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  1. Christoph

    Alien Vendetta music

    I ran the midi on another comp and it worked fine, so the problem is just something on my computer.
  2. Christoph

    Alien Vendetta music

    My comp has Linux Mint, so I've tried running that midi with Gnome (which won't even play it), Banshee, and MoviePlayer (both of which play it but with no music). I could try playing it on a windows comp and see if it works... Speaking of Slade, is that at all compatible outside of Windows? EDIT: Apparently ALL of my midis don't seem to run properly on this comp anymore - not sure what happened. I'll try running them on another comp in the meantime.
  3. Christoph

    Alien Vendetta music

    Thanks - that was more along the lines of what I was looking for (in fact that is the particular track I'm especially interested in). However, when I play the midi, it doesn't have music (just silence while playing). I don't know if this is a problem on my end or with the midi itself - other unrelated music files ran just fine, but not that one. Not sure why or what the problem is, or if anyone else has the same problem.
  4. Christoph

    Alien Vendetta music

    Is there any available download of any/all of the music from AV.wad?
  5. Christoph

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    ...YESSS!!!! Now to allocate some time to play it while taking notes...
  6. Christoph

    how to remove a linedef's texture?

    Those both seem to work - thanks!
  7. I feel stupid for having to ask this, but how (using DoomBuilder2) do you remove a texture that you don't want a linedef to have, so that it has no texture? All I can seem to do is replace it with another texture, but not make it have no texture whatsoever (which is what I want to do).
  8. Christoph

    The /newstuff Chronicles #389

    I remember MEINHAUS from way back when it was first released (early/mid 90's)! That was one of the first unofficial Doom wads I ever played. Even back then I thought it sucked pretty bad, but it was somewhat interesting to see unofficial Doom wads. It may have been what got me making my own maps to begin with...
  9. Christoph

    Lunar Eclipse

    I watched it off and on almost the whole time, and luckily there were no obscuring clouds (I also found out about it earlier last night). Usually I just watched it from near my front door, but once I decided to walk down the road for a slightly better view, a cop drove past with a long-range light (shining it around in the woods), went to the end of the road and came back. They stopped and asked what I was doing out at 3 in the morning and I told them I was just watching the eclipse, and they seemed ok with that. But my road is a relatively short side road, so I assume a neighbor must've seen me outside and called the cops - I don't know what else THEY would be doing there at 3 in the morning. I find it disturbing to think that others find it disturbing to be awake or outside past midnight, as if it is an inherently bad/strange thing to do.
  10. Christoph

    Ad issue [bump]

    But has anyone else noticed that recently? It has happened to me at least twice in the past week or two.
  11. Christoph

    Ad issue [bump]

    I recently began noticing a similar thing going on - sometimes (if it loads a certain image of what seems to be ostrich heads in the upper or lower ad bar) it also plays some weird music. I know this thread is old, but it was the only one I could find that seemed to mention anything related to it (I was trying to find out what was up with that, or who did it).
  12. Christoph

    I have two kids named Chris...:

    If I had to guess (based on the original question alone) I'd say somewhere between 0% and 33%. Why would two siblings have the exact same first name (except when shortened)? I don't know of any other masculine full names (for which "Chris" is short) other than Christopher (off the top of my head), so it is highly probably that the other Chris (if indeed there are two) is short for Christine or some such feminine name. On the other hand, there is a 100% probably that Chris is a boy, because it was already stated that he is. On the third hand, what everyone else said..
  13. Christoph

    What makes you nervous?

    Strangely, I also have a similar phobia of centipedes (as of spiders) even though I see no reason for it - not even any bad memories of them. Still, they freak me out at least a little when I see them. My old house used to have buttloads of them, being that it was a basement. They were the kind that ^ wiki has a photo of...
  14. Christoph

    Doomworld Cooking Thread

    Actually I tried to look that up online to get some actual info about it, and could not find anything at all. Hence my saying it is only word of mouth.. Nevertheless I would not be surprised if it is true, partly because most of the minerals in a potato are in the skin (as you mentioned), which often has traces of dirt mixed in as well. Green potatoes are actually poisonous (in case anyone actually didn't know that) and taste terrible to boot. I used to microwave (whole) potatoes and eat them plain, but the taste is nothing special - nevertheless it's good in a pinch if you have no alternative methods of preparation - just beware of explosion - if you cut them into smaller/thinner pieces, it's much safer). I personally don't believe in eating potatoes without the skin, in the same way that I don't believe in eating "bread" that doesn't even have whole grains (and if it doesn't have natural grains, then what IS it??..)
  15. Christoph

    What makes you nervous?

    The main thing I can think of is spiders - supposedly when I was young (maybe 2 or 3) my older brother would shove spiders in my face for laughs, and now I seem to have arachnophobia (not that I blame him that much - everyone does stupid things as a child). It's definitely not as bad as it used to be, but still when I see a big/fast spider (especially inside a house or in close proximity) it gives me the creeps. Jumping spiders always seemed nice though (I can hold them with no problem). Similar deal with daddy long legs (I forget their other names). I still find big spiders fascinating to look at, maybe because they freak me out a little. And many of them are actually poisonous (in a way that is dangerous to us)... I have a mild fear of heights, which I think is entirely natural/good, considering the actual danger involved.