even harder.