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  1. caboose1408

    Doom 4: Classic Doom in HD clothing

    This better not be the real Doom 4. One of the modders could easily make this.
  2. caboose1408

    UAC Ultra

    Of course hes using it. He's enabled "IDDQD" or "IDKFA". Come on, he's maxed out on ammo and keys!
  3. caboose1408

    UAC Ultra

    Is this gonna work on the latest ZDoom?
  4. caboose1408

    UAC Ultra

    That is badass looking. Can't wait to destroy it!
  5. caboose1408

    Convert Doom Classic to Doom II

    Oh. Sorry about that. I'll change it asap
  6. I have found out a way to completely change Doom Classic on iPhone. Author: Caboose1408 Version: 1.0 File changes: - Name - Default.png - icon.png - doom2.wad. (Provide your own.) Check out the tutorial Here!
  7. caboose1408

    Hardware issue? [RESOLVED]

    yeah. I figured out the problem last night. I just had to edit the doomconfig file. I changed fullscreen to 0. And then accessed the game, went to system. And then changed the resolution.
  8. caboose1408

    Hardware issue? [RESOLVED]

    Before I updated my video card, the D3 demo worked fine. Now when I attempt to play, my monitor goes into sleep. I can only awake my monitor if I press Alt F4 or restart the system. I rolled back the driver. It still won't work. Quake 4 and Half-Life plays fine. I have no clue what's wrong. Does anyone know why I receive this problem? *Edit* The sound still plays in the background.
  9. caboose1408

    Play mods and levels in Doom 3 Demo?

    Does anybody know how to play mods and/or levels in the demo?
  10. caboose1408

    uhhhhh.... [Game terminates at startup]

    I have the same video card. Try reinstalling the video card? Idk if it will help or not.
  11. caboose1408

    Own a Jailbroken iPhone?

    I have created a UAC lockscreen for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It resembles the UAC-PDA. It is on Cydia under the Big Boss and Planet iPhone's repository.
  12. caboose1408

    Wish DB2 could have fixed this...

    I completely agree. This problem bugged me so much in DB1. Hopefully it will be fixed.
  13. caboose1408

    Doom Builder idea.

    Codeimp or someone should make an app for the iPhone to create maps on the go.
  14. I've tried to run it and of course it won't run. Is there any way or hack to play it?
  15. caboose1408

    DB1 Question.

    I'm trying to figure out, How do I add a "Communicator Message" to a Thing? I'm sort of a noob at ZDoom editing.