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  1. thanks guys! i do intend to use it in an upcoming movie of mine. this and all my other video game weapon replicas. it is really light actually, little over a pound i think. it is all solid wood, but light wood, and still extremely sturdy
  2. pug826

    custom doom drawing

    not at all! thank you!
  3. pug826

    custom doom drawing

    maybe! it's a possibility
  4. lol thanks! yeah my paint jobs are always like this: worn out metal and wood lol. i need to paint something different.
  5. i love that movie!
  6. pug826

    custom doom drawing

    i made this up for doom 4! it is my own custom demon, slightly based off a hell knight
  7. made this in 2 days. took overall 10 or so hours, probably more. all wood, hand cut and painted, tons of pieces! this is my best video game prop yet! here is a video of the progress! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D57xlvkhkrk
  8. pug826

    baron of hell: my new painted miniature

    hahaha! that's who kicked me out when i tried to break in
  9. hey guys. thought i would pop in and post my latest doom miniature that i painted. gto this on ebay for $5 because the title said "baron of heff" and not "baron of hell" so no one saw the auction and i won it! it's worth over $50 too! anyway, here it is. EDIT: sorry for crappy pics, my camera sucks close up.
  10. pug826

    my lifesize bfg9000 replica prop

    thanks! i have never even heard of captain N
  11. pug826

    my lifesize bfg9000 replica prop

    thanks! this gun is going to be used in an upcoming film of mine entitled "Clash of the Video Games" where me and my friends will build more video game weapon replicas to use. we are gonna try molding and metalworking as well. all i need now really is the dough to buy a better video editing software to make BFG blasts. Basically, the movie storyline is not figured out completely, but so far, this is how it will go: Me and my friend will be somehow sucked into a video game world. we will kill each other and respawn. after a while, more people will join (like online play) and soon we will be broken down into teams to play each other. there will be other "bad guys" as well (these will be people who are not friends playing online, but kind of biuilt into the game.) After a while, the respawning pads will be busted. soon, we find out that the last person standing will be granted his way out of the game, so total war breaks out among everyone. at first, i will have some shots of a huge battlefield of about 20 people just blasting each other. then when all are killed but the four or five main characters, the camera will follow each of them and witness their tactics, situations, and deaths. when there are only two people left, there will be a dual. i won't spoil the rest.
  12. pug826

    my doom miniatures i painted

    lol he is a bit shiney. too much glaze. yeah i couldn't really make the metal shiney, i had no glaze or anything, plus i wanted it to look corroded. i thought about painting rust as well. if this other cyberdemon is at a body building contest... he would win.
  13. pug826

    my lifesize bfg9000 replica prop

    thanks inferno!
  14. pug826

    my lifesize bfg9000 replica prop

    i just added some detail to the top,but my camera is charging right now, so no pics for now.